Saturday 07.27.13

Larry the Chirp

Larry the Chirp

Teams of 2
1000m Row (500 each)
400 Double unders
300 HR Push ups
150 KBS (70, 53#)
100 Pull ups
One athlete works while the other rests.

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Embrace the Airdyne

Embrace the Airdyne



  1. Do we divide this in two if working alone?

    • Christian

      Yup! It’s specified under competitor’s WOD to cut the reps in half if working alone.

  2. Ben Bergeron

    It’s Heather on Ben’s account :)

    Just wanted to let you guys know I’ve been posting a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos of our trip on my blog ( that you’re welcome to check out.

    We miss you guys and are loving all of the shout outs. Thanks for all the support!!!

    • Christian

      Thanks, Heather! It’s awesome to get an inside look. Love all the pics and write-ups you’ve manage to post while competing!

      Keep crushing it!!

  3. Keep it up gang!

  4. Hamel’s Crew – 28:01rx

  5. Team Ashley and Allison: 31:47 RX

  6. Team Chopped Liver

    Dragline: 38:57 (53#)

  7. Andy L

    Team Mike R and Andy L: 43:16 Rx

  8. Ashley R

    Ashley and Erin:
    38:03 Erin d.u. Ashley one legged singles (calf pain) 35# KB, rest RX

    • Nice job today! Way to push through with the one-legged singles.

  9. Sara C

    Dragline, team Vitamin C (Laura C/Sara C): 38:30
    Single unders and 35# KBs, rest RX. Awesome workout and proof positive that you can get through anything with a little help from a friend!

  10. Wendy P

    “3 Musketeers”- wendy , lauren and lisa…. 38:09….su’s and 30# KB, – love team wods!!!! Fun morning with the ladies :)

  11. Laura c

    Team “vitamin C”… Laura C and Sara C
    33:30. (I think). 400 SU and 35# kbs.

    Love partner wods!! And I heart my partner!

  12. Team “Mini Me” with my beautiful daughter Kelly

    42:15 SU, 35/30#KBS, all RX HRPU, reg/banded PU

    So much fun!

  13. Steve D

    Dragline (home edition)
    Teams Dillberg – 44:09
    1000m Row (500 each) – subbed 1000m run
    400 Double unders
    300 HR Push ups
    150 KBS (70, 53#) – subbed 45# and 35# (it’s all we have at home)
    100 Pull ups – subbed sit-ups

  14. Doolio or Gorgioole – 30:11 rx

  15. Greg D/ Jared S

    Dragline: 35:43 Rx

    Awesome working with Jared today. Beast mode!


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