Friday 07.25.13

The Boys

Bode and Ben

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Squat Cleans (135, 95#)
200m run between sets

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  1. Cotter

    “Ben”: 21:40 Rx

  2. 3RM back squat: 305
    10RM back squat: 255

    Ben: first DNF…made it to the round of 4s but had to stop. Back and body were seizing up during the runs, scaring the crap out of me. Stung a lot to quit but I’m sort of proud of myself. Usually my pride gets the better of me. Who knew CFNE was also helping to make me less of a dinglehead?

    Time to rest. See ya Mondee.

    • Big Mike

      Now I feel really bad about hazing you. Smart move to shut it down.

      • Yeah, there’s nothing quite like bending over writhing in pain, wondering if you’re destroying your back and ruining the next few months of your life and then hearing someone loudly screaming and making puke noises at you…

        Best. Friends. Forever.

        • Big Mike

          Pot of soup, ice bag and heat balm on its way over to your office.
          Feel better.

    • Braatz

      Me too… DNF. Similar symptoms in the lower back. I’m not sure I’m less of a dinglehead, though. I’ll add it to 2013 goals.

      • This makes me feel better. Sorry, but it does. Doug begged off too. 3 DNFs for the 5;30 am crew…we are just so fit!!!

    • Sara C

      I seriously considered a DNF today. The run after round two…my back just seized up and I had to turn around and head back inside. I pulled down a rower and finished up subbing rowing for runs, plus dropped my weight by 10# and did hang power cleans instead of squat cleans. I was proud of knowing my limits…that is definitely a victory for us all today and will keep us coming back rather than lying on the couch recovering from injury. Some days, it’s more about the mental workout than the physical one.

  3. Heather V.

    Ben: 18:17 Rx

  4. Michelene

    Ben: 22:26 (70#) Tried to think of a reason not to come when I heard the rain pelting off the roof at 4:40 am when the alarm went off but fortunately couldn’t come up with one!

    • Tricia D

      Great work today. You def kept me moving when I totally wanted to sneak off to my car during a 200. I was in a tough mental space this am, but just kept telling myself to try to keep up with you (or at least keep you in my sight :). Have a nice weekend.

    • Sarah S

      Michelene, you’ve become a FIERCE athlete!

    • Andy L

      I hear you Michelene! Great job today!

  5. Stephanie

    Ben: 24:13 (35#) (just a few months ago, I couldn’t even make it to that 200 line more than twice in a row! Love CFNE!)

  6. Mike R

    Ben: 21:04 Rx

  7. Andy M

    Beat Up By Ben: 25:15 (115#) Runs were slow and fs form was awful. No excuses but average of 5-6 hours of sleep a night doesn’t help.

    Some awesome performances at the 5:30AM today, people finishing when I was coming in on the 5’s, amazing. I want to be like all of you.

  8. 19:08rx went unbroken on cleans but still couldn’t hold off the assault by Craig. Great work bud!
    Also, killer job by the 5:30am getting after it this morning.

    • Big Mike

      But I WAS on the leaderboard for about 45 minutes. I’ll take that.
      I knew you and the rest of the 6:30 would crush this.

    • 3RM BS – 350
      10RM BS – 325

  9. Kate S

    16:04 w/ row instead of run

  10. Big Mike

    Ben: 20:25 Rx
    Fun to watch how everyone was bounding over and around puddles on the first three runs, and then just straight through them on the last 7.

  11. Ben: 27:13 @ 115#
    Was on road all week – despite the rain I was so looking forward to this. Last to finish – but felt exhilerating. Also – odd sensation that my mechanics on the squat cleans got better as my exhaustion increased…Thanks for coaching this morning Max – was a great 0530.

    Have a great day all. Go Team CFNE!

  12. Tricia D

    Ben: 23:42 (65#)

    I struggled from jump today. Not sure if it was the rain or the fact that I totally underestimated what a mental challenge that would be.

    • Michelene

      You did amazing today! I always think ‘ok, Tricia can do this so I can do this’ – so thanks for keeping me going!!

  13. Sarah S

    Ben: 21:24 at 75#. There’s something about sprinting through heavy rain and puddles to make you feel a little more badass, way to go 5:30! Perhaps we were channeling our competitors – good luck this weekend!!!

  14. Andy L

    Ben: 21:03 (#115)

    Kinda fun running in the rain, great class this morning 530!

  15. Colleen (OC)

    While Todd and I were giggling at the fact that the mayhemers had to run in the rain while we were nice and dry inside, a part of me was secretly jealous… Awesome job just showing up!

    Death by Push Up and Sit Up:
    1 Push Up & 1 Sit Up on the 1st minute
    2 Push Ups & 2 Sit Ups on the 2nd minute, etc.

    10 rounds. Got through the push ups on round 11, but not the sit ups. Todd got 12 rounds.

    Then we thought, “Hey that was so fun, let’s do it again!” So we did! Again, 10 rounds for me (although I finished 11 rounds after), and then Todd got 11 rounds on the 2nd go-round.

    • Katie c

      We’re saving your spot up front! took the spot behind and thought of you! We were soaked…but it was fun.

    • Andy L

      Rain made me think of you this morning OC. I knew not ask… and did my first wod in the rain. woot.

    • Good workout. Might try it this afternoon. Sounds more entertaining than 100 push-ups, 100 sit ups. So impressed with your and Todd’s dedication!

  16. Dan C.

    Back Squat
    3RM: 315
    10RM: 275
    Ben: 26:40, best I had today

  17. Ben: 19:40 RX

  18. Craig B.

    Ben: 18:20 rx

  19. michelle

    Ben: 18:xx? :16 I think? 75# & row. My body was talking to me today so I skipped the lifting and lowered the weight.

    • Katie c

      Sometimes I find that listening to my body is the most challenging part of any wod. Nice work!

  20. Katie c

    Ben: 19:53 (80#)

    Go CFNE Team A! You guys are powerhouses and you’ll attack this competition w/ the same solidarity and strength you always bring to the wods. Go get ”em!! We’ll all be cheering as loud as we can for you.

    • michelle

      Katie C, you are so dialed in! Love the way you are killing it!

  21. Ben 21:02 Rx
    After 3rm 245#, 10rm 205#

  22. Andrea Frey

    I’m reporting in from a globo gym (so weird being at one when I only do CF now):
    500m row (2:21)
    1 mile run
    500m row (2:17)
    5 minutes on elevator stair thing (shin splints bothering me)
    500m row (2:07)
    Finished with 10 push-ups and 30 sit-ups

  23. John G

    Ben – 20:01 rx

  24. Ben: 19:07 RX
    BS: 155# x3, 125# x 10

    Fun working with Ronda – great to see youi!
    Awesome class John Doole!

  25. dennis

    Ben 20:56 (115)

  26. Katrina

    Back Squat 3rm 165 (could have gone more)
    BS 10rm 155#

    Ben 21:23RX

    Okay so Stephaine made my morning today. She said I was a fast runner…and that I looked relaxed! Me, Katrina, Fast! Bahahah….thanks Stephaine.

    Oh and Stephaine…Great work today, keep it up!

  27. CFNErs who aren’t in Cali, go to for a live feed at noon! GO CFNE!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Actually Max, the live feed on the Games site is only for international viewers. You have to go to ESPN3 for the live feed of the team, which of course, if anyone is at work watching it, it’s likely you won’t be able to. This stinks!

      • Haha yes I went to the Crossfit Games site and clicked the link and it brought me to

    • Colleen (OC)

      If you have cable of any kind, you just have to use your login and password to whatever your online cable website is (ours is Verizon Fios) and then you can watch it. So confusing, but it can be done!

    • Tricia D

      We watched the first event, go CFNE! Keep up the hard work!!

  28. Susan Stein

    Ben: 20:51 (65#)

    Thanks for the tip on the squat Doole, totally helped and I get it now! Hips under heels, I’ll be working on it! Great class 9:30.

    Go get ’em CFNE Team A, so excited to start watching and screaming at my computer in 3 minutes!

  29. CFNE Team A finishes event 1 in 9th!!! Hell yes!!! Let’s go guys!!!

  30. 3rm bsq 275
    10rm bsq 245

    Ben 17:33 rx pr > 4min

  31. Ben: 25:15@ 85#

  32. Andy R

    Ben: 16:40 RX.

  33. Wendy P

    Ben- 18/25 50# power cleans … Still have a tweaked back….

  34. Melinda

    Ben:16:48 Rx

    3RM back squat: 160#
    10RM back squat: 180#

  35. Laura C

    Ben: 25:32 75#

    Worst wod for me in a long time. Horrendous mental battle.. Everything from “I am not athletic” to “the smell of this new mulch may make me be the first to puke in it”.

    The bright side is I def challenged myself bc fell back a few reps and missed them. And I did ALL singles which killed my time.


    fun to watch the feed at the class… Go cfne!!

  36. Sarah B

    Ben: 19:16 rx

  37. Jared S

    Ben: 16:28 rx
    Having the team on the big screen busting their asses was a bit of an inspiration today. We also had Hamel as the pace car that we could draft off of.

  38. Colleen (C4!)

    Ben 18:33 75# (wrist troubles. I warmed up to 95 but too much of a throb.)

    Back Squat 3@185#, 10@135# comfy.

  39. denise sullivan

    ben: 22:42 75#
    go, go, go cfne at the games…just amazing to watch you guys!

  40. Marcus

    Back Squat:
    225×3, 215×10

    BEN – 23:10 Rx

    Easing back into weights coming off back problems/vacation/move. Not sure if BEN is the best way to ease back in from back problems though.

  41. Ben-
    That was a grind, but happy to go RX on weight.

  42. Maureen B.

    Ben: 20:57 (75#)

  43. Jonathan

    Ben: 18:48 (115#)

  44. Geoff L

    Ben – 16:01 Rx

  45. Justin E

    20:32 Rx….ouch

  46. Ben 27:56 RX

  47. Lil Tony

    Ben 22:38 rx

  48. Cheryl

    Ben: 25:09 (65#)

  49. Ben: 21:25 (95#)


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