Monday 07.22.13


Hooray it's Monday!

Bode’s psyched it’s Monday! How about you?

Squat Cleans (135, 95#)
Ring Dips

Post time to comments.

Team A

Team A

Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s or even Breakfast at Wimbledon, today it’s all about Breakfast at CFNE! Come workout at 6:30am and then stay for an awesome breakfast at 7:30am. Let’s send our team off in style…CFNE style that is!



  1. Hey guys,

    I am brining

    a skillet
    utenesils etc
    egg whites
    jalenapo buisness’s
    spices + herbs
    crazy swag

    We need

    – another large skillet
    – Coffee
    – Fruit
    – bacon/sausage/eggs

    What ever u wanna bring would be great!!


    – Steel cut oats
    – Cinnamony Sweet Pots
    – vaggies

    • Sooo excited to send the team off on a full stomach! Gunna be so fun!!! Whats better than elizabeth before? AMAZING!!

  2. Ps. We have a HUGE crew for this. The 6:30 is gunna be ROCKIN

  3. Kristen P

    Gooooo CFNE Team A!!! We’ll be watching you crush the competition!!

  4. GO CFNE! I’ll be keeping tabs on the Games from Colorado! Go get it!

  5. Ben Bergeron

    Thanks for all the well wishes CFNE. We will do our best to make you proud.

    • Christian

      You guys already have… But that doesn’t mean to kick any less ass while you’re out there. Go get it, Team!!

    • Heather V.

      So excited for everyone going to Cali! Go get ‘em!!!!

  6. Just wanted to let CFNE Team A know that they are all amazing athletes and inspirational to myself and I am sure many others ! All your dedication, hard work and preparation will now pay dividends ! Rock N Roll CFNE !!

  7. Legs and eggs and biceps too

  8. Go CFNE Go! We’re all so proud of our individuals and team, and can’t wait until that moment when the liontamer turns you all loose on the competition in Cali! I’m sure you’ll feel our roar of support from the stands and across the country.

  9. Go Team! You’ll do great – all the hard work will pay off!

    (Wish I could be there in person to see you off …)

  10. Cotter

    “Elizabeth”: 11:46 Rx (first time)
    Good luck CFNE!

  11. Big Mike

    Elizabeth: 11:47 135# & 9/6/3 on ring dips
    Last time was 10:48 with 95# and green bands.
    If you see a middle age man sitting in his car on the Pike this morning with a goofy smile on his face, it’s the one who is happy he got three consecutive double unders this morning.
    I love Mondays.

    Sorry I can’t make the bacon festival but best wishes and kick ass Jerry, Bubba, Big Bri and CFNE Team A! Here is to a week of very little productivity and large amounts of bandwidth consumption.

    • Way to go Mike! You keep making gains and crushing WODs! So freakin cool!

  12. Braatz

    Elizabeth: 16:25 Rx

  13. Elizabeth: 11:21 65# & green band on ring dips.

    Good thoughts and good luck to CFNE Team A!!

  14. Andy M

    Elizabeth: 12:55 (115#) 1:50 PR

    Good luck Team CFNE, Jerry, Bubba and Big Bri out in Cali!

  15. Mike R

    Elizabeth: 16:20 Rx (last time was 11/15/12 in 13:12 at 95# and GHD dips)

    Good luck CFNE, go get it!

    • Greg D

      You have taken a gigantic leap forward over the last few months. Great to see you crushing WODs!

  16. michelle

    Elizabeth: 13:31 rx. 1:28 pr
    Best part- no shoulder pain! Thank you, Sean Rockett!

    Have a blast kicking @ss in Cali, Team CFNE, Big Bri, Bubba, Jerry, and Becca! We are so proud of you.

  17. Elizabeth: 13:03 Rx (first time with her and first time with ring dips in a WOD…pumped)

    1RM Clean & Jerk: 245# (5# PR)

    So proud to be a part of CFNE today. Good luck competitors!!! You’re ready, so go have some fun!

  18. Greg D

    Elizabeth: 14:11 Rx

    Good luck to all the CFNE competitors! Your dedication during one of the longest seasons in sport is a true inspiration. Go BIG!

  19. Katrina

    C&J 140 finally back to be pre surgery weight, took me forever.

    Elizabeth 15:54 (not all my ring dip had my biceps to the rings, so I won’t put RX next to this.)

  20. Stephanie

    Good luck everyone!

    Elizabeth: 11:33 (34#; GHD dips)

  21. dylan r

    Good luck CFNE! We’ll be watching!

  22. Rick W.

    Good luck competitors. It was great to see you off this morning. Thank you to Doole for setting up a proper send off – very thoughtful!

    Elizabeth 10:40 rx (3:49 PR from April)

  23. Elizabeth: 18:20 Rx (first time doing ring dips in a wod)

  24. Elizabeth: 15:23 RX

    Good luck to all the CFNE athletes! Have a great time.

  25. Rachel E

    Modified Elizabeth: 6:45 (75# power cleans, GHD dips)

    Thanks for cooking up a storm at the sendoff, Doole. I can’t wait to cheer all the CFNE Games competitors on from the home front! Have fun in Cali and go get it!

  26. Colleen (OC)

    Good luck CFNE athletes! Kick butt in Cali!

    Great time this morning Doole- thanks for organizing and cooking breakfast for us!

  27. Dan C.

    C&J: 265 pr
    Elizabeth: 6:59 Rx pr

  28. Andy L

    Elizabeth: 13:09 (115# and banded ring dips) #20PR and last time was a little faster and on GHD

    Go CFNE!

  29. Craig B.

    Elizabeth: 7:32 rx

  30. Heather O

    Best of luck CFNE competitors!! You are all amazing and are such an inspiration to us all!! :) Can’t wait to watch all of the great things you all continue to accomplish.

    Got a 4 mile run in last evening and again this am (glad to finally be able to walk normally again after those wallballs on Thursday! Yikes!!) before heading to Worcester for a few days to spend some time with my family. 4 day weekends are amazing. Look forward to getting back to class later this week.
    Have a great day everyone. :)

  31. Elizabeth: 9:50 with 95# and skinny blue banded ring dips

    Best of luck to all the competitors in the GAMES!!! I am so excited that I get to go–I will be there on Friday and looking forward to cheering on CFNE!

  32. Chris M.

    Elizabeth – 8:43 Rx’d

    As Andy Williams says “It’s the most wonderful time of the year …”

    My wife however wouldn’t agree.

    Best of luck CFNE! Get after it …

  33. Susan Stein

    Elizabeth: 10:22 (65#, big, fat black banded ring dips)

    Definitely not a PR, but it was the first time using the rings. Not as stable as the GHD.

    Best of luck to Team A, Big Bri, Jerry, Bubba and Becca! Go get ‘em!

  34. Elizabeth: 7:47 Rx

    Good luck to all the CFNE Athletes competing in The Games. I hope you all kick ass and have a great time doing it!

  35. Wendy P

    Elizabeth: 9:10- 60#, grn band … on 4/12/13 did 55# in 10:35… Nice little PR :)

    Good Luck CFNE…. Cheering you all on from the east coast!!!!!

  36. Christian

    What an awesome morning. So happy I took the day off to see the team off and enjoy an awesome breakfast with everyone!!

    6:30am – Elizabeth (cleans rx, green band dips) 13:10
    8:30am – 1RM power c&j: 195# (been stuck here forever, and even missed cleans at 205# today, which is a new one) I’m realizing my missed lifts are purely technical as I now have over ten people telling me I come to a dead stop at the high hang.

    So, I wanted to work on my power cleans and I joined the 9:30am
    21-15-9 power cleans 135#, abmat sit ups – 5:50

    I got that hitch to go away somewhat, but I felt it on more than a few reps.

    Great day all around – best of luck out there, team!! Can’t wait to cheer you on this weekend!! Bring it on home!!!!!

    • By my count, that’s 4 kajillion cleans for you, today. If your shoulders don’t fall off, you’ll probably kill it next time!

      • Christian

        Hey, I’m chasing you, buddy!! Need the technique… And a bit more strength!

    • Cheryl

      What? No wall balls thrown in there for fun (fun work, that is)?

      • Christian

        My bad – I did 30 WBs (20#/10′) as a warmup for Elizabeth. Squatting and especially squat cleaning feels so much better on my hips if I roll out/do squat therapy/ and then 20-30 wall balls beforehand. Like greasing the gears, I guess!

    • That’s one heck of a ‘day off.’ Nice!

    • Well don’t I just feel like a slacker today ;-D Nice work!

  37. Heather V.

    Elizabeth: 10:13 Rx PR

  38. Eugene

    Elizabeth – 10:08 Rx PR (first time in weeks with a heavy barbell)

  39. 10×1 OTM Splits Jerks from the Boxes @225 across
    Elizabeth 8:25RX

    Scaled Up on the Eggs and Bacon!!!

    Good luck CFNE!!!

  40. Kristin R

    Elizabeth: 12:00 (60#, medium band). Squat cleans were killing me!

  41. Krystle

    Elizabeth: 9:23 (75# PC) ring dips RX

  42. Elizabeth: 14:59 (75#) ring dips RX (I really need to learn to kip these…)

  43. Elizabeth: 12:11 or 11:12 ??? 75# and green band assisted ring dips.

    Go get it CFNE! So excited for all of you!!

  44. laura c

    elizabeth: 15:49 (went back and did last ring dip b/c was not sure I 100% locked it out) 70# and ring dips RX!

    The only recorded time I have with this is over a year ago with 45# and green band at 7:16….. cant access if that is a PR but holy hell I do a LOT more weight and if I was using a band I would have finished that in NO time! So, yes, a PR! Just not measureable to me.

  45. Jonathan

    Elizabeth: 10:13 (115#) Next time Rx.

  46. rich t

    Elizabeth – 15:16 (115#, GHD)
    cheated on GHD dips.

  47. Brian L

    elizabeth- 12:57rx

  48. Melinda

    Elizabeth: 10:00 95#, skinny blue band. ugh bands.

    1rm c&j 145#
    HSPU practice with Marissa/Laura

  49. Andrew E

    Thanks for the warm welcome, 6:30AM! Great class, and great breakfast from Doole.

    11:56 with 65# squat cleans and pushups.

  50. 5:57rx


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