Thursday 07.24.13

Big Bri Photo courtesy of Reebok Crossfit Games 2013

Big Bri
Photo courtesy of Reebok Crossfit Games 2013

The Jolly Roger
7 Power Snatches (115, 80#)
14 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
21 Box Jumps (24, 20″)

Post score to comments.


Jerry Photo courtesy of Reebok Crossfit Games 2013

Photo courtesy of Reebok Crossfit Games 2013


  1. Our Masters are so incredible!!!! Nice Job guys!

  2. Christian

    Great job so far, guys!! You’re killing it out there. Stay strong!!

    Also anyone who watched the live feed tonight – how great was it to see the feed briefly cut out and cut back with Bode unintentionally in the center of the screen. He’s making his presence felt early.

  3. Andy M

    Yeah Big Bri and Jerry, way to go, keep crushing it!

    Jolly Roger: 2+1 (95#) Should have gone lighter on the snatch.

  4. Marcus

    Great jobs guys! Amazing to watch.

    Jolly Roger: 2 + 13 rx

  5. Big Mike

    Jolly Roger: 2 & 5 (105#)
    My get up and go, got up and went this morning. Could not string together any C2B’s. No pull at all. Might have been the concussion I gave myself during warm ups. Nothing wakes you up more than pulling a 45# bar into your forehead.
    It’s OK, I can just pull my hair down over the lump to cover it…..oh yeah…..hmmm

    • rich t

      think you did this recently. business idea – crossfit helmets.

      • Big Mike

        What are you talking about, I don’t remember hitting my head. Why would I need a helmet? Hey, is that a squirrel?

  6. Colleen (OC)

    5 rounds for time:
    10 burpees
    10 KB goblet squats (53, 35)
    1 lap around our yard with the KB (it’s about 180 meters)

    19:32. I had a hard time getting the KB in position for the lap around the yard.

    2 minute DU drill: 30! PR by 5!

    • rich t

      love how you put in the men and women’s weights. dedicated to the process.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Ha ha, well, Todd did it with me, so he used the men’s weight! I should post, he kicked my butt at 16:40.

  7. Katrina

    1rm snatch 115#

    Jolly Roger


  8. Michelene

    Jolly Roger: 2+17 (45# & reg PUs) Great post-Wod talk Max!

  9. rich t

    The Jolly Roger – 1+24 (95#)

    C2B standard was spot on (for the first 5). what a mess. not a fan of an AMRAP less than 10 minutes.

  10. Craig B.

    3+14 rx

  11. michelle

    Way to represent, Jerry, Bubba, & Big Bri!!! Awesome!!

    Snatch: 1 rm. 95#
    Jolly roger: 2 + 7 step up bj, the rest
    Great class, thanks Doole!

    • michelle

      8 snatches in first two rounds. Not sure why, it wasn’t complicated. Dah.

  12. Rachel E

    Awesome pics. Keep killin’ it, Masters!!

    Jolly Roger: 2+24 (55#, KPU, step ups) Felt wiped out. Taking a rest day tomorrow so you guys gotta rep NEON FRIDAAAAY! I have neon hair extensions if you need…

    • Rachel E

      Oops, 2+31

    • Maureen B.

      Don’t worry I’ll be there in my blinding hott pink and neon green in a sea of black and grey work out gear. (Hmm…starting to think it’s not a coincidence anymore that everyone wears such neutral clothing on neon friday) That’s okay! I’m used to being the weird one #<3neon

      • Christian

        I’ll be there in faded grey!!

        • Rachel E

          Christian, that statement should be followed by a sad face and not those peppy exclamation points. Gray = sad, neon = exciting!!!!!!! <—see?

        • Colleen (OC)

          That’s Christian “Fifty Shades of” Grey!

      • Nicole D

        I wore faded neon last week?? Does that count?? Better than Christian!!

        • Maureen B.

          lol, faded neon is an oxymoron, but you can redeem yourself tomorrow, k? kay

  13. Stephanie

    2 + 8. (35#, black band pull ups and box jumps to 3 45’s)

  14. Chris M.

    Snatch 1RM – 165#
    The Jolly Roger – 2 + 21

  15. Greg D

    The Jolly Roger: 2 + 35 (95#)

  16. The Jolly Roger: 2 + 17 (65#)

  17. Kate S

    2+37 rx

  18. JS: 2+12 55# kipping PU

  19. Melinda

    TJR: 3 rds rx

    Snatch 1RM: 105# not pr

    Way to go CFNE Masters!

  20. Dan C.

    Snatch: 190 pr
    Jolly Roger: 3 + 26 Rx

  21. Jolly Roger 2+7 Rx

  22. Jolly Roger: 2 + 23

    7 Power Snatch 95#
    14 Jumping Pull Ups
    21 Step Ups

  23. Braatz

    1RM snatch: 150# (PR)

    Jolly Roger: 2 + 22 (105#)

    Thanks to the Nooners for letting me crash.

  24. Andy R

    Jolly Roger: 3 + 3 RX

  25. Jolly Roger: 2+19 (95#)

  26. Sara C

    Jolly Roger: 2 + 8 (50#, KPUs).

    I went in to this really wanting to finish two rounds. I finished the two with a minute left (one of the rare times that round two was quicker than round one) and that is normally where my motivation ends. But today I was like, hell no, I’m gonna keep going to the buzzer. Big victory for me right there!

    Great coaching today, Geoff.

  27. Jonathan

    The Jolly Roger: 2+37 (95#) Think I wrote 41 on the board.

  28. The Jolly Roger: 3+17 Rx

  29. Jolly Roger with green band CTB PU

    2+2 CTB/banded

  30. Chad M

    Jolly Roger. 2+26Rx

  31. Georgia

    3 mile run 25:04. Have to catch a plane tonight so can’t do Jolly Roger. Pretty bummed, looks fun.

  32. @Crossfit Nauset
    Elizabeth-85# power cleans
    asst. ring dips

  33. Colleen (C4!)

    Jolly Roger 2 + 16
    all my C2B were singles

    squat snatch @ 85# not my 1 RM max. Not feeling it today.
    DU practice, 38 in a row. yay!
    sit up tabata-hot-mama with Rhonda and Elaine.

  34. Matty Noits

    Modified workout

    400 meter row
    500 single Unders
    100 double Unders
    100 sit-ups
    1 minute on the devils bicycle (27 calories)
    400 meter row

  35. Jolly Rodger: 3+1
    step ups

    • Great job Masters!!!!
      So cool to watch you in action. INSPIRING!

  36. Sarah B

    Jolly Roger: 3+14 rx

  37. Nicole D

    Jolly Roger: 2 + 32 (65#, 1/2 reps of kipping PU)

    First time doing unassisted pull ups in a WOD. Even though only did half reps still super excited!

  38. JR: 2 + 13 Rx

    1RM snatch: 170 (5# PR)

  39. Mike R.

    Jolly Roger: 3+7 (95#)

  40. 1RM snatch – 215 PR
    Jolly Roger – 3+15rx

  41. Jolly Roger: 2+7, 65#, rx chest to bars
    Slow and sore but got it done

  42. Maureen B.

    Jolly Roger: 2+ 13 (65#), kpu

  43. jared s

    Jolly roger: 3+12 rx

  44. 2+3 (65#), 9 green band C2Bs/rest green band PUs, 24″ jump ups/step downs

  45. Sarah S

    Jolly Roger: 2+10, 55#. Best CTB I’ve had in a while, getting closer to having them all be legit.

  46. Brian L

    jolly roger- 3+1 rx


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