Thursday 08.08.13

Heather Vitti

Heather Vitti is coming for your PRs…well not really, but she’s doing very well and setting her own PRs.

Heartbreak Kid
3 rounds of:
10 Front Squats (185, 135#)
20 C2B Pull Ups
50 Double Unders

Front squats taken from the ground

Post times to comments.

Jared doing what he does best...playing hide and seek...nice work bud.

Jared doing what he does best…playing hide and seek…nice work bud.

Committed Club!

That’s right here is the list for the Committed Club for the month of July. To make the Committed Club you need to attend 15 or more classes a month. Nice work everyone!

Maureen Becker


Mike Rich


Michelle Marshall


Cheryl Jauch


Katrina Shafer


Rachel Engelson


Toni Indresano-DiRuscio


Devon Ellis


John Giannuzzi


Nicole Dillberg


Abby Giannuzzi


Brian Albert


Scott Sylvester


Michael Tatelman


Stephanie Lapat


Jack McCullough


Steven Dillberg


Brian Garvey


Allison Giorgio


James Sheridan


Kevin Jay


Rachel Haims


William Vatcher


Jim Bleakley


Andrew Hohenstein


Angelo Gianakis


Mike Piispanen


Lori Baldwin


Chris Mix


JC del Real


laura cohen


Christian Pepicelli


Andy LoPilato


Debra Renzella


Mike Braatz


Heather Vitti


David Nahabedian


Tara ODonnell


Ronda Rockett


Sharon Winn


Lauren Poppenhagen


Dan Convery-zupan


Melinda Keegan


Colleen Neutra


Peter Sarmanian


Wendy Poppenhagen


Chris Neeb


Sam Landau


L.J. DiCarlo


Sarah Schuler


Richard Vatcher


Jonathan Kaplan




  1. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday! :) And great job July committed club!!
    This traveling nomad continues to visit various gyms during her apt reconstruction based on whose couch I crash that night. Today was the Greendale YMCA in Worcester with my mom. :)
    2 mile run
    Modified HB Kid: 7:54 with 45# goblet squats; push-ups and 100 single unders.
    Then sit-ups and worked on light squat snatches to try to get form better.
    Look forward to getting back at it tomorrow am and for the teen comp on Saturday! :)
    Have a great day everyone!!

  2. Heartbreak Kid: 18:17 (155#) – Tough but really fun wod. Turned into a real grind in the last round. There was some good and some bad with the DUs… the good: first two rounds were broken up 18/17/15 and felt pretty solid… the bad: last round got stuck physically and mentally, couldn’t string more than a couple together, and ate up almost 5 minutes of clock. Great class today, Harry!

  3. HK: 14:01 Rx…C2B were booty.

    10 x 1 squat snatch @ 85#

    Romanian Deadlift 10 rep heavy load: 205#…weird movement. Maybe I had more, maybe I didn’t. Who knows?

  4. 12:08rx

  5. Heartbreak Kid – 19:47, kipping pull ups, the rest Rx

    Breathing continues to be an issue. It felt like I spent half that time resting. I only dropped the bar a total of 3 times, though.

    10×1 OTM snatch at 80#

    Romanian DL: worked up to 195#. Interesting exercise (first time doing it)

    • And I did the RDLs wrong – worked up to 1 heavy, not 10. Retesting, I did 10 at 145#

  6. Heartbreak Kid. 12.10rx Happy with FS today.

  7. HK 12:23 (135#)c2b
    Rope screw fell off in middle of workout tried frantically to put back on using teeth to unscrew. Rushed to wall to get another one off hurriedly. WT* are we doing:)?

  8. Heartbreak Kid – 14:50 (115#, 15 PU, 100 su)

    i was the king of scale today. broke my heart, but happy that i was in the box. maybe could have been a rest day.

  9. Heather V.

    Heartbreak Kid – 13:27 Rx

  10. Rachel E

    Heartbreak Kid: 14:56 (105#, KPU, slow Rx DUs)

    Working on getting the weight back up but happy to be squatting again! booyaa

  11. Brian L

    Hearbreak Kid- 16:52 rx,

    snatch OTM x10@ 135

    romanian deadlift 185×10

  12. Heartbreak kid 10:59
    Snatch 10×1 otm @ 135
    10 rep RDL 315

    In a total funk right now.

  13. Michelene

    Heartbreak Kid: 15:49 (80#, KPUs & 25 DUs)

  14. Sarah S

    Heartbreak Kid: 16:11 – 80# and 10 CTB each round. Went too light on the FS and did all sets unbroken. Did all DU Rx and got a PR of 19 in the middle round. Continues to be a HUGE goat and where most of my time was spent.

  15. Chris M.

    1. Heartbreak Kid – 11:45 Rx’d
    2. Squat Snatch 10×1 (OTM) @ 120#
    3. RDL – 3×10 @ 225#/260#/295#

    … have never attempted Romanian Deadlifts before wasn’t sure where to start … 295# was definately a salt check … C2B’s were heavily broken during HBK …

  16. Rick W.

    Heartbreak Kid: 155# 15:35 – wasn’t the best day for double unders. Everything else felt good.

    Snatch 10X1 @ 95#
    RDL’s X 10 @ 205#

    • I was standing right next to you during the weight lifting stuff and I’m not sure how I missed that the RDLs should be sets of 10. Fog of WOD?

  17. Heartbreak Kid: 11:55 (145#)

  18. Stephanie

    HK: 14:34 (45#, black band pu, 100 single jumps)

  19. Heartbreak Kid: 13:26 (115#)

  20. Hearbreak Kid: 9:32 (110#)

  21. Katrina

    HK 17:57 (125#), du and C2B

  22. Laura C

    HK: 14:30 80# 25 DU attpts in rd 1 and 3… 50 singles in round 2 (voice in my damn head).. Ctb rx

    First day back in a week (Vegas….) was hard. Kept FS light. Not sure why I did singles in round 2 but glad I put my big girl panties on in rd 3 and tried du again.

    Good to be back.

  23. Ashley R

    Heartbreak Kid:

    85#, kip pull ups, 15 burpees 12:12

  24. Wendy P

    Heartbreak Kid-10:35- 55# (I went light because I have been gone for the week), 10 CTB ( most ever in a workout), 100 singles…. Need to push myself to learn double unders- a major goat!!! Fun to be back!

  25. Susan Stein

    Heartbreak Kid: 14:14 (65#, pull ups, 100 singles)

    So slow on the pull ups, but really excited I did all 20 each round. First time I haven’t scaled the reps! Great job 9:30!

  26. Melinda

    Heartbreak Kid – 9:30 135#FS, sub 53#KB, DUrx

    Squat Snatch 10×1 (OTM) @ 75#
    RDL – @ 185…had no idea where to start on these, so good benchmark to go up from.

    Great job 8:30 and tx Ben and Rachel…

  27. Ben Bergeron

    Big congrats to the Committed Club. This is one of my favorite things to check out every month. Maureen’s 24 is awesome!!!

  28. michelle

    MU skill work-thank you, Kevin!
    Heartbreak Kid- 17:10 105#- tough one for me today- neg stuff slipped in my head so I squished it with “get to” thoughts and finished–so it ended on a good note.
    Angelo & Joe- you men are the greatest!

  29. Heartbreak Kid: 14:03 Rx

    Damn DUs! Front squats and C2Bs felt good, but struggled big time with the DUs.

  30. HK 16:07 165#

  31. HK: 12:46 95#
    squat snatch 50# 10×1 OTM

  32. Conor N

    6:17 Rx

  33. Jared S

    Heartbreak Kid: 11:36 rx
    went into this WOD feeling sorry for myself and let the kid walk all over me. Like Doole, I also find myself in a funk but maybe that’s because I’ve been playing too much hide and seek and not spending enough time having max help me with technique and witty comeback to his hurtful photo captions.

  34. Geoff L

    HB Kid: 6:46 Rx

  35. Heartbreak Kid: 14:02 (85#)

  36. Nicole D

    Heartbreak Kid: 15:52 (85#, KPU)

    Hands already ripped to pieces from this week. DU were a mess. No excuses, just a slowwww day.

  37. Heartbreak kid- 17:17 (155#) ouch!

    OTM snatch 115#
    RDL 185#

  38. Christian

    As soon as I hear time cap in a wod with double unders they disappear…

    And sweet chin music, that was tough. <– hope you all appreciate what I did there.

    Front squats rx
    C2b round 1, round 2-3 some mixed in but mostly regular pull ups
    DUs really slowed me down- 50 in round 1, 25 in rds 2-3 (but I probably accumulated 500 attempts)

    17:36 (spent 8-9 minutes on double unders, ugh!!)

    Calf is feeling a bit better. Really fun workout!!

    • Christian

      And RDL in the back @ 225# I think I did it right. Thanks, Max, Katie, and C4 for the help!!

  39. Heartbreak Kid: 13:16 (85# and red band PU)
    Mark this day: first time doing pull ups in a WOD! They were kipping chin to bar but still PROGRESS.

  40. Andrea Frey

    Heartbreak Kid: 16:03 (75#, green/red band combo and DU)

  41. Heartbreak Kid: 16:18 (75#, lets call them throat to bars, 100 single) what a workout!

  42. Big Bri

    Heartbreak Kid – 13:42 Rx’d

  43. 13:32 (90#, GB reg PU, 2xSU)

    Anyone noticed that this WOD was similar to Pain & Propane
    with additional 50 DUs per round?

    So, here is your equation:
    “Pain & Propane” + 150 DUs = “Heartbreak Kid”

    • and

      Geoff L
      JUNE 3, 2013
      P&P 4:50 Rx

      Geoff L
      AUGUST 8, 2013
      HB Kid: 6:46 Rx

      seems to be about right :-)

  44. Curt V.


    On the positive side, I did do 30 145# front squats, 17 chest to bars, 30 pull-ups and 100 DU’s. I was looking at all that I didn’t do and was in a funk then I looked at what I did do and I have to say that I’m pretty happy about the CTB’s given that’s a new thing for me. I’m pushing as hard as I can and that’s all I could do in 20 minutes.


  45. Heartbreak kid with 135# FS from the rack, arms crossed to not use wrist. 18:07 including 2:15 minutes of wardrobe malfunction, ripped hands, rain forest like humidity in the back of the room, and the barbell sliding sideways out of raised elbows. Ugh. Big hot mess! But I really like this WOD, it hits everything! OTM snatch 5×1 at 55#. 10 TnG DLs at 155#. 2×5 and 1×10 RDLs at 105#.

  46. 9:41 rx

  47. HBKid 8:51 rx. Fun chasing Geoff and Dave

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