Monday 07.22.13


Hooray it's Monday!

Bode’s psyched it’s Monday! How about you?

Squat Cleans (135, 95#)
Ring Dips

Post time to comments.

Team A

Team A

Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s or even Breakfast at Wimbledon, today it’s all about Breakfast at CFNE! Come workout at 6:30am and then stay for an awesome breakfast at 7:30am. Let’s send our team off in style…CFNE style that is!



  1. michelle

    Are there HS and kid classes this week?

  2. Colleen (C4!)

    Elizabeth 13:14 95#/blue banded ring dips
    Super happy to finally stay on the ring dips, I’ve always ended up at the GHDs.

    DU practice: got up to 2 sets of 30 unbroken.
    5 x 25 weighted situps (25#) + 20 hip extensions

    Go get IT Team A!

  3. elizabeth 10:30 115#

  4. Andy R

    Elizabeth 9:50 RX.

  5. Elizabeth-12:48
    95# Squat Cleans and Push Ups

  6. Elizabeth: 10:03, 60# power cleans, ring dips Rx tho I suspect many were not totally legit

  7. Rasheed

    Hotel/travel WOD (inspired by Ben’s video of the team doing a squat, burpee workout).
    Amrap 10
    15 squats
    15 burpees

    Ended up a few burpees shy of 8 rounds (I think). No real grassy areas at this hotel (felt like being outside in the pleasant LA weather), so I found an empty corner of the parking lot and as Max would say, “It was on like Donkey Kong!”

    Go CFNE!!

  8. front squat 5X5 @ 120 lbs

    sled pull @ 185 lbs

  9. First 10,000+ summit: Mt. Engineer 12,973ft peak ;-D
    Started at 10,640ft-ish amazing views!

  10. Alison

    Elizabeth – 10:57, 75#, skinny red banded ring dips. Had some ring issues, the left one kept getting longer. Made it interesting. Had to stop to lengthen the right one. Then Harry came over and fixed the left one.

    Definitely slower than last time as I did GHD toe assisted dips, which are faster.

  11. Elizabeth: 11:20 (65# and thinnest blue banded ring dips). 10# & :04 seconds PR

  12. Elizabeth: 10:30 Rx

  13. Elizabeth 12:00 Rx

  14. Nicole D

    Elizabeth: 11:01 75#, medium green band

    First time doing any form of ring dips in a workout. Bit shaky but felt good!

  15. Maureen B.

    Elizabeth: 12:27 (75#, small blue band ring dips) 1:27 slower than last time, but 10# heavier, realized I forgot to kip my ring dips this time though whoopsies

  16. Beth: 11:42
    75# and skinny blue band

    Good to be back

  17. Kristin B.

    Elizabeth: 10:16, RX weight and GHD dips

  18. Cheryl

    Elizabeth: 13:02 (75#, green band ring dips)
    1:26 faster and 15# heavier than April.

  19. 10:31– 75# and green band ring dips. Could have gone heavier on the squat cleans.

  20. 7:30pm brought the noise tonight! Way to get after it! Doole you’re a lucky man, this class rocks!

  21. Rick K

    95#, went to green band halfway through 15.

  22. Patti j

    Good luck team cfne and our amazing masters Bubba, Big Bri and Jerry!!! Can’t wait to watch you tomorroe

  23. 1 RM C&J: 155# (15# PR!!)

    9:04 Rx

  24. 11:55 (75#, blue band ring dips)

    Go team cfne & masters!

  25. Sara C

    Elizabeth: 11:47 @ 65# and blue band (medium size?) dips. Really wanted to do this in under 12 minutes and as a result I rushed my dips a bit and didn’t lock out at the top on my final rep of rounds 2 and 3. I would be more proud of a 12+ minute score with legit reps…valuable lesson learned.


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