Friday 08.09.13

Fuel For Fire is back!

Fuel For Fire is back!

“Prairie Fire” sponsored by Fuel For Fire
12-10-8-6-4-2 Handstand Push Up
2-4-6-8-10-12 Power Cleans (155, 105#)

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Hamel your prayers have been answered! It's Fuel For Fire Friday!!!

Hamel your prayers have been answered! It’s Fuel For Fire Friday!!!


Oh YES… Fuel For Fire is back in the house.  And to celebrate, tomorrow is FFF Friday.  Their team will be on hand to give out samples after every class so you can try the new goods:  Still has 10 grams of whey protein and only natural ingredients, but better packaging and no refrigeration required.   Great for pre- or post-WOD or as a paleo-friendly, on-the-go snack.
To learn more about Fuel For Fire, check out

Coaches Corner with Coach Ashley

A Tale of Two Extremes

10:15 pm: While most are getting ready for bed, if they are not there already, I am grabbing my coffee and heading into work.  Working on a cardiac floor, we see many different types of patients, and though the majority of our patient population is geriatric, it is still a common occurrence to have considerably younger ones as well.  This is extreme number one. 

The phrases: risk factors, medically manage, morbidly obese, smoker, diabetic, heroin overdose are as free flowing as Fran, Helen, snatch and burpee.  Risk factors refer to, for example, how viable it is that a patient’s chest pain is actually cardiac in nature, are they over weight, smoker, family history, etc.  Medically manage is a term we use when the heart (or any system for that matter) is beyond any other intervention than medications to control symptoms.  The other terms I mentioned are pretty self – explanatory.  There is no doubt that the body ages; that my eighty or ninety year old patients are going to have problems with their heart, and we continue to medically manage them.  But what about the forty year old patient that weights 330 pounds, has lost one leg, his eye sight, and is on dialysis all because of diabetes; and his diabetes was diagnosed at the age of 20 which means diet and exercise could have controlled his disease.  This clinical picture is not a rare occurrence; it is only one example of way too many.

7:45 am: My shift has ended, I’m walking out with colleagues who are heading home to bed, and I get in my car and drive to 15 Tech Circle in Natick.  This is extreme number two.  It is here that I have the privilege to coach and train with the fittest people I know.  Sometimes it seems almost surreal to me leaving one and entering the other, how could the two worlds be so different?  How can we overlap the two…not to force paleo eating, crossfitting ways on those that are unwilling but just healthier lifestyles in general?  Each and every one of us are equipped with so much information about health and fitness beyond the general population – use it.  Educate family and friends, your kids even.  Explain the value of eating the right way and exercising regularly.

We all know someone that would benefit from this conversation and we don’t have to be a medical professional to have it.  That may be the direction you guide them in but just start it.  There are way too many people out there that don’t make the right choices for themselves and sometimes we forget about this because every day we are surrounded by others just like us.  CrossFit is about community and expanding this beyond the walls of the gym – let’s get out there and start making a difference, empowering others with our knowledge!


  1. Malik B


  2. Tricia D

    Prairie Fire: 10:27 (70#, 24″ box hspu 1 mat)

    Cleans need work, but I think Harry may have helped me figure out why I’ve been struggling on these – thank you! Now need to practice.

  3. Prairie Fire – 16:15 (135, 10# plate + abmat) 4:48 PR

    the pr was due to Harry. last time i did Prairie Fire, i went after the HSPU with gustu, burnt out and never recovered. this time, i stopped before i felt the shoulders giving way, and went to doubles and singles.

  4. nice write up Ashley. it is amazing the damage we do to ourselves voluntarily.

  5. Mike R.

    Prairie Fire: 10:36 (135#)

  6. Prairie Fire: 14:01 Rx…HSPU continue to be limiting factor, but whatchagonnado.

    OTM x 12
    Odd: 6 pistols
    Evens: 6 TTB

    3 max shuttle sprint: 5-10-15 out and back: 15.2, 14.8, 14.6

    Clean grip dead lift 5×3: 225, 2×275, 295, 315…all reps with hook grip, ouch.

    3 super sets of:
    20 abmat sit-ups
    20 GHD back extensions

  7. Prairie Fire: 12:35 (135 and 1abmat/plate)

  8. Mr. Perfect (prairie fire w/ max rep of 10 instead of 12): 10:45, 125#, box HSPUs

    OTM 12:
    – odd: 6 pole-assist pistols (I’m thisclose to getting one unassisted on my left leg – squee!!)
    – even: 6 TTBs

  9. Patti j

    Congrats Fuel For Fire Team on getting your company to the next level! So excited for you.

    Ashley-well said! My family is far from paleo perfect but I heard the best conversation last night. My in-laws told one of my children that he looked great and a little slimmer. He responded, “my mom has been making me lunches and I think I’ve lost 15 lbs.”. He then skipped ordering pasta and opted for a more paleo dinner. No prompting from Mom. Small victories hopefully will keep the next generation away from diabetes and all the other diseases that come with it.

    Thanks to all that you and the CFNE staff do to educate and inspire.

  10. Kristin B.

    Prairie Fire: 14:48. RX weight, 2 ab mats. Nice to hang with the 6:30 crew.

  11. Heather O

    Love your write up Ashley! It is certainly tough to change a way(s) of life like this but I have tried to influence my family and friends to do so because it has done such incredible things for me. Thank you for reminding me to not give up on those that I love who need this type of support and encouragement to change their unhealthy ways.

    Happy Friday everyone! :)
    WOD: 11:02 with 70# and box HSPU with an abmat. This was a rough one today but it felt great to be back at the 5:30. :)
    Have a great day and weekend everyone. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the teen comp tomorrow!

    • Tricia D

      So great to see you and great job. Good luck with your house and maybe we’ll see you tomorrow! I have some stuff to do in the am, but hoping to pop by with the kiddos to see some of the comp.

  12. Prairie Fire – GHD Edition: 13:40 (155#, 20-18-16-14-12-10 GHD)

  13. Prairie Fire- 13:19 Rx
    HSPU felt great. Kipping makes a world of difference.
    155 felt really heavy today,failed a few reps when i lost concentration.

  14. Prairie Fire: 13:57 (135#)

    OTM x 12
    Odd: 6 pistols (w/ 25# plate)
    Even: 8 TTB

    • Michelene

      What’s the verdict? Did the plates keep you from slipping on the HSPUs?

    • Yes! The texture of the plates created a lot more stability. I’m sold.

      • first read through and until is saw your comment, i thought you were holing the 25# plate while doing pistols.

  15. Rachel E

    Prairie Fire: 13:23 (95#, mix of 1AM HSPU and box HSPU)

    Kind of a mess today in that I switched to box HSPU in the middle and I forget how to count, BUT finally got kipping HSPU — great explanation, Rachel M.! Fun new thing to practice.

  16. Megan B

    Prairie Fire – 17:52 (105#, mix of HSPU rx and piked push-ups). Great HSPU tutorial thus morning, Rachel. Finally got the kip down (till my neck complained about me crashing down on it after the set of 10 – which means I got 22 with full ROM!)

    12 minutes of 4 pistols (odd minutes) and 4 linked toes-to-bar (even minutes) which I can kind of kip now! Progress!

  17. Michelene

    Prairie Fire: 11:53 (75# & 1 AM/plate)

  18. Ashley R

    Love it Ashley F! I never thought about in both your roles you are helping others but the extremes are so true! We are happy to have you here :) And they are lucky to have you there!

    Prairie Fire: 13:43 90# and rx kip hspu. The hspu progress ceases to amaze me. My confidence in getting them done is now ‘there’. Where I may have hit some lifting plateaus other areas seem to be improving. Must have something to do with ‘Year 2′ of Crossfit.

    Love the new FFF taste and packaging!

  19. Chris M.

    Mr. Perfect(ish) or Prairie Fire Extra Spicy

    10/8/6/4/2 – 8″ Deficit HSPU
    2/4/6/8/10 – 195# Power Cleans

  20. michelle

    Prairie fire: 10:45 rx. (:29 pr)
    Otmx12. 8 ttb/4 pistols
    Great write up Ashley
    SO Happy FFF is back! Love it!!!

    • Michelle, thanks for the shout out, and for everything you’ve done to support FFF along the way!

  21. Prairie Fire: 8:49 Rx

    OTM x 12
    Odd: 8 pistols
    Even: 10-11 TTB

    Thank you for the Fuel for Fire this morning. I really liked the taste of the new sweet potato!

  22. Wendy P

    Prairie Fire: 9:58 65#… Should have gone a bit heavier- it’s so hard to figure out the weight sometimes. HSPU off of 20′ box…

    FFF’s were awesome today- great packaging and so deeeeelicious!!!

    Ashley- great article!

  23. Stephanie

    PF: 8:24 (45#, split regular pu and knee pu – getting better!)

  24. denise sullivan

    pf: 10:04, 85#
    sub’d b sqs, push ups

    ashley, good words

  25. Prairie Fire: 12:05, 135# 3 abmats

  26. Katrina

    Pf: 17:50: 135# regular hspu.
    Otm for 12 min run 200/ 6t2b

  27. 17:37 Rx with 45# def hspu
    Thx for the push Mike!!

  28. Jonathan

    Fire: 13:05 (parallette HSPU’s & 135#)
    Great article Ashley! You have 2 jobs that make people’s lives better every day…..pretty sure that puts you in a category just above hero!

  29. Mr. Perfect
    2-4-6-8-10 Parallette HSPU to 45#+abmat
    10-8-6-4-2 155# Power Cleans

  30. PF: 11:28 90#, 2 abmats

    Heading to the Cape, then the Vineyard, then Philly so I will see you all in a week or so! Keep crushing it CFNE!

  31. PF:19:05 95#
    OTM 12: 4 pistols/6t2b( 2 rnds) or 6 ghd( hand ripped)

  32. Susan Stein

    Prairie Fire: 10:07 (70#, 2 abmats)

    Great coach’s corner Ashley, thank you!

  33. Laura c

    PF: 9:28 80# hspu rx

    Hspu felt great. Did first 12 unbroken and was bummed to come off wall and try for a pr (currently is 16 but I had more in me).

    I’m paranoid I forgot a round but I don’t think I did.. This will haunt me all night..

    • Laura c

      Oh… 3/4 pistols and 6 ttb otm x 11 ( class started). Need to work on pistol form.

  34. Melinda

    Prairie Fire / Mr Perfect: 11:44– HSPU Rx – 125# Power Cleans

    wiped out after this one….

    OTM x 12
    Odd: 6 pistols
    Even: 8 TTB

    Kev, HSPU work is, well, working…thank you.

    • Melinda

      Ash – Tks for sharing. Such a contrast between your two worlds illustrates the great need to bridge the gap. Thanks for taking care of us all!

  35. Big Mike

    Back Squat 5×5 (@75%): 185#
    “Coffee Time”
    5 RFT
    4 squat cleans (115/75)
    10 box jump overs (24/20)
    200 m run
    11:02 Rx

    With Eugene at Crossfit 5th Ave in NYC. We repped CFNE well (despite both of feeling a little hungover)as Eugene took the top podium spot. I had him in my sights on the last run but got boxed out on the stairs descending down into the gym for the third spot (which make for an interesting climb after the box jumps).
    I followed it up with a run back to the hotel…3.4 miles (bonked with about a mile to go and had to buy some juice).

  36. Rick W.

    Prairie Fire: 13:21 rx

    We did this on 8/8/2011 – my time 23:18 @ 105# and 1 Abmat. Sometimes when it feels like the PR’s aren’t coming it is uplifting to look at the log book.

    OTM X 12, 6 TTB & 8 Pistols.

  37. Fuel 4 Fire: 14:20 Rx.

    Hardest part of the WOD was counting. Managed to lose track in the middle and did an extra round of 8/6. Wtf!

  38. “Prairie Fire” – 10:55 RX

  39. Praire Fire: 12:48 @ 125# – At least that’s what I wrote on the board. Might have been faster. Cleans felt ok. Subbed handstand holds and then box push ups.

    Thanks Ashley. What an unique view you have on the opposite ends of the spectrum. We should all do our part to help make your ‘night job’ a little less busy.

  40. missed the Fuel for Fire sponsor today but did get my Banana Cocoa out in Carson and my compliments to Rob for nailing it. Also had some Games athletes asking for it as they did not want to eat anything solid before their workouts. Neat to see the progress.

  41. Conor N

    Mr. Perfect

    10-8-6-4-2 Parallette HSPU (head to floor)
    2-4-6-8-10 Power clean @ 225


    This kicked my ass. It’s always good to get humbled and pummeled.

  42. Heather V.

    “Prairie Fire” – 15:20
    Fell off the wall a few times… Can’t really officially say Rx… Ugh

    • Oh stop it. If there’s a reason not to put Rx, it’s that you didn’t do this workout during the 5:30. Everyone knows that you can only truly go Rx during the Mayhem. Other classes are considered “scaling.” Look it up. It’s true.

      • laura c

        she did just fine in the nooner…just sayin:)!

      • Heather V.

        funny ho! I will be back to the mayhem on Tuesday.
        And Laura great to see you today! Awesome HSPU’s!

  43. laura c

    Ashely – thanks for the write up – I totally get it and agree…when I work with clients it is CRAZY that they can not even find the time to walk for 30 min….. We must spread the word…..years of being a dieitian has shown that most people do not know ANYTHING about what is good for them and they truly dont care until they wind up on your floor in the cardiac unit!……Its that sad. I had someone say to me today, “I feel I need something really bad to happen to me before I change my habits”…seriously? Spread the word people.

    Thanks for all you do, Ashley!

  44. 12-10-8-6-4-2 Handstand Push Up
    2-4-6-8-10-12 Power Cleans 185……….9:50

  45. Andrew E

    12:46, 85#, box HSPU

    Great post, Ashley F! She gets more done in 24 hours than I do all week…

  46. Heather V.

    Ashley F: what a great post! very well written to boot! Loved reading about your other world. And yes, you are correct we all have the tools to help others.

  47. Scott A

    Prairie Fire- 17:52 135#/ HSPU Rx (1st time doing hspu Rx) awesome tips on the kip at the nooner

  48. Krystle

    Praire Fire: 12:24 (85#) RX HSPU… Could have gone heavier on cleans

  49. 15:28 @ 225# and parallette HSPU

  50. 1.) Thanks Fuel for fire for the grub.
    2.) So true Ashley!
    3.) Prairie Fire: 5:54 (95#, 1AM) felt real fast! But not this fast…


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