Sunday 08.04.13

Dave C. always keeps his elbows high when he's in the bottom of his front squat...he also makes sure his hip crease is below his knees...he's also been CRUSHING WODs! Boom shaka laka!

Dave C. keeps his elbows high when he’s in the bottom of his front squat and makes sure his hip crease is below his knees…all of that and he’s been CRUSHING WODs! Boom shaka laka! Get it Dave!

Front Squat

Sled Pull

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Dan Doc

Dan Doc


  1. 5×3 front squats from the ground 215
    5×3 OHS from Ground 135(2), 140 (3)
    5×5 Deads 265(2), 275(3)

  2. 5X3 front squats: 135, 140, 145, 145, 150(PR 15#’s)
    Sled Pull: 165#–BW + 10 #’s

    Ran 3 miles on track before class: 25:45(:37 sec PR from last week)

  3. 5×3 Front squat
    165, 165, 165, 185 (fail), 185 (good)
    Sled 180#

    Good day to work my goats…legs

    Good job today JimB, strong squats!
    C4, u were an animal on the sled. Great job!

  4. FS 205, 225×3, 235f
    Sled pull 210
    Great class, Doole!

  5. Andrew E

    FS 105# across, then 3 @ 135# (10# PR over 1RM).

    SP 165#

    Doole was working us hard in the sunshine!

  6. Big Mike

    FS: 5×3 @ 185
    Sled: 230#

  7. Christian

    Awesome Sunday Morning as always, love when Ali joins the classes!

    Doole, yogging might catch on.

    Front Squats 4×3 at 225# (prev 3RM), 1×3 at 245# (new 3RM)
    Sled: 235#

    Great catching up with Rasheed and Sue! Hardly see em anymore!


    • Way to go! Glad to see ya’!

    • Yesss! Loved being in class with you guys! And awesomeeee job today!!!

    • Andrew E

      Being able to sled pull your FS weight (and vice versa) is pretty sweet; great job, dude!

    • Brook R

      You were super strong today, Christian! Great working out with you. Thanks for the extra push on the FS.

    • Christian

      Thanks, guys!! Much appreciated!

      Brook it was awesome working with you, once you loosened up a bit you made quick work of that weight!

  8. Great class! Loved seeing everyone!

    FS 5×3 up to 75#
    Sled pull 100m @ 135#, 100m @ 215 thanks to my rider (Malik)

    Still feels like starting over, but overall feels good!

  9. Front squat 1×5@135, 4×3@155. Sled at 200#.
    PU practice; my sad little meat puppets hate pull-ups. :(

  10. FS: 155#
    Sled pull: 135#

    JD – Awesome class!!

  11. fs: 135#

    no sled pull/rain and lightning :(

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