Monday 07.29.13

Congratulations CFNE Team A on an amazing performance at the Crossfit Games. #2 Overall and always #1 in our hearts! Heck yes!

Congratulations CFNE Team A on an amazing performance at the Crossfit Games. #2 Overall and always #1 in our hearts! Heck yes!

Amrap 15 “Diane”
Deadlifts (225, 155#)
Handstand Push Ups

Post score to comments.


The Lion Tamer. In Ben we trust.

The Lion Tamer. In Ben we trust.


  1. Susan Stein

    Congrats Derek, James, Kevin, Bethany, Heather & Rachel and Ben. Amazing job, so proud of you! Can’t wait to celebrate on Friday night!

  2. You guys are amazing. Well done. Can’t wait to give you all a HIGH 5! So proud of you, your effort, and dedication.

  3. All heart and all class. So proud to know this crew! Congrats!

  4. Andy M.

    Hell Yeah Team CFNE, way to go!!!!! You guys ROCK!

    • Andy M

      And not to forget Bubba, Jerry and Big Bri on making and competing in the finals as well, awesome job guys!

  5. Such an amazing group of athletes! And all class all the time! How truly lucky are we.

  6. Big Mike

    Just so you know I filed a grievance…Tommy Hackenbruck no repped a pull up last night-I have the evidence….just sayin….

    Congratulations-unbelievable to watch you guys rise to the top of a huge group of amazing athletes. Hard work, good karma and a great coach.

    Gonna steal a duck boat tomorrow at lunch and pick you guys up at the airport!!!

  7. Megan B

    Hell of a job, CFNE! Take a well-deserved rest day tomorrow, will ya?

  8. Alison

    Congratulations you guys!! So excited for you and so proud of you!!!

  9. Laura c

    Amazing! So proud of all 7 of you! Integrity and class. Have been beaming with pride. I think we need a parade??? Come on…

  10. Christian

    You guys are awesome!! Just a pleasure watching you all weekend. All your hard work was rewarded, and you all worked together like you’d been doing this as a team for years. So, so proud of you.

    Rachel I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as impressive as your wall climbs. I was actually screaming while watching it.

    And Hobart kinda has blue steel going in that picture.

    • Yes! I was out of my seat yelling at the computer! Rachel you are AMAZING! Flinging your tenacious self up and over that 6′ wall was all grit.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Rachel over the wall was so awesome…. You’re so tiny, which just goes to show how strong you are to get over that wall!

  11. Wrote on the CFNE fb page but can’t overdo the congratulations on this one! Was so much fun to watch, especially knowing how hard you all worked for this and how much time Ben has put into programming, counseling, etc. So nice when the good guys win!

    Rachel, speaking of your wall climbs…omg, I was so nervous watching you throw both your legs, head first, over that wall. Over the vault she goes.

  12. Wendy P

    Woohoo!!!!! Congratulations CFNE Team A…. You guys rocked it!!!! So proud of you all AND so .honored to be part of this incredible box. Really wish I could have been at the stub hub stadium this weekend. I can’t wait to congratulate you all in person :)

  13. Fun to watch the preparation in Natick and the execution online from CA. Well done by all.

  14. Eugene

    Congrats guys! Can’t say enough how proud I am of you guys! That said, you also made it a lot harder for us normal people to visit other Crossfit gyms…

  15. So amazing to watch!!! I bet you all are relaxing and celebrating and we all back home are finally getting to leave the computer screens and breath normally again!! So exciting and impressive!! Congratulations!!

  16. Congratulations Team! To work as hard as you all do and still give so much to us and the CFNE community is what’s so inspiring to me. Thank you for all you do and the infinite amout of ass you kick!

  17. Katie C.

    AMAZING!!! Job well done after tireless preparation – both athletes and coach! Your endurance, skill set and overall athleticism were just incredible. I’m so proud to be a part of CFNE…especially because of the sportsmanship you brought the arena. True class.

  18. Heather O

    Congrats Team A!! :) What an amazing accomplishment for such an inspirational and absolutely incredible group of athletes! We are so proud of you all and beyond lucky to be part of such a fabulous CF community!! :)

  19. Curt V.

    So awesome! Congratulations Team A!!!

  20. dylan r

    You guys were amazing. It was so awesome to watch you all compete, and it’s amazing to get to be a part of CFNE community that you inspire.

  21. Jenn Irwin

    Soooo awesome watching you guys over the weekend…you are all amazing and always such an inspiration to us all here in St Thomas. Congrats on job well done!!

  22. Rebecca

    Awesome job team CFNE. So proud to be part of this community. Can’t wait to celebrate on Friday.

  23. Matty Noits

    So cool to watch. We were glued to the iPad watching you guys. Gabby was doing Kipping pull-ups afterward…she’s getting ready for the 2020 crossfit games.

  24. Eileen

    Congratulations, Team A and Ben for a job well done. You guys were amazing!

  25. Andrea Frey

    So incredibly proud to be a member of this community. You give me a reason to keep pushing myself to be a better athlete and member of this amazing group of people:)

    What’s the plan for Friday–can’t wait to share in this momentous occasion :)

  26. Congratulatioms CFNE!
    It was a previlege to watch close such a stellar performance for the past 3 days team A and the CFNE masters giving all.
    As someone already said it, you are # 1 in our hearts.
    I’ll see you all soon!

  27. Nicole D

    Congrats Team A!! So honored to be a part of this box with such amazing athletes and people. Such an incredible weekend to watch!

  28. Cheryl Nasso

    awesome work CFNE!! so happy to seem guys back on the podium!!

  29. SusanKD

    Congrats to the Team! Also, a huge thanks to Sue Brown and Mike Trosen for posting all those great pics and vids. Job well done everyone!

  30. Tricia D

    Congratulations CFNE! Your dedication, strength and stamina is unprecedented. Truly so very happy for all of you and honored to be a member of this box. Hope you have a great time celebrating and get some much deserved rest!

  31. Congrats guys! You make us so proud to be members of CFNE. I was telling everyone I know, that’s my team! So proud!!

  32. Susan S.

    Congratulations CFNE on a phenomenal performance. So proud of you all!

  33. AMRAP Diane: 1+ 7 Rx (12:30 on reg Diane, 2:08 PR, then took it super easy with the back)

    Max unbroken Toes To Bar: 11

    5 TnG Snatch: 125
    5 TnG CJ: 125

  34. Tricia D

    @ crossfit Hyannis (wearing a ton of CFNE gear :)

    3×3 backsquat: 115, 120, 125

    3 rounds: 30 kb squats (35), 30 burpees 12:30

    • Heather O

      Amazing numbers girl! You are getting so so strong! :) I hope you have a great time down there and hope to see you soon. :) xo

    • Michelene

      Awesome job on those weights!!

    • Tricia D

      Thx ladies see you next week!!!

  35. Allie P

    Totally inspirational!! SO, SO proud of you ALL and so proud and fortunate to be a part of the CFNE community!!

  36. Patti j

    Congratulations!! Erin, Liam and I had so much fun screaming at the iPad! Erin can’t believe her coach is on a world class team because the coaches never let on how awesome they are. So humble and hardworking. The teamwork displayed on the field was so inspiring. Congrats to the team and their coach Ben!

  37. Braatz

    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1 + 35 (155#)

    OTM x 5: 10 WBs

    5 TnG Snatch: 105#

    CFNE Team A, Big Bri, Bubba, Jerry: For the past week, culminating with yesterday, you gave all of us back here at CFNE one big uplift mofo party plan. Congrats!

  38. Heather V.

    So pumped for all of u!!!! Congrats! It is so amazing to be part of this community. U push us to be better in/out of the box!

  39. Stephanie

    What a fun place to work out today! Congrats to all!

    2+31 (85#, knee push ups)

  40. Heather O

    In the words of Max this am…it’s Monday raise the roof! (I hope I can channel all of your positive energy today!) :) Great job today 5:30!
    Been slacking on out of the box posts so yesterday got in a 4 mile run and 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups.
    1.5 mile Pre-WOD run this am
    Amrap 15 Diane: 1+72 with 105# and box HSPU.
    Just when you think your goat list is not long enough there comes yet another… HSPU. Not a surprise of course but woooffff more rough than usual today.
    Have a great day everyone! :)

  41. Dave C.

    1 + 24 Rx. Did Dianne in 11:29 (2:45 PR)

    Amazing performances all around this weekend by all of our athletes. Congrats guys!

  42. rich t

    loved watching the Masters and Team A tearing it up. did we lead for affiliate participation with 9 athletes.

    AMRAP 15 – 1 + 21 (2 abmats)

  43. Andy M

    AMRAP 15 Diane:Finished Diane doing 21(Rx for 15 reps/205# 7) then did set of 9 at 205# and final set of 15 at 135#. Wrenched back a bit on first set of deads; probably should have stopped.

  44. Michelene

    Congratulations CFNE Team A and Masters!! You are all just so good at EVERYTHING – it is amazing to watch and you make us all proud to be part of the CFNE community!

    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1 + 49 (105# & 2AMPUs)

  45. Jared S

    Incredible job Team A. It’s an honor to be associated with such a group of talented and well regarded athletes like yourselves. After watching the games we can also really appreciate Ben’s programming and his understanding of what it takes to make people complete Crossfit competitors. Feels great to be a part of CFNE.

  46. Rick W.

    Congrats all CFNE competitors! You are all champions!
    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1+28 RX
    5RM TNG Sq. Snatch 95#
    5RM TNG Sq. C&J 135#

  47. Kate S

    1+67 rx

  48. Rachel E

    Congratulations, CFNE Team A!! So, so fun to watch your incredible performance and it was especially great after seeing all the hard work you put in day in and day out, year-round, to get there. So proud to call CFNE my home and learn from the BEST!

    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1 + 44 (135#, box HSPU)
    Two goats for me but I’m really glad I did box HSPU instead of abmats for a change — full ROM seems like it will help me improve more than the shallow ROM using abmats (fun fact!).

  49. Ashley R

    Way to go CFNE Team A. So awesome!

    Amrap Diane:
    115# deadlift (no matter how light..always hurts the piriformis!) kip hspu 1 round plus 26

    I have never done that many hspu’s in a WOD …they are getting there.
    Great coaching John Doole!!!

  50. Marcus

    Amazing job team and masters. Very inspiring!

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