Wednesday 08.07.13



 1. Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull + Snatch
7 sets climbing

2. Back Squat
1 Rep Max

Post loads to comments.

Andrew Ho has been killing it! In one week he got his first bar MU and ring MU! Keep up the good work.

Andrew Ho has been killing it! In one week he got his first bar MU and ring MU! Keep up the good work.



  1. Big Mike

    First. And on top

  2. Snatch: 85-135 (fail)
    Back Squat: 375

  3. Snatch: 65-130 (5# PR, despite the complex, the PR was there today!)
    Back Squat: 225# (20# PR)

  4. Snatch – 4, 45, 50, 55, 60, 55, 55
    Back squat – 175, PR. Failed at 180, that was mental. and totally frustrating.

  5. The Ginger Ho

    Snatch: 85-145 (squat coming along slooooowly, but it’s coming)

    Squat: 345 (30# PR), failed 365…booty

    Linked bar muscle ups for first time.

    15 ring muscle ups. No linking yet…booty.

  6. Mike R.

    Snatch: 65-125(f)
    1RM BS: 235 (10# PR)

  7. Snatch 65-75
    1RM Back Squat 245

    worked on shoulder mobility between snatches, and stayed light. lots of opportunity here.

  8. I do find it comical that there are even competing pictures of Big Mike and Ho… nothing like fueling the fire.

    Miss you all. I hope to be back in September. I went all in on my kids this summer, but I am working to get some me time back. Fortunately we make our football team do a lot of pushups and the coaches will usually join in…

    • Miss ya bud. Can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown over the summer. I’m expecting to see you over 7 feet tall.

      • My kids do all the growing these days. I think my oldest is taller than you now… and has better hair than both real and fake Doug Bell.

    • Colleen (OC)

      You and I both will be back in September!

  9. Snatch complex: 85 – 135F

    Back squat: 255, 265F

    All the praise for my snatch yesterday must’ve gone to its head. Sloppy today.

    • I feel compelled to point out that 255 is a PR for you! You PR machine, you.

  10. 1. Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull + Snatch: 65 – 115
    2. Back Squat 1RM: 225

  11. michelle

    Snatch deadlifts: 55-85#
    BS: 1rm. 180, lighter working depth
    No BS pr today but my snatch felt good.
    Learned so much today, tks Ben & Rachel!

  12. Casey T

    Thanks for letting me join the 8:30 team this morning! Great class today and great instruction. I think I speak for all of us when I say our snatches are better off for it.
    Snatch complex (65-135)
    BS 1rm 205 (first time squating in like 4 months)

  13. Stephanie

    1. 35-45
    2. 135 (pr by 10)

    Thanks for all the help, everyone. What a great morning!

  14. Snatch complex: 15-45 (working on form)
    BS: 200 (15# pr)

    Thanks Ben & Rachel – fantastic class!

  15. Snatch deads: 35#-75# (could have used a little more time)

    BS: 165# (15# PR)

    As usual, so much fun lifting with my girls!

  16. Snatch Complex – 120#
    Back Squat – 305# (finally broke 300#, definitely had more to go…next time)

  17. Ashley R

    Snatch deadlift: worked up to 70#

    Back Squat: I did 5×5’s instead and stayed around 115#

  18. snatch complex: 45# working on my technique and speed with c4.
    BS 125# PR

  19. Snatch Complex: 65-125(f)
    Back Squat (low bar): 295#
    First time doing low bar…I wasn’t comfortable with it. Needs practice. Feel like I could have done more with high bar.

  20. Snatch complex: worked up to 65#
    BS: 135# PR
    Thanks Kevin – failed at 135#, made the adjustments you suggested, then made the lift.

  21. Snatch Complex: 95# – 145#
    Back Squat: 325# (10# PR)

  22. Snatch Complex: 95 – 125#
    Back Squat: 325# (10# PR)

  23. Snatch Complex – 170. Back Squat – 305

  24. Snatch Complex: 75#, 80#, 85#, 95#, 100#, 115# & 125#

    1 RM Back Squat: 255# (10# PR)

  25. Scott M

    Really good article on CrossFit, the brand, the history and Glassman in Inc magazine. Check it.

  26. Colleen (c4!)

    Snatch complex 45# protecting my sprained wrist!
    BS 205#, 20#pr

  27. Yoga: 1.5 hrs of Vinyasa (sp?) at Treetop yoga in gloucester – let’s just say I’m not a natural

    Bench: 5x5x135, 5x5x165, 5x5x187 (last few sets got spicy)

    got a great pump on – we need mirrors at the gym.

  28. Maureen B.

    10 Rounds:
    10 Burpees
    10 Sit Ups

    50 Air Squats before 1st round and after last round

    1.5 mile bike ride to and from the beach and mile run on the beach (running in sand is hard gawd)

  29. Snatch Complex: 125#
    1 rep back squat: 275# (10#PR)

  30. Kristin B.

    Snatch complex: 85#

    1RM back squat: 230#. Felt sooooo much better than last time.

  31. Snatch complex to 70#
    Back squat 160# (35# PR)

    • Christian

      HUGE PR!!!!! You know what I’m gonna say… It’s all those wall balls.

      • Too bad all the wall balls haven’t made me better at…oh…wall balls! :)

        • Christian

          not true! your forehead doesn’t have the same imprint as mine!

    • Darn! Nice PR!

    • In the interest of full disclosure I should mention I hadn’t done a 1RM back squat since Jan when I was just starting out…but def progress.

  32. Snatch complex: worked up to 95. God I love snatches

    Back squats, on the other hand, were dicey. Hit 175# which is def not a PR. Not a good back squat night for me. Oh well.


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