Thursday 08.01.13

A hero among us

A hero among us

Boat Race
3 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds

Post Times To Comments.

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Friday August 2nd will be Captain Kristen Walls Day in Sudbury! So cool!

Friday August 2nd will be Captain Kristen Walls Day in Sudbury! So cool!

It’s August! Time to look back at the goals you set and CA-RUSHED during July and set some new S.M.A.R.T. goals for August.







  1. Kristen,
    Congrats! And thank you for serving.

  2. Lil Tony

    Congrats and welcome home

  3. Congrats, Kristen – and thank you!

  4. I’ve had a few days to reflect on the week spent with amazing athletes and coaches in Carson, and want to express my gratitude, once again, to Ben and the CFNE family.

    It’s all too easy to take CFNE and its athletes and coaches for granted! Everyone is so humble and generous and genuine. Aside from their obvious strength and outstanding performance, you might not know that some of the world’s fittest are among us: Heather, Rachel, Bethany, Kevin, James and Derek…Brian, Bubba, and Jerry…our “adopted” Becca, and former CFNE members like Elaine and Lisa. At the games, I was reminded, though, of just how fortunate I am to be a part of this family…

    I wore a CFNE shirt everyday, and everywhere I went, people struck up conversations with me…”You guys are great.”…”Team looks really strong this year.”…”My coach trained with Ben.”…”Ben and Heather are great.”…”Daigle coached my elements class.”…”Congratulations.”…and so it went. From the girl in the food truck line who said her friend’s brother-in-law goes to CFNE (Sam Landau!) to (and, yes, I’m gonna name-drop right here) Greg Glassman and Mike Bergener telling me how much they like Ben and CFNE – literally, everywhere I went, I felt like I was part of something special.

    Because I am.

    At one point during the team finals, a member of another box got really aggravated with a couple of us because we were blocking her view of her team. I was kind of surprised that she was getting so hostile, because that’s not what I’ve come to expect from “CrossFit people”, and I could feel the ire rising in me in response. But, I remembered I was wearing my CFNE shirt, and anything I did was going to be a reflection of our box…so, I offered to switch places with her so she could get a better view.

    Once again, I became a better person because I am a part of this family. I GET to work and learn and grow with this wonderful community.

    So, heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Ben, Heather, and everyone at CFNE!

    • Sue,
      Thanks for sharing and way to represent!

    • Braatz

      Sue – As you probably know, many of us back here were watching online, hitting the Games site, checking Heather’s HB Unfiltered blog, furiously refreshing our Twitter feeds and asking other CFNE members for the latest info. We’re all adults (most of us, anyway… Ho.), but it was hard to hide our childlike excitement about the Games and the CFNE athletes. The inside scope about your time in Carson is great. So thanks for sharing.

      Also, for those of you who don’t visit the CompetitorsWOD site (4th banner from the top on the upper right of this page), check out tonight’s post: Culture starts at the top, and Ben’s post exemplifies why CFNE Nation is alive, well and better than ever. It also helps explain Sue’s great experience in Carson. Fired up to run and row tomorrow.

    • Wendy P

      Sue…beautifully written!!! Thank You!!

    • Heather O

      This is gorgeous Sue! :) Thank you for sharing! Xo

    • Michelene

      Thanks for sharing this!!

    • Thanks for being an amazing CFNE ambassador and for sharing so many wonderful photos from the Games with all of us back home!

    • MA Jennifer

      nicely written Sue… Man do I miss training at CFNE! Truly a special place filled with phenomenal people- starting with Ben and Heather! You guys are ALL in my thoughts regularly… sending love from the desert.

    • Thanks, guys!

  5. Curt V.

    Awesome Kristen! Thank you and congratulations!


  6. Nice job and thanks Kristen!

  7. Welcome home Kristen.

  8. Jonathan

    That is amazing Kristen! Congratulations and thank you for your service!

  9. Krystle

    Kristen!! LOVE lifting with you in the noon. Had no idea it was more of an honor than I thought (simply cause you’re a bad ass) until now!! Thank you for your service!!

  10. Very cool Kristen. Congrats and thank you.

  11. Boat Race: 17:40 (:39 PR)

    Stacy (my wife) joined me at the 5:30am for Bring a Friend day. Getting her to try CFNE was one of my 2013 goals. I’m pretty sure she came just to get me to shut up about it, but everyone was very welcoming (of course) and afterwards she admitted seeing why I like it. Progress.

    • Stacy – Boat Race: 19:37

    • Heather O

      Great job today! It was so nice to meet Stacy! She did great!!

    • Michelene

      Nice! I have been trying to get my husband to give it a try but no luck so far. He is intrigued for sure, but I can’t get him to take the plunge. Maybe I can make it a 2014 goal!

      • Another great way to get a spouse to give it a try is by seeing you compete. Maybe sign up for one of the Fall compitions where they can come a watch and possibly get the Crossfit bug.

    • Nice work Mike! And, so happy you tried it out Stacy….I look forward to seeing you in the future!

    • nice! I’m bringing(making) my wife come to the Hero team WOD this Saturday! How’s that for a good introduction–lol

  12. Dave C.

    Boat race: 16:22 (3:25/3:29/3:28)

  13. Boat race: 17:50 (3:47, 3:57, 4:06)

  14. Boat Race – 18:52 (4:13, 4:16, 4:23), 22 sec PR

    OTM 12 (odd: 4 bench, even: 4 back squat) – 3 sets of bench at 75# and 3 at 85#, 245# bs across

  15. Heather O

    Welcome home Kristen! Congrats to you and thank you for serving this great country! You are a true hero. :)

    Happy Day before Friday everyone (but Friday for me as its the last day of my work week)! :) Loved the new faces this am and great job today everyone.
    1 mile run Pre-WOD
    Boat Race: 19:31 (4:30; 4:26; 4:35 splits). Math to figure out these numbers felt like it took me longer than the WOD! Yikes.

    Thanks for the great talk after class Harry (in record time too)! :) So many goals to choose from so need to narrow it down.
    Have a great day everyone and weekend everyone! :)

    • Michelene

      Great job today!! Deb said she appreciated your guidance during the WOD, so thanks!!

  16. Boat Race: 16:57 (3:29, 3:43, 3:45)

  17. 16:48 (3:39, 3:36, 3:33)

    • Stephan

      Boat Race: 17:12 (3:32, 3:50, 3:50)

    • michelle

      Kate S! You rock. I can’t thank you enough for the du tip. I’m not there yet but you nailed it for me- ill be traveling backwards while it sinks in!

  18. Michelene

    Posting after these last three super athletes is embarassing but here goes – Boat Race: 19:00 (4:14, 4:25, 4:25). Brought my friend Deb this morning – wanted to thank everyone in 5:30 for giving her a big warm welcome. She has been on the fence about joining so hopefully this will push her over the edge.

    • Michelene

      Oh yeah, my August goal: Practice DUs 2xwk at home with goal of getting 5 unbroken by the end of the month.

  19. Boat Race: 18:19

  20. Craig B.

    Boat Race: 16:46

  21. Chris M.

    1. Boat Race – 3:20/3:18/3:16 Rx’d (15:54)

  22. Boat Race: 18:01

  23. Kristen, we are so proud to call you one of ours – I knew when you walked through the door to try the noon class that you were a stealth bad ass! Thank you for your service.

  24. Boat Race: 19:07

    1:55 PR!!

  25. Kristen,

    Congratulations and welcome home!

    Boat Race – 16:38 (3:22,3:38,3:38)
    Snatch OTM x 10 mins @ 125
    OTM x 12 mins
    Odd BSQ 245
    Even bench 165 (only 2 in the 5th set then down to 155 for last set)
    Butterly C2b 2 x10 as singles

  26. Kristin R

    Boat Race – 20:28 can’t remember the splits… maybe 4:37, 4:52, 4:59? slow! but, as always, glad I at least showed up…

  27. michelle

    Boat race: 20:11. 20 calories on air dyne for runs. 3 secs off my pr for first 500- blew up a bit after that.
    Otm bench/bs: 65#/125#
    Du practice

  28. Boat Race: 17:56 (3:36 / 4:09 / 4:11) 1st Time

  29. Boat Race: 19:56 (4:36, 4:42, 4:38)

  30. Congratulations Kristen–and welcome back!
    Wonderful right up by Sue B.

    okay….now about today’s WOD.
    Let me tell you, that Kevin likes to push his 9:30 class a little bit harder……we ran a bit extra..okay, I’m just saying. In case people, who are ultra competitive, are comparing times and all:-)

    Boat Race: 18:45–with an extra stretch of run on the indoor track, around the cones and back to our rower:-)
    Great job 9:30 class! and to my “friend” Maddie,(my daughter), who I brought with me, today. First time on rower—but, she evidently made up for her time in the run. around 20 minutes total.
    Marissa—thanks for pushing me—neck-and neck in that WOD today.

    • a must read on the competitors site—Coach Ben’s right up. Well done! Very touching to read. Thanks for all you do, Ben. I have only visited a few other crossfit boxes, but, from what I see, hear, and continue to observe, Ben Bergeron is the biggest reason for CFNE being so successful and such a wonderful and warm community. You inspire and touch everyone, even if they are not in your classes. By modeling for your coaches, setting high expectations, and treating EVERYONE like they belong, makes this place something very, very special. Grateful, today, and everyday, for getting to be apart of CFNE!

  31. Sarah Wilson

    Glad I checked site today as it was time to report in Great job Games athletes. Wish I had cable this last week.
    So I didn’t meet my June/July goal. I wanted to run a sub 22 5k. I ran a July 4th 4 mile race and a July 20th 5k race. On the 20th I ran a 22:29. Here is the kicker. I walked twice with less than 3/4 of a mile to go. It cost me about 50 seconds. My runner friend is now calling me the race walker because I walked twice in the 4 miler too (I dont remember my time but it wasn’t pretty even though I somehow got 5th of 96 runners in my age group. I had told myself after mile 2 during the 5k. “This is where the magic happens.”. Then I was walking 2 minutes later. My lesson learned is you can’t just say all the good stuff. You have to actually believe it and feel it. My goal upon returning is to push a little harder and train with a bit more intensity. I am going to try and take cues from the people around me who are pushing themselves and hitting their goals. I am turning 40 this year. If not now, when?
    Also, once again, my back pain has returned for the second summer after not doing crossfit for several weeks.

  32. Boat Race: 18:28 (I think).

  33. Boat race: 20:20, way off any PRs but “runs” were rehab jogs so it’s ok. Happy to be back running at all.

  34. Boat Race: 16:53 (3:25, 3:42, 3:46)

  35. JC – 17:39
    Caroline – 20:25

  36. Heather V.

    Boat Race: 17:48 (3:51, 3:51, 3:48)

  37. Wendy P

    Boat Race: first time doing is WOD- 19:12 …. Transitioning from the rower to running was tough!!!

  38. Melinda

    Boat Race: 17:45

    Snatch OTM x 10 min @ 65#
    OTM x 12 min Odd BSQ@ 155# Even bench @85#/90# (changed to 90# after 3rd rd)

  39. Susan Stein

    Boat Race: 20:03

    Congratulations and thank you Kristen!

  40. Colleen (C4!)

    Boat Race: 18:29 (+:28 from 4/20/12)
    splits at 4:00 /4:10/ 4:19

    Kristen Wall: Thank you for your service. You embody the phrase “still waters run deep!” You’re so quiet and respectful at the box but there’s a STEALTHY BEAST inside of you. Congratulations on your accomplishments and acknowledgements!

  41. Geoff L

    Boat Race – 15:54

  42. Congratulations Kristen. Thank you for your service.

  43. Boat race – 18:52

  44. Boat race: 18:03

  45. Thank You Kristen, can’t wait to meet you and thank you in person :)

  46. Boat Race: 18:39 Rx

  47. Big Mike

    Boat Race: 16:38 (3:34/3:37/3:27)-Think I had the math wrong on the board-Integrity….

    Speaking of which-if I told my boss I had to get back to Boston from NY for a ‘dinner’, but the real reason was I HAD to do this workout-is that bad?
    Is there a CFNE Confessional closet some where in the back where Monsignor Ben doles out burpees?

  48. Christian

    Boat Race – 18:01rx – I think. Totally lost track of my time as Montoya warned us not to.

    My sister came in for Bring a Friend Day and also lost track of time, but was in the 22s. Tried to watch for her I think 22:36.

    She also says thanks and really loves the environment.

  49. Kristen W.

    Thank you all for support. It’s so wonderful to be a member of this box; not only do we have the best and most inspiring coaches but the athletes are the most hard working and dedicated. You all make me push myself harder each day. I appreciate the fact that I was welcomed with open arms the moment I walked in and for all the support.

    Congratulations to CFNE Team A; you all killed it and are a continued inspiration to the rest of us.

    Boat race – 19:22

  50. Nicole D

    Congrats and thank you Kristen!

    Boat race: 16:22 subbed 40 air squats for runs

    Dropped a kettlebell on my toe this weekend oops. Out of running commission for a bit.


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