Friday 08.02.13

Just another day for the Neebster. #Easyday

Just another day for the Neebster.

The Worms Revenge
Teams of 6
200m Run
20 Squats

Pick a sandbag of your choice and link all six sandbags together with a carabiner.
When squatting athletes must all reach the bottom of the squat together before standing.

Post times to comments.

A little hamstring stretching never hurt anybody.

A little hamstring stretching never hurt anybody.

Remember tonight’s the summer social! Call your emergency babysitter, put on your favorite tank top, and get ready to hang with some of your favorite peeps at the Kinsale.

When: 8pm (party bus leaves at 7pm from CFNE)
Where: Kinsale
Who: Everyone! It’s a party! Yes Doole, even your cats.
Why: Why not?


  1. Wendy P

    Sandbag weights????

    • You (and your team) decides the bags on the worm.

      Options are: 20#, 40#, 60#, 80#.

  2. That’s an impressive lift… Except Neeb is obviously using his knee to support his arm holding the cup. So I call BS. Not a qualified lift.

  3. Soooo excited for this WOD I just peed aaannnd I’m in bed so its gunna be an uncomfortable night of sleep. Totally worth it tho. See u in the morning worm.

  4. Rachel D

    So sorry to miss this one!!!

  5. Brian L

    looking strong Neeb

    • Thanks Bro! Couldn’t of done it without my good friends A-Rod and Bio-Genesis!

    • Fake Doug Bell

      I could have gone heavier…and I would have been drinking a beer.

  6. The Guys That Beat Magic Mike’s Crew: 11:15

    OTM 10: odds: 1 muscle up; evens 3-5 squat therapy

  7. Tricia D

    @crossfit Hyannis
    OHS 4 rds 3 reps: 55 60 65 70

    Amrap 12
    5 OHS (45)
    10 ttb (attempts and knees to elbows)
    20 sit-ups
    30 bar hops

    3 + 50 (wow I’m feeling the vacation!!)

    Have a great time celebrating tonight! We are so sad to miss it!

  8. The Guys That Beat Magic Mikes Crew: 11:15

    And the I got my first bar muscle up! Good day. Hope everyone has fun tonight!

  9. One Eyed Worm – 12:47 (my bag was 60#)

    OTM 12:
    Odd – 3 GHD dips (minimal leg assist)
    Even – 5 squat therapy

    Then – 18 pull ups. Working on stringing them together. Did sets of 4-4-4-4-3-3.

  10. Wendy P

    Lightening Bolt: 11:29. –

    Crashed the 6:30am class… Had a great team- thanks guys!!!!

    Pull up practice… Someday I will get 10 in a row- thanks Katrina for the tips :)

    Have fun tonight everyone- Cheers!!!!

  11. One Eyed Worm – 12:47 (my bag was 40#)

    Excited for tonight’s shindig! Yeah CFNE!

  12. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! :)
    In Worcester visiting my family so I crashed the YMCA gym with my mom this am.
    2 mile warmup run
    Modified Worm (if you can call it that bc I did it alone) in 7:32: Ran with a 20# dumbbell which was pretty hard to do bc its so awkward then did 20 squats holding it with both hands per round.
    It’s funny to think about though bc since joining CFNE I’ve lost 40 lbs so to think I used to run around with double that weight on my body is pretty crazy!
    Then worked on snatches and got in some push-ups, sit-ups and mobility.
    Have a great weekend everyone and an amazing time tonight!! :)

    • Tricia D

      Great job, Heather. Way to get in there and get a workout in! Have a nice weekend!

    • Michelene

      Amazing! You are living proof of how perseverance and hard work pays off!

  13. Rachel E

    One of the Two Girls on the Guys That Beat Magic Mikes Crew: 11:15 (40#)

  14. Melinda

    D-Bags: 12:38

    Tx for letting me crash with you 6:30am, good fun!

    OTM12: odd squat therapy even MU transitions

  15. Big Mike

    The Worm’s Revenge: 11:38 R to the F’in X
    First, I’d like to thank OUR team-Andy, Eddie, John, Sarah, Katie, and Allison. Despite 4/7ths of us mis-hearing the round 1 plan, we still managed to finish strong with an unbroken final round of squats. Second, my bag weighed 81 lbs., and Eddies weighed 82….and ALL of our ladies grabbed 40 lb bags….just sayin.

  16. The Worms Revenge (Solo) 6:47 with 80# bag.

    OTM10 (shoot, didn’t realize it should have been 12):
    3 MU’s
    5 Squat Therapy squats (shockingly difficult. I will be doing these on the regular.

  17. Krystle

    Did your babysitter cancel? Got the runs? Sell your party bus seats to me and Andrew. I promise we’ll make it a weird time. I wonder if the Kinsale still has my debit card that I left there last year…

  18. The Worms Revenge:
    Team One Eyed Worm w/ Captain Doole (80#), Eric B (80#), Jerry (40#?), Rick (60#), Andrea (40#), Jen (60#) and Ali G (60#)


    This was a lot of fun.

  19. will there be a 5:30 class tonight??

  20. worms revenge: (solo with 60#) – 6:48

  21. Team: NorCal meets CFNE: 11:38 (Molly, Terri, Dude from Norcal …sorry can’t remember his name) Great job team!

    That was fun!!

  22. michelle

    OTM 12
    odd:1-2 mu- getting closer on the straight arm- tks Ally B, Rach & Max
    even: squat therapy
    Team: Nicole’s Z. Birthday! Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

    See you all tonight!!!

  23. JC & the Pussycats: 11:40

    Really fun team WOD.

    Can’t even imagine how hard that WOD was at the Games with the real Worm, and not being able to hear because of the music cranking & fans screaming.

  24. The Worm’s Revenge – 11:38. Fun WOD. welcome back John S. So great to see you.

    After, 15 consecutive pullups for my August goal.

  25. Maureen B.

    Team TGIF (Rachel, Lindsey, Jared, Kim): 12:25, fun working out with the morning crew!

    I’m also down 1.5% body fat from the end of the May Challenge (down 4.5% from January) Thanks for measuring me Ali!

  26. Ashley R

    “Team Hot Pants” 11:40

    Ashley, Lori, Kristin, Jonathan and Anya (she was the one in the hot pants :)

    Lots of fun!

  27. The Worms Revenge

    Lightening Bolt Team: 11:29

    Crashed the 6:30am class…

  28. Geoff L

    Worms Revenge (solo) – 5:10 with 80# sandbag

  29. (solo) – 10:28
    200 SU
    20 goblet DB 40#
    (at home)

  30. Congrats again team and masters. Have fun tonight crew. I will post on 321gomd soon as I get athletes permission to talk about it.

    • Saw you on the tube. First doc on the spot for the guy who smashed his finger. Nice work.

  31. Been looks like you are doing the Foster. I will post also.

  32. Worms revenge- great work 5:30!!
    Fun tough workout.

    Got first ever bar muscle ups afterwards!
    Thanks Kevin for the coaching.

  33. Thanks Karen. Felt good to get a new move… On to pistols. If my knees can take it.

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