Wednesday 07.31.13

Looking good Casey! We miss ya bud!

Looking good Casey! We miss ya bud!

Death by:
Power Snatch + Squat Snatch (95, 65#)

Why do you Crossfit? Gotta be prepared for everything...

Why do you Crossfit? Gotta be prepared for everything…

Extra extra read all about it!

Hey guys and gals there’s a lot going on at CFNE this week.

Thursday is bring a friend day! Grab one of your buddies and bring them to CFNE for an awesome workout!

Friday is the summer social! You’ve waited all year for this event and it’s here. If you’re not taking the party bus meet at the Kinsale (2 Center Plaza, Cambridge St. Boston, Massachusetts) at 8pm for an AH-MAZINGLY awesome time. If you’re taking the party bus meet at 7pm at CFNE and get psyched! Rumor has it John Doole’s bringing his cats!

Saturday is 31 Heroes at CFNE. Click here for more information on 31 Heroes.

We still need judges and volunteers for our Teen Competition on August 10. Please email Rachel at if you’re interested in judging or volunteering.


  1. How does this workout go?

    • 1 power snatch 1 squat snatch minute 1
      2 power snatches 2 squat snatches minute 2
      Rinse Repeat OTM until you DIE or run out of time!

  2. Ken- in the first minute do 1 power snatch and 1 squat snatch. In the second minute do 2 and 2, and so forth until you cannot complete the work in a given minute. Same format as death by 10 meters if you’ve done that one before

    To the CFNE community- thank you all for your support during our training all year long and especially during the last week while we were at the games. It is a tremendous honor to take the field with CFNE on your back, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity, along with my teammates, to represent the best gym in the world. Thank you, CFNE!

    • It was so awesome to watch all the athletes from CFNE. We all feel honored by your efforts and how you represented the “family” here at CFNE.

      Thanks and congrats!

    • Andrew E

      Awesome job, Derek!

  3. Cotter

    “Death by PS & SS”: 5 + 9 Rx

  4. Dave C.

    4 rds + 8 reps
    3 rds + 6 reps
    1 rd
    all Rx

  5. Krystle

    Anyone have any bumper plates they wanna sell?

  6. Failed in the 5th round…no idea about the rest. Muddled through. Squat snatch still uglier than Big Mike on “hair day” at school.

    Got my first (and many subsequent) bar muscle ups today! Pretty pumped. Upon getting my first BMU, I loudly interrupted the 6:30 am warm-up with some fun obscenities. #SorryI’mNotSorry

  7. Heather O

    Happy Hump Day everyone! Great job this am 5:30 and thanks for the great coaching on this huge goat of a movement Harry! It help tremendously! It’s great to have you have you back! :)
    Yesterday: 4 mile run
    Today: 2 mile Pre-WOD run. Death by snatch: all at 35# to try to dial in form which was so hard to do today! Ugh! Failed at round 5, then at round 9 (4 reps each) final round got in singles and then 4 extra squat snatches for practice. Cash out: 5 mins at a slowish speed on the air dyne (my first date with it) and got in 42 cals.

    So though I am thankful for CFNE all the time for so many reasons, I am especially thankful for the showers and great space to get ready for work today! :) My fiancé and I had some serious roof damage to our apt after a tree fell on the house during Monday’s storms. We are staying in Waltham but I didn’t want to give up trying to get back into my CFNE routine so I drove down this am and packed my bag so I could get ready for work there too. So thanks for helping me to try to keep with my routine and nice chatting with you Kate! :)

    Have a great day everyone! :)

    • sorry to hear about your damage–great job on the WOD and all your running achievements this summer:-)

      • Heather O

        Thanks Sam. It will all work out soon hopefully! :-) Great job to you as well. We need a running date sometime!

    • Kate S

      sorry to hear that disaster is the reason you were frequenting the locker room but i’m glad we go to visit for a bit!

      • Heather O

        Thanks Kate! :-) Guess we will be seeing more of each other there, at least for a while.

  8. Death by:
    Power Snatch + Squat Snatch (95, 65#)

    Overslept great to work w/ the 0630 crew. Thanks for the coaching Rachel and Harry.

    3 full rounds at Rx- failed in the 4th
    75# from rounds 4 – 10 – lost track of where wheels fell off wagon again. Dropping down to 75# helped w/ the starfish legs — but even w/ lower weight legs still going out.

  9. Death by Power Clean + Squat Clean (115#): 5rds+10/4rds

  10. Rachel E

    Death by Clean (PC + SC couplet): 5 complete (75#)

  11. Braatz

    Death by PS + SS: 5 rds + 4 rnds + 6 reps Rx

    So many “death by snatch” jokes… #selfrestraint

    • Braatz

      Anyone need a partner for Saturday’s 31 Heroes WOD?

      If you like pina coladas, and doing WODs in the rain
      If you’re not into rhabdo, but you love to feel the pain
      If you like doing thrusters quickly, and over-using chalk
      I’m the partner you’re looking for, write to me and we’ll talk

    • Heather O

      Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. :-)

  12. Death by PS + SS: 5+6 Rx, and then some ugliness through the 10th round

    After I hit myself in the forehead on a squat snatch in round 5 (yes, you read that right and no, I have no idea how), I kind of fell apart. I felt like 6 rounds was attainable but my lungs (and bruised head) weren’t cooperating.

  13. michelle

    Death by pc & sc: 5 + 3 rx

  14. Stephanie

    Crossfit OTG (Jersey Shore): 3 rounds of complex, 100 m run, 15 bjs; 2 rounds of complex, 100 m run, 15 bjs; 1 round of complex, 100 m run, 15 bjs. Complex = 7 dead lifts, 7 front squats (they didn’t have to go all the way down and nicely laughed at me for touching the ground between each squat), and 7 push presses. (They have these cool mini boxes so I really got to work on my box jumps!) Anyway,I did it in 14:35 with 45#. Nice box!

  15. 4+6 Rx

  16. Krystle

    Death: 3+3 RX then 2 then dropped to 55# case form was wrecked

  17. Death by power clean + power squat clean: 95#’s . 5 rounds and then started back over up to 4 rounds. This seemed like the correct weight load for me. Thanks Kevin and Harry!

    Way to go CFNE!!!!! Congrats to Coach Ben, Kevin, Rachel, James, Heather, Derek, and Bethany

    • and…I ran before class. 5k at 26:20. this is a 2 :27 PR from a few weeks ago(although it was much hotter when I did it then), and a 1:40 PR from my last best time. working on this one goat and it seems to be paying off. Goal is to get to 25 by end of summer

    • Wendy P

      Way to go Sam!

  18. Laura C

    Death: 4 + 4 rds 45#
    Ugly today.
    Thx for the help rachel
    Amazing to have our fearless leaders back!!

  19. Andy L

    Death by: 4rds rx, failed the last ss. got a little sloppy. upside to oversleeping is getting to see the 630 crew. fun class with Rachel and Harry!

    Anyone need a partner for Saturday that is equally terrified of rope climbs as I am? I don’t want to hold anyone back since I haven’t really gone up the rope yet, but would be down to try.

  20. Death by sleep deprivation…I mean snatch

    4+3 @ 75# I never thought squat snatches would feel better than power snatches, but today many of them did.

  21. Susan Stein

    Death:( 40#) Made it through 4 rounds + 8; back to 1 through 3 rounds, then back to 1 for the last minute.

  22. Chad M

    Chad M. 4+5 rest 1 minute then 3+3 The bad news…took the #135 barbell off the dome in the 10th minute. The more worser news (or better news depending on how you look at it)…
    Max: “How’d the snatches go?”
    Me: “So heavy.”
    Max: “You scaled up?”
    Me: I don’t remember the conversation from that point on but apparently today is at #95.

  23. Eugene

    Death by Snatch – 5+9 Rx

  24. Jonathan

    Death by Snatch: 5 rounds even (Rx).

  25. Death by Snatch:
    5 round Rx…got really ugly after that.

  26. Andy R

    Death by Snatch: 6+4 – Rx.

  27. Death by PS&SS: 4+8(twice)55# (couldn’t seem to make it to 5).

  28. Lisa L

    Anyone need a ticket for the party bus this Friday? I will probably not go. I’m not exactly sure how to transfer the ticket. But email me back at (Lisa Liborio) cost is $35. :-) we’ll figure something out.

  29. Wendy P

    Death by PC and PC…. Back is still tweaked from last week… Staying away from all squats and went light. 35#…. 8+ 12… Still tough.

    So glad to have Ben and Rachel back in the house :)

    • Wendy P

      Power snatch and power snatch….. Not power clean- it’s been a long day :)

  30. Scott A

    Death by PC- 4+2 (85#)

  31. Patti j

    4 rds +7. At 55#

  32. Nicole D

    Death by PS+SS: 3 + 5 (60#)

  33. Mike R.

    Death by PS and SS: 4+4 Rx

  34. Maureen B.

    Death by PS + SS – 4+5 (55#)

  35. Death by PS + SS: 4 (45#)
    I seriously need to work on addition…I thought I was doing 35# taking it easy on my shoulder and going slow to work on form. Mind over matter, and I guess I’m doing better than I thought 😀

    SOOO good to be back at CFNE!

  36. Death by PS + SS: 4+4rx

    Got spicy on, oh round 2?

  37. Sara C

    At CF AllStar in beautiful Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. What a nice, welcoming and professional gym…a lot of people say they are sorely disappointed when visiting other boxes on the road, but this one is great and of course I was super proud to tell them I’m from CFNE.

    3 rep max hang power snatch: 60#. Maybe not my true 3RM but jet lag and altitude made this feel like the right weight today.

    3 rounds of 9 HSPUs (I used 3 plates), 50 KBS (26-30# I think) and 9 pull ups/dips (subbed for bar MUs). Did some yoga/mobility at the end (led by the coach), which was an awesome way to end class.

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