Thursday 08.01.13

A hero among us

A hero among us

Boat Race
3 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds

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Friday August 2nd will be Captain Kristen Walls Day in Sudbury! So cool!

Friday August 2nd will be Captain Kristen Walls Day in Sudbury! So cool!

It’s August! Time to look back at the goals you set and CA-RUSHED during July and set some new S.M.A.R.T. goals for August.







  1. Rachel E

    Welcome home and thank you for your service, Kristen!

    Boat Race: 18:23 (:07 PR over March and somewhat gimpy, so I’ll take it happily!)

    Also psyched to have my friend Eric join me tonight — he killed it. Love the bring-a-buddy idea!! More exclamation points!!!!

  2. Mike R.

    Boat Race: 16:26 (3:23, 3:29, 3:34)

  3. Boat Race: 17:18 (3:28, 3:56, 3:52)

    OTM x 12: odds: 225 back squat x 4; evens: 185 benchmark x 4

    First ring muscle up, then a half dozen more. Half dozen bar muscle ups to make sure I didn’t forget from yesterday.

    Screamed obscenities at a group of small children. Rx.

    • hey Ho. no worries. It’s nothing they haven’t heard before. The only words they are not allowed to be use in my house: “hate” and “I can’t”

      • Thanks, Brad. I have no control over my mouth when I get excited. I’m working on it.

        Nice rules by the way. Funny. We have the exact same rules here. No “hate”. No “I can’t”. And I added no “stupid”. No sure why I dislike that word so much. But anyway. Solid selection.

        It was also a really great way to meet you!! Next time I’ll just throw rocks at your car.

    • Boo ya! MUSCLE UP BABY! Wahoooooooooo!
      I think you PR’d your yell too… Solid. I’ll make sure to put the earmuffs on for your next first ;-D

  4. Welcome home Kristen and thank you for everything you have done. Cheers.

    I say with great pride… F-YA 7:30!!! 6 months too long.

    Boat Race: 18:16 it felt ooo so good.

    its great to be back CFNE!

  5. 18:34
    3 x 1k rows

    think wrote 17:34 on the board.

  6. Andrea Frey

    First time doing boat race: 19:59
    Definitely a tougher wod than I anticipated but I’m glad I got under 20:00.
    Thanks to Brad for the final push–welcome back!

    • Nice final push, it was well worth it. And I thought you crossed at 19:58, don’t short yourself. 😉

  7. Boat Race: 16:36

  8. Boat Race: 12:46 Rx

    Death by PS+SS:
    5 complete rounds + 5 power snatches RX

  9. Sad to miss Boat Race…it’s one of my favorites!

    Way to go, Kristen…you are one cool lady.

    Another great day at CF AllStar in Waimea, HI. Kind of misread the schedule and showed up for the coaches’ training time. Whoops! The owner, KC, was like oh c’mon, lift with me! So I got to see what it was like to train for almost two hours, which is very different for me. Lots of lifting followed by a conditioning WOD…and I got to work not only with KC but also the great Cheryl Brost, who is recovering from the Achilles tear she got during the Regionals this year. She could not have been nicer and, as always, I was happy and proud to brag about my awesome CFNE coaches! Miss you guys and wish we could all have a class field trip to Hawaii :)

  10. Boat Race: 18:20* blacked out during the second row and woke up at 600m… That made a difference, yikes. (3:40; 4:27; 4:13) Fitter than yesterday 😀

  11. Nick C.

    Boat Race – 17:58 (3:46, 4:08, 4:04)

  12. Boat Race 18:33

  13. Jared S

    Boat Race: 16:18


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