Sunday 07.28.13

Don't let anyone see your pain face.

Don’t let anyone see your pain face.

Back Squat

Sled Pull

Post weights to comments.




  1. I am proud to be a member of CFNE. Other boxes know what CFNE is and what it is all about. The announcers at the Games talk of the spirit and resilience of CFNE. The judges say that these athletes are the best because they are all about class. The team is fighting relentlessly. No matter what happens tomorrow let it be known that these 6 have fought with force like I have not seen and determination. Congratulations New England teams A and B. Graceful and fierce.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      I was so PUMPED to watch today’s stadium run WOD live. I LOVED how HB and the other CFNE team members gave a fist pump and “congrats” to Hack’s Pack Ute who had just won the event outright.

      Rachel Martinez you are a goddess! Watching you practically do back flips to fling yourself over the wall over and over again made me jump out of my chair.

      Go CFNE Team A!

    • Matty Noits

      Way to go CFNE. So cool to see you guys work it. I was especially impressed with Kevin and Rachel win the sled race.

  2. jared s

    Plans to watch games at cfne today on big screen?

  3. BS: 105#. SP: 100#

  4. Sean–well said! I was so happy to be able to go to Games
    On Friday. Was really proud of our Team!!
    So lucky to be apart of an awesome affiliate, the best coaches
    And community of people. Go get em today, Team A!!!

    Valley CrossFit: max bench press: 145#
    WOD of 10 squat thrusters, bear crawl and 7
    25# ball slams–5 rounds for time.

  5. Rick-v

    Bs 135# Pr, Sp 230#, …… Go CFNE On Sunday, you all are amazing.

  6. Big Mike

    BS: 225
    Sled Pull: 215

  7. Colleen (C4!)

    Dragline: solo on Sunday 41:13 Rx ‘cept for KBs (25@35# & 50@45#)

    Sled Pull: 180# comfy, didn’t stop.

  8. Colleen (C4!)

    C F N E !!!!!!!
    YOU CRUSHED THE WORM!!!!!!!!!!

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!
    2nd place Team OA!

  9. Congrats CFNE Team A!!!!

  10. Annmarie

    Congrats to Team A on an awesome finish!

  11. 5X3 at 145lbs

    185# sled pull for 150, DNF 200 due to down pour. Believe me I tried finishing up the hill. No luck.

  12. Mt abram Maine- bike hill sprints
    4 hill repeats at 8-9 minutes each.

    Congrats to CFNE team. You rock! What an honor to learn from and train with you all. Love CFNE!

  13. Rebecca

    5×3 BS: 90#
    Sled pull: 90#


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