Wednesday 07.23.13

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“I don’t always do 3 position cleans, but when I do I pair them with burpees. I am the most interesting crossfitter in the world”

OTM x 20
Odd: 3 position clean @ 50% of 1RM
Even: 10 burpees

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Hamel's getting a crew could you say no with a smile like that?

Hamel’s getting a crew together…how could you say no with a smile like that?


  1. Fake Doug Bell

    “I wonder what Fake Doug Bell’s Airdyne and Lipson test would be…nah, he’ll never do it.”

  2. Sara C

    Ho: Clean in three positions, eh? Ha ha ha. I’ve got your three positions right here, ladies.

  3. Hey to whoever hit my brand new black Ford 150 in the parking lot Tuesday night between 6-6:30. Seriously NOT cool. I really wish you had “manned” up or “womaned” up and left a note.
    Never expected this from my crossfit family.Majorly bummed :(

  4. OTMx20: Rx @120 (all burpees

    • Ok…phone is out of control. Apologies.

      All burpees under :29 and last set in :21…nice surprise

      5×5 back squat @ 225

      5 minute Airdyne

      And no one gets inside my brain!! Except Sara…she might get me.

  5. Oy…sse

  6. Big Mike

    Ho: “I wonder what Big Mike is doing right now?”

    Ho: “How am I still losing to this guy? He’s older than my father”

    Ho: “Stay thirsty my friends, especially after you get schooled by Big Mike”

    You make this too easy for me.

  7. Andy L

    OTM20 Rx 90#

  8. OTMx20 with 100#. All burpees were 0:23 or under.

  9. Rachel E

    OTM x 20: 70#, power cleans throughout. Loved them burpees!

  10. Fake Doug Bell

    OTM x 20 – 115#

  11. Greg D

    OTM X 20 – 85#

  12. Krystle

    OTM x 20 PC #65 average burpee 20 seconds

  13. laura c

    OTM: 55# burpees from 17-19 seconds – just a few were goal was to NOT go above 19 NO MATTER WHAT – that included death…

    Now I know what it feels like to have asthma….no air in the gym at all…

    Cash out – shopping WOD with sara C….watch out b/c we are going to RX and PR!!!

  14. OTM x 20: 55#

  15. Susan Stein

    OTM x 20: 45#

  16. Andy R

    OTM x 20: 125#

  17. Curt V.

    OTM x 20: 95#

  18. Kim P.

    OTM x20: 70#

  19. OTM 20 @ 95# (with a couple power cleans in the mix because the heat made me forget what I was doing)

  20. Braatz

    For future reference, what is a 3 position clean?

    • Pockets, knees (we did just above; thought I saw the next class do just below), full.

      And for today, we did squats, but as to position, I think it would always be the above. Pockets, knees, full.

      • Sorry, might not have been enough. So you do each as a separate clean. Pockets clean, knee clean, full clean. Make sense?

        • Braatz

          Yep, thanks. I’m assuming you do all 3 without dropping the bar (a la Big Clean Complex). No need to reply unless I’m wrong.

          • At this weight, that’s how you end up doing it to maximize rest, but I don’t think it was mandated like in BCC. The gist here is to drive home form first, not hold on for dear life like in BCC.

          • Laura C

            You won’t need to drop it… Ho is correct but don’t let that get to his head… I don’t know him too well, but I think it might:)! And I would do just below knee for second position.

            Oh, after the third position you do 17 sit ups.

          • 3 position clean:
            1. High hang (just below hip crease)
            2. Hang (above knee)
            3. Mid-shin

            All squat

  21. Christian

    45 min foam rolling, 45 min stretching — my goals are getting back full internal rotation in my right shoulder, and to be more mobile in the hips so it doesn’t hurt so much to squat. Making progress!

  22. Travel wods- Minneapolis hotel
    Yesterday -3 rounds
    100 pedal bike
    20 50# DB swing
    10 each arm 40 # DB snatch
    10 pushups

    Finish with 100 sit ups

    5x 1 minutes all out stationary bike
    Recover 1 minute between

  23. Alison

    OTM – 50#. Tried to keep up with Greg D and Dennis on burpees.

  24. OTM with the 9:30 crew @135# burpees hovered around :24-:28

  25. Big Mike

    OTM with the 5:30 PM crew

    Cleans: 120.5 #’s
    Burpees: All under :29, last set in :20

    (scroll all the way up and you will get it)

  26. OTM x 20: 47# Burpees from :24-:28

  27. Kristin B.

    75# and slowwww burpees. nothing in the tank today.

  28. Nicole D

    OTM 20: 55#, 23 – 26 seconds. Burpees got spicyyyy in the later rounds for sure.

  29. Mike R.

    OTMx20: 95# (burpees :19 to :23)

  30. Cheryl

    OTM x20; 55#, burpees 30-40 sec

  31. OTM 20: 65# and all burpees under 30, some even under 25. Nice cozy comfy 630 with some burpee ninjas. Jerks.

    Also did 1RM snatch before class, hit 110 (5# PR). Had 115 overhead and in the squat 4 times but just couldn’t stabilize and get up. Next time for sure.

  32. Stephan

    OTM 20: 85 and all burpees under 36. Good talk on the 99% Max

  33. dylan r

    OTM 20: 85, all burpees under 32sec, first 5rnds under 25sec, last rnd 26sec. 85 was a little lighter than I should have gone but I need to work on my clean form

  34. Georgia

    OTMx20 did this one at home. 55#/subbed air squats for burpees for 2 rounds when shoulder was acting up. Didn’t know we had to squat, either. So…yeah, that’s why I should’ve gone to class.

  35. Parking lot WOD:
    200 DU
    100m sprints x 5 (avg 9 secs)
    100 air squats 4:15
    25 push ups ( Malik no trapped me as Rasheed was yelling “Heather always says nipples!”
    50 sit ups

    Great time at the games!


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