Monday 07.29.13

Congratulations CFNE Team A on an amazing performance at the Crossfit Games. #2 Overall and always #1 in our hearts! Heck yes!

Congratulations CFNE Team A on an amazing performance at the Crossfit Games. #2 Overall and always #1 in our hearts! Heck yes!

Amrap 15 “Diane”
Deadlifts (225, 155#)
Handstand Push Ups

Post score to comments.


The Lion Tamer. In Ben we trust.

The Lion Tamer. In Ben we trust.


  1. Congrats to the Team, Big Bri, Bubba and Jerry! Very impressive how physically and mentally strong you all are!

    Amprap Diane. 1+67RX

  2. Craig B.

    2+3 rx
    Congratulations to coach Ben, the team, and all the masters this weekend for a job well done!!

  3. Chris M.

    What an awesome weekend! Congratulations to CFNE for battling and overcoming – the level of competition at the Games is off the charts and to stand at the top come the end is unbelievable.

    1. Diane – 1 round + 39 Rx’d
    2. 5RM TnG Snatch – 145#
    3. 5RM TnG C&J – 175#

    … need to establish a kip for HSPU – strict will only go so far …

  4. Laura C

    Diane amrap: 1 + 34. Light DL 84# but RX HSPU.

    went super light on deads bc my back is a disaster. The bummer was it got me back to the wall way to fast to do more hspu which became singles quickly. Need to work on these again!

    So proud of our team

  5. Aaron W

    So proud of CFNE this past weekend. The grit and determination displayed was inspirational and amazing. The work ethic, technique, and the essence of Crossfit I learned at CFNE will always be with me. Within the walls of CFNE is something magical and is very unique to the Crossfit community. I can’t wait to get back at some point!
    Congratulations to the team and Ben!!!

  6. Katie C.

    Huge shout out to to our amazing competitors…great job all around.

    Diane: 1+46 (155#, ring rows b/c of shoulder)

  7. So happy for you CFNE!!! Well deserved!!

    Diane: 1+51 (115#, 2 abmats)

  8. Susan Stein

    AMRAP Dianne: 1 + 59 (115#, 2 abmats)

  9. Katrina

    Diane 1+16 Rx
    Squat snatch 5tng 90#

    C&j 5tng 100#…went light bring down a heavier weight aggravates the shoulder.

  10. 1. 3 x max snatches @ 185 3/4/3
    2. 3 x max cleans @ 225 7/7/7
    3. 3 x max jerks @ 225 2/3/2
    Metcon and max T2B later

  11. Congratulations to Ben, the Team and the Masters! Awesome athletes & amazing people.

    Diane: 1 + 42 RX weight, but subbed ring rows for hspu

  12. Sarah S

    Congratulations to all of our competitors and your fearless leader, Ben! We could not be more proud of you and the way that you’ve represented CFNE at the Games.

  13. Melinda

    Heartfelt congrats to Ben and all athletes on your
    performance and the heart you showed!

    Diane: 1+45, 155#, 1abmat

    5 x tng snatch @ 95#
    5 x tng C/J @ 115#

    Tks for good class Doole despite your ankle snafu
    – was going for the assist, dumb mulch!!

  14. michelle

    Congratulations, coach Ben & the CFNE Team A and Masters! We are so proud of and inspired by you all!!!

  15. Congratulations to CFNE Team A and the Masters competitors for your performances at the Games, and to Ben for doing such a great job coaching. You all should feel very proud of what you accomplished! It’s very inspiring!

    Amrap 15 “Diane:” 1+65 Rx

    My Diane time was 6:23 which is a 3:00 PR from April.

  16. John S.

    Congratulations CFNE Competitors. I am in awe of your accomplishments and success!

    Diane: 1 + 34 (145#, box hspu)

    Thank you to whomever programmed today’s workout, “Diane.” Your timing was perfect (for me anyway). I did this workout in honor of my, wife Diane. Today is the anniversary of our first date…yesterday was our wedding anniversary….so how could I not do this one…In fact, every time Diane is the work out I have and will always do it in her honor.

    • Heather O

      You are so sweet! This just brought tears to my eyes. I am sure she just loves this.

    • Jenny C

      She was watching and cheering for you John!

    • Alison

      What a fun way to remember and honor Diane!

    • Katie Chiappinelli

      You and Diane built such a beautiful life together and she’ll keep finding ways to let you know that she’s walking right by your side.

  17. Congrats to the Team, Big Bri, Bubba, Jerry and Ben!! U guys were amazing!

    Diane 1+60 HSPU were the tough part for me.
    Snatch 5RM TnG 145 and stopped there. no C+J. Sprained ankle.

    Soooo last week I sprained my toe when I jokingly kicked a 20# med ball. Today, I sprained my ankle messing around playing basketball during the 9:30 warm ups. Im a mess right now. Moral to the story. MEssing around in the gym = injury fo’ sho’

    • Laura c

      Well, I can relate as I hurt my already sore wrist last week during warm up bc I “deflected” the med ball… Think “setting” the ball in volleyball. I was screwing around and it screwed me up big time! Those med balls are the devils work!

    • Maureen B.

      Aww Doole. I’ll send ya some more weird stickers to cheer ya up.

  18. Jonathan

    Easy to get fired up for this one today after watching CFNE kick ass in Cali!

    AMRAP Diane: 2+4 (185#)
    Diane time was 5:39 (50# heavier and 1:30 faster than Oct.)

  19. Laurie D

    So proud to call CFNE my Box. Watched every minute I could on ESPN3. It was obvious that you were a team in time with each other. Nice work! Kudos to the Masters as well. Now I see my goal clearly:)

  20. Laurie D

    “In tune” with each other….

  21. Mike Dunleavy

    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1+21 RX

  22. At Crossfit Durango: 22:45 subbed ring rows for pull ups after a mtn bike wipeout. Felt super slow. DU’s were not as smooth as usual. My first time at a different box. Soooo excited to get back to CFNE!
    100 DU’s
    10 pull ups
    80 DU’s
    20 pull ups
    60 DU’s
    30 pull ups
    40 DU’s
    40 pull ups

  23. Eugene

    AMRAP 15 Diane – 1+31 Rx

  24. Marcus

    AMRAP 15 Diane – 1+4 (185#) this was a hot mess. Lot’s of opportunity for improvement here…

  25. Diane 140# dl


    woulda,shoulda,coulda done better
    children interruptions grrr

  26. Trupti

    Congratulations and love to entire family CFNE! Special thanks to Ben, Team A, and the Masters for countless hours of training, personal sacrifices and for their amazing performances at the Games. Proud, honored and humbled to be a part of such greatness in everyway.

    I have been MIA due to lots of travel but I’ll be back! I miss you all.

  27. Kristin B.

    AMRAP Diane: 1+ 57. RX weight, 2 ab mats. HSPUs killed me.

    CFNE athletes: You are inspiring. Amazing. And a true testament to how hard work truly does pay off in the end.

  28. Matty Noits

    Matt’s Mod WOD #1

    800 m row
    400 m run
    100 single Unders
    100 air Squats
    20 GHD sit-ups
    20 GHD Back extensions
    100 double Unders
    800 m row
    400 m run

  29. AMRAP15 Diane
    1+22 Rx Progress with form on DL
    5 RM TnG Snatch 95#
    5 RM TnG C&J 135#

  30. Geoff L

    AMRAP 15 Diane – 2 + 21 Rx

  31. Nicole D

    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1 + 21 (125#, 2 ab mats).

    Got my first HSPU without ab mats after class! Thanks Maureen for the help!!

  32. Cotter

    AMRAP Diane: 1 + 49 (Rx DLs, Inverted PUs on box)

  33. Mike R.

    Congrats to Team A and the masters competitors! Very inspiring stuff!

    AMRAP 15 Diane: 1+4 Rx (regular Diane in 14:10)

  34. AMRAP Diane: 1+16rx

    Deads felt awesome but HSPU crushed me!

  35. AMRAP 15 “Diane”: 2 (95#/ box hspu)

  36. Christian

    AMRAP Diane: 1+81 (225#, Box HSPUs)

    5RM TnG C&J: 135# (failed fifth rep at 155# twice)

    3x Max Sets T2B – 10, 10, 12 slowly coming back!

    Skipped the 5RM Snatch to save my shoulders for Fran

  37. Megan B

    1+21 – 105# and 12-9-6 on the 1-abmat HSPU. Taking everything really slowly the next few months in an attempt to truly heal all the nagging injuries. Nothing like a long vacation to gain a new perspective!

  38. Maureen B.

    AMRAP Diane: 1+19 (135#, 2 AMHSPU) Need to work on my HSPU

  39. 1+51 (145#, box HSPUs)

  40. Cheryl

    AMRAP Diane: 1 + 42 (115#, box HSPU)

    Went light to work on DL form.

  41. AMRAP 15 Diane: 1+19 RX

  42. Rick K

    AMRAP Diane: 1+82, 135#, 24″ box HSPU

    Went too light on the DLs, but this was my first DL WOD, and I’d been overestimating my weights lately, so I didn’t want to go crazy.

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