Saturday 08.10.13

Camp always holds himself to standards...way to get that chin ova the bah

Camp always holds himself to standards…way to get that chin ova the bah

***Only one class today at 7am***

Surfer on Acid
3 rounds of:
400m Run
21 Burpees

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Doug Bell, Doug B, Fake Doug Bell, Real Doug Bell, Dougie Fresh,or  Doug The Monstah Bell. Whatever you call him, he's an awesome guy.

Doug Bell, Doug B, Fake Doug Bell, Real Doug Bell, Dougie Fresh, or Doug “The Monstah” Bell. Whatever you call him, he’s an awesome guy.



  1. It’s so sad that Doug will never see this…

  2. Surfer on acid : 9:22. :30 pr

  3. 7:57 .. Awesome 7am crew!

  4. Mike R.

    Surfer on Acid: 7:58

  5. Katrina

    Surfer on acid 10:47…pr 1:01… Super exited….faster crew at 7.

  6. Michelene

    Surfer on Acid: 10:58

  7. Surfer on Acid: 9:25 (PR)

    28 seconds faster than May 2012. Probably had a lot to do with the gazelles in the 7am class. “I don’t have to be faster than the lion, I just have to be faster than Braatz.” Freaks, all of you.

  8. Big Mike

    Surfer on Acid Reflux: 9:01
    Absolutely emptied the tank on this one and was pretty much at failure on burpee 63….and still got beat by almost two minutes. Just had to be faster than Braatz…..

  9. Surfer on Acid: 9:47

  10. 2×1000 row 4:11, 4:14. Surfer On Acid 10:01 not unhappy with this since my wrist is not up to par. 3rd 1000 row 4:21.

  11. L.J. DiCarlo

    Surfer on Acid: 7:24

    Terri and I did this WOD down the Cape this morning with our kids. Lots of fun!

    DU Practice (1min on, 1min off for 10min): First two rounds I did my usual single, single, double. Last 3 rounds I tried just linking doubles. By the end, I was able to link 8 in a row. Maybe I’m starting to turn the corner!

    Good luck today Maya and all the other CFNE Teen competitors. Have fun and kick butt!

  12. Terri DiCarlo

    Surfer on Acid: 8:48

  13. Craig B.


  14. SoA: 10:11 (1:39 PR)

    9ish minute mile jog to and from the stadium

    Wrote “least favorite WOD ever” in my journal last time I did this. Yeah, that hasn’t changed.

  15. Mr.Perfect(ish)@9.5″deficit and 205#
    14.46 numerous failures on power cleans.

  16. Malik B

    Lovin this Teen Comp. Having a great time, didn’t realize that there way many kids. Damn. Sad news… I’ll have to wait 1 more year :(

  17. Aaron W

    SOA: 8:38 Rx
    So fun to hit this again!!

  18. Surfer on Acid: 10:05RX

  19. Surfer on Acid: 10:11 at the Wayland HS track this afternoon. This was tough.

  20. Geoff L

    SOA 7:01

  21. Dave Mc

    Surfer on Acid: 7:50 at the track

  22. Surfer on Acid: 9:08 @ Wellesley Track

  23. jared s.

    SOA: 7:14

  24. 9:12 and in pain.

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