Friday 08.09.13

Fuel For Fire is back!

Fuel For Fire is back!

“Prairie Fire” sponsored by Fuel For Fire
12-10-8-6-4-2 Handstand Push Up
2-4-6-8-10-12 Power Cleans (155, 105#)

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Hamel your prayers have been answered! It's Fuel For Fire Friday!!!

Hamel your prayers have been answered! It’s Fuel For Fire Friday!!!


Oh YES… Fuel For Fire is back in the house.  And to celebrate, tomorrow is FFF Friday.  Their team will be on hand to give out samples after every class so you can try the new goods:  Still has 10 grams of whey protein and only natural ingredients, but better packaging and no refrigeration required.   Great for pre- or post-WOD or as a paleo-friendly, on-the-go snack.
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Coaches Corner with Coach Ashley

A Tale of Two Extremes

10:15 pm: While most are getting ready for bed, if they are not there already, I am grabbing my coffee and heading into work.  Working on a cardiac floor, we see many different types of patients, and though the majority of our patient population is geriatric, it is still a common occurrence to have considerably younger ones as well.  This is extreme number one. 

The phrases: risk factors, medically manage, morbidly obese, smoker, diabetic, heroin overdose are as free flowing as Fran, Helen, snatch and burpee.  Risk factors refer to, for example, how viable it is that a patient’s chest pain is actually cardiac in nature, are they over weight, smoker, family history, etc.  Medically manage is a term we use when the heart (or any system for that matter) is beyond any other intervention than medications to control symptoms.  The other terms I mentioned are pretty self – explanatory.  There is no doubt that the body ages; that my eighty or ninety year old patients are going to have problems with their heart, and we continue to medically manage them.  But what about the forty year old patient that weights 330 pounds, has lost one leg, his eye sight, and is on dialysis all because of diabetes; and his diabetes was diagnosed at the age of 20 which means diet and exercise could have controlled his disease.  This clinical picture is not a rare occurrence; it is only one example of way too many.

7:45 am: My shift has ended, I’m walking out with colleagues who are heading home to bed, and I get in my car and drive to 15 Tech Circle in Natick.  This is extreme number two.  It is here that I have the privilege to coach and train with the fittest people I know.  Sometimes it seems almost surreal to me leaving one and entering the other, how could the two worlds be so different?  How can we overlap the two…not to force paleo eating, crossfitting ways on those that are unwilling but just healthier lifestyles in general?  Each and every one of us are equipped with so much information about health and fitness beyond the general population – use it.  Educate family and friends, your kids even.  Explain the value of eating the right way and exercising regularly.

We all know someone that would benefit from this conversation and we don’t have to be a medical professional to have it.  That may be the direction you guide them in but just start it.  There are way too many people out there that don’t make the right choices for themselves and sometimes we forget about this because every day we are surrounded by others just like us.  CrossFit is about community and expanding this beyond the walls of the gym – let’s get out there and start making a difference, empowering others with our knowledge!