Friday 7.19.13

Braatz PR'd his snatch and his C+J yesterday! Giddy up!

Braatz PR’d his snatch and his C+J on Wednesday! Giddy up!

30 Snatches (135, 95#)

Post time to comments.

It's Neon Friday! Rachel's ready...are you?

It’s Neon Friday! Rachel’s ready…are you?




  1. never done this ?
    squat or power??

  2. Maaaaan. Im missing some good WODs this week.

  3. Maureen B.

    Yeah Rachypants! I’m ready obv.

  4. It was awesome to see so many CFNErs at the Weston 5 Miler Thursday night! Cary, Todd, Dan T, Lori B, Elaine, and Joe D! Spouses and kids too! It was hot and lots of runners didn’t show up. Way to go CFNErs!

  5. sarahw

    Excellent stuff, Braatz! Rachel, hope you have a neon thong. It’s going to be 100 degrees.

    • Braatz

      ^ Glad you didn’t conflate the names in those sentences. You’d had some explaining to do. And Sara C. would be jealous…

    • All my thongs are neon. And mesh.

    • Rachel E

      Hahaaaa Sarah, if the gym gets any hotter you just might find out!

      And Ho, sorry man but the neon police have spoken. UNACCEPTABLE

      • Geez…tough crowd. Although I do notice people that stand behind me in class get super distracted when my whale tail starts creepin’. You guys win.


  6. Tricia D

    Isabell: 3:01 (50)

    Also got my first pull up in my warm up this morning. Oh what a feeling! Only took me 10 and a half months, but I thought it would take years! Bye bye band :)

  7. 2:36rx

  8. Mike R.

    Isabell: 5:07 (115#) – Went a little outside my comfort zone with this weight, but did result in some real ugly reps. Thanks for the pointers along the way, Harry.

    Some DU work after. Finally seeing some progress here..

  9. Braatz

    Isabel: 3:56 (115#)

  10. Isabel: 3:25 (85#)

  11. Big Mike

    Isabel: 3:37 (115#)
    Dropped two reps on my head. Yes, I’m ok

  12. Kate S

    3:18 rx

  13. Isabel with two “L”s huh…jeez who is doing the posting these days 😉

  14. Heather V

    Isabel: 3:42 (85#)

  15. Brian L

    3:53 rx

  16. Here’s a video of Ben Smith doing “Isabel” in 1:17

  17. Andy L

    3:50 (95#)

  18. Isabel: 3:43 (95#)

  19. Isabel: 3:47 at 115…first time and sort of games it all around too much. Way more fun than I thought it would be. Great team today.

    OTMx12: even: 3 MU transitions; odd: 5 squat therapy

    Deadlift 5×5: 225, 275×4

    8x200m sprints OT2M. Thanks for asking me to do these, Max, and then bailing on me! I see what you did there.

  20. Wendy P

    Isabel: first time doing this WOD- 45# 3:40…. Went down in weight at the last minute and really worked on form… Felt good. Thanks Rachel for the help!!!!

  21. Isabel-5:45-85#

  22. Katrina

    Isabel 6:33 RX Not a PR off by :24

  23. Craig B.

    5:46 rx

  24. Rick W.

    Braatz – super impressive PR’s – great job!

    Isabel 4:47 105#
    Muscleup work / Squat Therapy OTM
    100M Sprints OTM X 10

  25. Hey Giuys!

    Lets Send the CFNE Team off on the right foot with a little breakfast rally at CFNE!! Unfortunately Big, Jerry and Bubba will be flying out over the weekend (good luck guys!!) but the team is flying out of Logan at 11am on Monday morning 7/22. We are going to have a nice eggs and bacon breakfast and get the team fired up to go out to LA and kick some ASS!! Here’s the plan:

    Meet at CFNE on Monday morning @ 7:30am. We will fire up the grill and cook up eggs and some bacon…and by some I mean tons. Ill get some eggs and bacon but we could also use:

    – BIG skillets that we can place on the grill to cook with
    – Eggs, Bacon
    – Fruit
    – Coffee
    – anything else u wanna bring!

    Lets send these guys off the right way!! COME DO THE 6:30am class and get fired up then enjoy a delicious breakfast after!!!!

  26. Isabel: 3:18 with 85#’s. Wanted to do 95 but I think I made the right choice as shoulder is still not 100% well. Was able to get the stimulus and not set my shoulder back any. Happy.
    Thanks, Rachel for the help/advise.

  27. Isabel: 115# 5:13
    Being a sweaty pig makes the bar hard to hold on too. Time for gloves.

  28. Isabel:55# 6:06. 10# heavier 2 min slower .

  29. Rachel E

    Isabel: 2:36 (55#)

    Went lighter because of my ankle but maaaaan it felt good to be snatchin’!

  30. Thomas F

    Isabel: 4:38 Rx

    Whew a scorcher today! Good luck in the games, CFNE team / athletes!

  31. Isabel: 3:45 @ 85# Time to go up in weight but it felt good to do these right.

    8×200 OT2M

    Squat therapy and dips at home

  32. Morgan k


  33. Ashley r

    Isabel. 6:00 even 70#

  34. I have 4 tickets to Americanarama for tomorrow, July 20th, at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA that I’m not going to be able to use and need to GIVE AWAY!

    The lineup is Bob Dylan, Wilco, My Morning Jacket and Ryan Bingham. The tickets are for section 13, Row C, seats 29-32. Show starts at 5:30. We paid $52.50 each for the tickets, so if your feeling generous…but seriously, I’d hate for them to go to waste.

    Just email me at and go have a good time. One thing to think about: when I give away tickets, I require that you send me a selfie of you having fun. That is non-negotiable.

    Hit me up.

    • Katrina

      omg that sounds amazing!!

    • Big Mike

      Id take them but Bob Dylan could not possibly still be alive so that must be some new rap group. The rest of them-never heard of them. Is this like some kind of Teletubbies/Wiggles thing? Americanarama palooza?
      I so old….

      ….but still 10 seconds faster

  35. At Fort Lewis College Durango, CO
    Isabel: 2:58 35#
    Really focused on form with the snatch.

    See everyone in 2 weeks! Off to hike Animas Mtn 😀

  36. Colleen (c4!)

    Isabell 2:34 75#. I did warm up to 85# but wimped out. Next time.
    2x 25 wall balls after.

    Master Competitors: have a great, relaxing weekend getting ready for Tuesday! Think of the virtual Sea of Red, we’re sending you the love!

    • Yeah, um, with that pace, 85# is definitely in the realm of possibility. Holy wow!

  37. Conor N


    2:05 Rx 6 second PR!

  38. Isabel: 3:45 Rx

  39. Isabel 7:56 Rx’d the last time I danced with this fine lady was 2/23/11 at 95# and 3:33. An improvement but being an excuse maker this last 10 days may have had something to do with it. Ah well, fitter than yesterday, I could have stayed home in front of the A/C.

    Have a great weekend.

  40. Isabel: 55# 5:59
    ( started with 65# but took off weight after 3 reps)
    Last Night: Marathon sport race- 5.2 miles- 40:54 (PR- 1:03 from last year)

  41. Geoff L

    Isabel – 3:17 Rx

  42. Laura c

    Sad to miss Isabel… I took a leisurely hike with a llama… I swear.

  43. Lynne Mc

    Isabel 3:55 55#

  44. Susan Stein

    Isabel: 3:10 (45#)

  45. 85#

  46. Ally B

    Isabel- 2:12 Rx
    30 second PR

  47. Nicole D

    Isabel: 3:26 (60#) First time doing this WOD. Fun!

  48. Isabel: 3:13 (55#)

  49. Sarah B

    Isabel: 3:06 rx

  50. Christian

    Isabel – 2:58 (105#) hadn’t snatched for reps in a while so this was a test. Didn’t think about my shoulder once and had a decent time so I pass! Great class as always Kev and Geoff!!


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