Sunday 07.21.13

Saturday's 9am crew in full force!

Saturday’s 9am crew in full force!

Front Squat
5 x 5

Sled Pull
200 m.

Post weights to comments.

Lev, rockin' the Puma gear!

Lev, rockin’ the Puma gear!

Reminder: Don’t forget about Yoga Sundays!! Yoga specifically to help with the movements we do in CrossFit!
Time: 4pm
When: Every Sunday
Where: CFNE of course
Cost: $14 cash

Last week was the first week and we had only a few brave souls who came to try it out, but word on the street is it was the best Yoga class they have ever taken! We did, however, forget to ask if it was the first time they have ever taken Yoga, haha. Either way it is a great class!