Tuesday 07.23.13

Fight Gone Bad will make you JUMP JUMP!!!

Fight Gone Bad will make you JUMP JUMP!!!

Fight Gone Bad
Wall Ball (20, 14#)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75, 55#)
Box Jump (20′)
Push Press (75, 55#)
Row (calories)

3 rounds 1 minute per round

Post scores to comments.

"What do you mean we're out of Quest Bars?!?!"

“What do you mean we’re out of Quest Bars?!?!”


  1. FGB: airsquats with 15# db instead of wallballs, everything else as is


  2. Fight Gone Bad: 208 Rx

  3. Fight Gone Bad: 225 Rx* (*wb to purple line)

  4. Fight Gone Bad- 360rx

  5. Kristin B.

    Fight Gone Bad: 233 RX — 25 rep PR. Psyched about this.

  6. Fight Gone Bad: 190 Rx. First time. Not thrilled with the number but happy to have a number to beat next time.

  7. FGB: 255 Rx

  8. Geoff L

    FGB – 397 Rx

  9. Nicole D

    FGB: 204 Rx

    Not a huge number but 30 rep PR from April! A few no reps on WB. Whoops. Lots of room for improvement.

  10. 394rx

  11. 213 rx. 7 rep pr.

    No repped myself on wall balls too many times. Felt like I was throwing a body up there, geesh.

  12. Rachel E

    FGB: 237 (step ups for ankle, tried to no rep all questionable WBs) 4 off of PR but definitely got fitter! Yowza.

  13. Christian

    FGB – somewhere in the 270s and not a PR.

    Only downside was I tweaked my shoulder on the second round of SDHPs panicked and wasted all of round 2’s SDHPs and shoulder presses. Subbed those movements with hang muscle cleans in round three, but lost track of total reps in both rounds.

    Huge positives were 21+ Wall Balls in all three rounds with a max of 29 in round 1.
    And no less than 13 cals each round on the rower, both of which are huge improvements for me.

    5×5 back squats 155#, 185#, 205# with Scott in the back.

    • Cheryl

      Yeah wall balls! Fun work for you today!

      • Christian

        Such fun work!! Love them WBs. I was telling Toni pre-WOD I’ve gotten so much better at them because of you. You’ve really motivated me to work them really hard.

    • Christian

      I should specify my 270s is including a stupid amount of hang muscle cleans.

  14. Cheryl

    Soooo…very humbling to post after Kate…but since one of my goals is to write each score on the board and here I’m doin’ it.

    191, 10# WB.

    Wall balls owned me today. I no-rep’ed myself more times than I rep’ed on each round. I have a million excuses but it boils down to one thing, I still need to work on wall balls.

    • Cheryl

      And when I started typing my post I would have been right after Kate, so now my entry is just weird.

    • Christian

      Nice job! Keep working them until you dominate them!

    • Nicole D

      Haha my goal is to post every day! Nice job Cheryl.

    • Cheryl love your goal of recording your scores on the white board and the website. Posting on the website is not only a great way to keep track of your scores but also a fun way to stay in touch w your friends taking different classes :-)

  15. 7:30pm absolutely on fire! If you’ve never taken a 7:30pm class I suggest you do ASAP! These guys bring the pain AND are super studs/studettes helping clean up the entire FGB set up. Thanks a million times over.

    • Andrea Frey

      Thanks for a great class tonight! Definitely felt “inspired” after my teammate (aka my hubby Kelly) went first and killed it, so I really pushed myself. This was my first time doing FGB and got 218–pretty happy with my score but there’s always room to improve :)

  16. Ronda Rockett

    FGB 317 (step ups)

    5×5 BS at 90
    5×5 BS at 105
    ran out of time
    be back tomorrow

    so fun WODing with the 7:30 PM peeps
    fun, fun with Coach Max

  17. 203 (WB 14#, 55#, 55#)

    First time doing this WOD. Thanks Coach Max for the tips especially about going for the movements where one is stronger!

    Fun partnering w Pat!

  18. Georgia

    FGB: 210 RX (first RX ever-wowzers!) 19 rep PR over April, which was scaled. Room for improvement (box jumps, overall metcon) but feeling proud and accomplished today. Also loved seeing the other 6:30-ers lay it all on the line-such a great group!

  19. Travaun

    FGB 282RX (4rep pr). It’s a small gain from April 13 but I’ll take it. Next time I will meet my goal of breaking 300. Great class tonight 7:30. Thanks for tips on the WOD Max.

  20. Maureen B.

    FGB: 216 Rx (1 Rep PR, ha better than nothing) – started on box jumps

  21. Sarah S.

    FGB: 218 Rx. This was almost a DNF and almost 20 reps less than April. I stopped during WB in round 3 and skipped the SDHP. Once I figured out I was not going to pass out (or die), I resumed at the box jumps. I had to get mad at myself for quitting and then was able to finish.

  22. Pat W.

    245 Rx (14 lb. wb)


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