Monday 08.05.13

Sara C and Mary at Crossfit AllStar in Waimea, Hawaii. No vacation would be complete without a trip to a local box. Looking fit ladies!

Sara C and Mary at Crossfit AllStar in Waimea, Hawaii. No vacation would be complete without a trip to a local box. Looks awesome! We’re all a bit jealous…just a bit…maybe more than bit…a tad.

Hulk Hogan
Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes:
3 Muscle Ups
5 Power Cleans (185, 135#)
7 Burpees

Record your times for each round and post fastest and slowest times to comments.

Firebreather of the Month: Mike Braatz

Firebreather of the Month: Mike Braatz

Congratulations to Mike Braatz, our Firebreather of the Month for July! Braatz is a member of the diehard 5:30am Mayhemers and was kind enough to answer some questions about Crossfit, his underwear preference, and the Spice Girls. So here’s the skinny:

1. How did you get involved in crossfit?
I give credit to CFNE member Andy Renzella.  I went to a Little League coaches meeting a couple of years ago, was scanning the crowd for people I knew and looked right past this guy.  He gave me a funny look, and said “Hi Mike”.  I recognized the voice, but it took me a few seconds to place it… holy crap, Andy!?!?  We had known each other for a while, but I hadn’t seen him in probably 9 months. I didn’t recognize him at first – he had lost a ton of weight and looked like he belonged on the cover of a fitness magazine. He told me about his CrossFit experience.  It was inspiring, and now, a year and half after taking a private Elements class with Ashley, here I am.  And, I might add, Andy’s still here at CFNE too, crushing it as always.

2. What is your favorite movement?
Squat snatch. No question. I know it’s not a widely held favorite, but for some reason it just gets me.

3. What is your favorite WOD?
Murph.  It’s always a great day at CFNE. Huge classes, big energy in the gym, and members and Coaches – especially Geoff Leard – who treat it with respect and make it memorable.  Honorable mention goes to “Muffins and Sweatpants”.  For the name alone, of course, but also because it involves sets of 21 snatches.  I still don’t know the story behind the name, but it’s genius.  Does being named Firebreather of the Month get me the inside scoop on the story?

4. If you were stuck in a Sharknado how would you escape?
Seriously, did the movie teach us nothing? Two words: jet, chainsaw.

5. Favorite paleo snack?
A dozen Dunkin Donuts, chocolate frosted. Wait… what? That’s not paleo? OK, then…almond butter and apple slices.

6. Favorite cheat meal?
A dozen Dunkin Donuts, chocolate frosted. Wait… what? That’s not a meal? OK, then… the burger at Sel de la Terre. It comes with rosemary fries, which I like as much as I hate ring dips.

7. If you could be any member of The Beatles who would you be?
Paul. Maybe it’s the easy answer, but he’s rich, he’s talented and he’s still doing what he loves. And it helps that he’s still alive.

8. Boxers or briefs?
I subscribe to Cosmo Kramer’s position on underwear: my boys need a home. Boxer briefs are a good solution.

9. If you could be any Spice Girl who would you be?
I’m a HUGE Spice Girls fan, so this is a really hard question. But since this is a CrossFit article, I’m going with Sporty Spice. I call her Mel C., though. Did you know she’s actually very sporty, and can do back handsprings?!?! Beast.

10. It’s the zombie apocalypse what do you have in your backpack?
I don’t know much about zombies, other than that they’re the new vampires. But I’m going with my iPhone, a water bottle and a chainsaw. I Googled “how to kill a zombie”, and “chop off their head with a chainsaw” made the top ten list. And since I’ll need one for sharknado, too, I’m all set.

11. Who would win in a fight, Spiderman or Batman? Also is Batman really a superhero?
I’m very movie oriented, so I think of this as Christian Bale vs. Tobey Maguire. Christian Bale is intense and probably a little crazy, so he’ll fight dirty. I think he wins in a fight. But props to Tobey for his Tropic Thunder cameo. Batman is a pretty normal guy who gets in great shape, has good helpers and cool gear. Wait… just like a CrossFitter! So he IS a superhero.

12. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Just kidding! Seriously though, what’s your favorite outdoor activity when you’re not crushing WODs at the crack of dawn?
I’m very happy that both of my kids have found team sports they love – soccer, basketball, baseball and football.  It keeps them active, it’s social and teaches them how to win and lose.  I really enjoy practicing with them, coaching and just watching them compete.  And we also spend a lot of time up at Lake Winnipesaukee, hiking, swimming and skiing.

There you have it folks! 12 questions with Mike Braatz, our Firebreather of the Month.


  1. Christian

    False. Batman is NOT a superhero, but congrats on the Firebreather Braatz!

  2. Mike R.

    Congrats on the achievement, Braatz. Great commentary to back it up, as always.

  3. Congrats, Mike! You deserve it.

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Braatz (fyi, totally not kidding when I tell you that autocorrect tried to change your name to “Beast”!!!) You totally crack me up!

    Have we all had this conversation??? Batman: Grumpy guy with money to spend on fancy toys. Iron Man: The same, but at least he’s funny. And he does have the arc reactor to make him more of a superhero.

  5. Michelene

    Hey Braatz, I thought sit-ups were you favorite…

  6. Ben Bergeron

    Braatz – Looks like you are in the lead for member of the month next moth too. This might be the best M.O.M. interview yet.

    • I second that. Hilarious. I vote for having a special award next month called “Member of Last Month” to keep the laughs coming.

  7. Congrats, Mike!! :)

  8. Tricia D


  9. Nice Mike!
    I made it back.
    Hulk Hogan: 85# and kipping pull ups. Didn’t record times but between 1:15 and 1:30 each round except final two or three were closer to 1:35
    Good to be back.
    My sister is making me run a half with her in October so I have to get cranking again.

  10. “Hulk Hogan”: Did 3 pullups for MUs. 185# for 3 rds (didn’t finish 3rd), 155# for rest

  11. Dave C.

    HH: 155# / 3 MU transitions with ring dips

  12. Hulk Hogan: 1 MU/ 5 PC 135#/ 7 burpees – all rounds about 1:05

  13. Hulk Hogan: 1 MU or attempt / 5 PC 145# / 7 burpees

    Stopped after rnd 7 (shoulder).

    No wisecracks today… you’ve heard enough from me above. Thanks for the kind words.

    • Mike R.

      Hope the shoulder is doing alright, Mike.

      • Big Mike

        Can’t go down for the month when you are MOM.

        • He’ll be fine. All he needs is some ice and Spice World. Then he’ll be as good as new!

        • Yo, I tell you what I want, what I really, really want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.

    • Heather O

      Congrats on your wonder achievements!! It is great to be a Mayhemer with you!! Keep up the amazing work and thanks for the great laughs! :)

    • Congrats Mike! Strong work this month, solid answers. Now about those musical choices. ehhhhhh. Ha!

    • Congrats Mike! Well deserved!

  14. Mike R.

    Hulk Hogan: 2 MU (3 in the last round)/ 5 PC 135#/ 7 burpees

  15. Hulk Hogan: 6 c2b / 135# / 7burpees, chest to bars became mostly pull ups somewhere around rd 3.

  16. Hulk Hogan: (2x kipping pull ups for muscle ups)
    2 rounds @ 125#
    2 rounds @ 115#, 5 pus, 5 cleans, 7 burpees
    6 rounds @ 115#, 4 pus, 4 cleans, 6 burpees

    All rounds were close to two minutes. Today was just hard for some reason.

    3×1 squat snatch @ 95#
    3×2 squat snatch @ 72#
    8×3 back squat @ 145# x 1, 155# x 6, 160# x 1

  17. Big Mike

    Hulk Hogan: Banded transitions, 155#

    Missing: One Ginger, approximately 5’10” 200 lbs last seen Friday evening hugging everything in site. If found, please send to 5:30 am.

  18. Hulk Hogan: C2B and 155#
    Rds 1-5 6 C2B/5 PC/7 Burpees
    Rds 6-8 4 C2B/4 PC/6 Burpees
    Rds 9-10 2 C2B/3 PC/7 Burpees

  19. Katrina

    Hulk hogan:
    3 mu transitions, 5 135# cleans, 7burpees, (4 rounds)

    Missed round 5 the cleans and burpees

    Rounds 6-10 4 cleans at 135#, 3mu transitions and 7burpees.

  20. Rachel E

    Congrats, Braatz! Best interview yet, and yes, zombies are the new vampires. haha

    Hulk Hogan: 2x KPU, 95# — cleans felt heavyyyyy today, but loved all the pullup practice

  21. Michelene

    Hulk Hogan: 2xKPUs & 75#

  22. I think Christian is Batman ? Seriously has anyone ever seen them both at the same time ?

  23. THANK YOU PETE FOR THE AWESOME EATS AND PARTY AT THE KINSALE ON FRIDAY!!! It ws a great time as it is every year there! Very generous of you. Thanks again!!

    Hulk Hogan – 10 rnds Rx. Devastating workout
    Snatch 3×1 @ 160
    BSq 8×3 @ 245 nothing in the tank after this WOD.

  24. michelle

    BS 4 x 3 @ 145, 4 x 3 @ 155# (skipped snatch work)
    Hulk Hogan- MU straight arm swing practice/ 115# x 8/ 105# x 2
    7 burpees for 4 rounds- then anywhere from 0 -7 for the others
    Tks for the clean cue, Ben, what a difference.

  25. Sarah S

    Huge congrats to Braatz! Our latest 5:30 a.m. celebrity.

    Hulk Hogan: 35# KBS for CTB and 75# PC. Probably a little light given the KBS substitution.

  26. Stephanie

    HH: 45#, black band pu

  27. HH: 6 C2B, 5 155# PC & 7 Burpees

    Catch up post from last week at CrossFit Hyannis:

    Monday: Reps & Time 37 (30#)/15:40

    For Total Reps and Time:

    AMRAP in 5 Minutes:

    10 Dumbbell Push Press (50/30)

    5 Manmakers (50/30)

    Rest 2:00 Minutes

    Seven Rounds:

    10 Wallballs (20/14 to 10′)

    10 Pull-Ups

    (Your score is the reps completed in the AMRAP and the time to complete the entire WOD, rest included… For example 50 reps 15:02)

    Thursday: Rabbit, Rabbit 135# / 10:23 (135#)


    OTM 6

    3 Power Cleans @ 75-80%

    *Cleans should be TnG (touch and go)


    “Rabbit, Rabbit”

    5 Rounds

    7 Power Cleans (155/115)

    21 Push-Ups

  28. Hulk Hogan – 1 MU/Round, 155# (missed 2 MUs, got one of them back in the last round)

  29. Yeah Mike! Great interview!

    HH: 85#, MU transitions, (fastest round 1:12, slowest 2:48)

  30. Big Bri

    Going for re-entry –

    Warm-up, stretch, then:

    3 X 5 Front squat @ 225#

    Great to see everyone again!

  31. Maureen B.

    HH: 3C2B, 85# Felt like I was going to die, drinking a lot two nights in a row and crossfit don’t mix well. Woof.

  32. Hulk Hogan: 6 C2B + 5 PCs @ 135#. Got to the burpees when I could. Thanks Ben and Rachel for cues on what I need to fix as the weight gets heavier. Thanks!

    Squat Snatches and Back Squats with Rhonda R after. Good to work with you, Rhonda!

  33. HH: 3 mus transitions and 65# PCs, 7 burpees all rounds

  34. Kristin R

    Hulk Hogan – subbed 2x KPU for MU, 75#. Did 4 rounds at 6/5/7 and then 6 rounds at 4/4/6.

    Also – Max – bad news for you…

    • I know…I know…I know…I already read a similar article. I’m so sad.

  35. Ashley r

    Mu transitions, 95# pc and as many burpees as I could. Half the time I got through all 7.

  36. Susan Stein

    Hulk Hogan: 75#
    Rounds 1-4: 6 pull-ups
    Rounds 5-10: 4 pull ups
    Did 5 power cleans & 7 burpees each round.

    Congrats Bratz on being Firebreather of the Month!

  37. Brian L

    Hulk Hogan- Fastest rd. 1:25, Slowest rd.1:55
    1-2 MUs per round, everything else RX.

  38. Melinda

    Hulk Hogan:
    125# rds 1-6 / 135# rds7-10
    5rds w/ 3 MU trans, 5 rds 6 C2B

    Snatch 5×1 @90#, 2×2 @75#
    BSq 8×3 @ 155

    Toasty after this.
    Great 9:30 Kev and Harry!

  39. HH: 1 MU / rds 1-6 PC @ 185, R7-10 PC @ 165 / Rx burps

    Got 6 of 10 MUs.

    3×1 squat snatch @85: still working on landing in pure squat. Will not raise the weight until its second nature.

    3×2 squat snatch @65

    8×3 back squat @245

    Bar muscle ups

    • He lives!

      (And nice work on the MUs!!)

    • Seriously, that’s it? No tales, no comebacks to Big Mike, no defense at all?

      • Heather V.

        Think he has no defense…

        • Big Mike

          Wife standing over his shoulder

          • Nope. Just by my side, like always.

            Hater’s gonna hate.

          • You know it’s all in good fun :-) this is Big Mike’s way of saying he likes you. He may seem wise but he’s really a 3rd grade boy at heart.

  40. Jonathan

    Hulk Hogan: 135# Cleans and 3 MU attempts each round. Got all 3 MU’s in 6 out of 10 rounds and skipped cleans in round 9.

  41. HH: 85# with mu transitions.
    Finished all rounds. 1:30-1:40

  42. Hulk: ~3 rounds rx, dropped to 2MU & 2PC shortly there after. Really gotta work on my PC form.

  43. Hulk Hogan: 125#’s in first round—dropped to 105#. Should have started at 115 and stayed there. 6 chest 2 bars each round(except for 3 rounds I did 4 C2B). Did squat jumps instead of burpees to rest shoulder some more.

    Did not have much in the tank, today. Enjoyed the noon class, since that is a class I have not been to in some time. Very large class today.

  44. Heather V.

    HH: 3 MU transitions, 125#PCs, 7 burpees, all rds.

  45. Nicole D

    Hulk Hogan: 6 KPU (3 reps in rounds 8 & 9, back to 6 in round 10), 85#

  46. Christian

    Hulk Hogan: 3 MU transitions, rest RX

    9 rounds + 7 reps (calf tightened up really bad and I couldn’t finish my last clean and 7 burpees with over 45 seconds on the clock. Super frustrating but didn’t wanna attempt a clean on one leg)

    I’m pretty pumped, though. I actually was gonna drop to 165# before the workout but all the smaller plates were gone so I figured what the hell let’s see what happens. Come to think of it, really happy with how far I made it.

  47. Hulk Hogan: 10 rounds Rx
    Fastest: :56 slowest: 1:36

  48. Sarah B

    Hulk Hogan: 6 c2b/135#/7 burpees in rds 1-5&10, other rds skipped them

  49. Hulk Hogan: 10 Rnds Rx 1:02-1:13

    Back Squats: 3x5x175, 3x5x205, 3x5x235

  50. snatches 5×1 at 95#
    snatches 2×2 at 85#

    clean complex 3 heavy at 135#

    back squat 8×3 at 185# for 3 then down to 175# for 5

    ssssuuuuffffering today. pretty sure i’m still drunk from the CFNE outing on friday. never. again. (someone please tell me to man up?)

    muscle up transition technique work… they’re not consistent enough to go for a set yet.

    “hulk hogan”
    1 muscle up
    5 power cleans 135#
    7 burpees

    went into this thinking i’d go for 1 MU attempt per round and if i got it i got it. if not, move on. bagged all ten. shrieked like a maniac on the first one and scared half the class. (sorry guys!) i’ve never done that many muscle ups in my ENTIRE life combined!!! couldn’t be happier right now. apparently partying hard all weekend and taking a week off did some good? thanks, fireball whiskey!!! j/k

    • what shrieking? didn’t hear a thing at the back, try harder next time :-)


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