Thursday 07.18.13



Jalapeno Business
100 Wall Ball (20,14#)
200 Double Unders
50 Wall Ball
100 Double Unders

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Coach Doole

Coach Doole

Coaches Corner with Coach Doole
The height of the social season at CFNE is marked by a ride on the party bus to the CFNE summer social at the Kinsale in Boston.  The bus gets weird.  Last year there was a talking pumpkin and an orangutan that served us tequila shooters.  True story. If you can, take the ride in, you won’t regret it. I highly recommend getting together with fellow CFNE’rs on the regular.  Get together for dinner, catch a movie or even better take a trip together!  Just like working out with athletes more advanced in their training than you improves your performance, road tripping and vacationing with fellow CrossFitter’s push “relaxation” to the next level.

One of the best trips I ever took was with friends I met through CFNE.  When I first started at CFNE I didn’t talk to ANYONE.  A little secret about me – I’m shy.  Super shy, actually. I used to do the WOD’s and that was it.  Zero socializing.  Then after about 9 months at CFNE, I got a post on my Facebook wall that read  “Doole, we’re going to Vegas.  You’re coming” – Daigle.

A few weeks later we were on a 6am flight bound for Vegas for a long weekend.  No one really knew me yet, and I didn’t know them either so we got to know each other on the plane ride out there and WOW what a ride!  The rest of the trip went the same way. Three days of laughs and smiles.  Three straight days of laughs and smiles except when we asked the Vegas police if we could pose for a photo doing handstands against their truck the next morning. They were not laughing or smiling. Also there is this one photo taken of Ali and I on the last morning of the trip.  I am not smiling at ALL:

Doole and Ali

Doole and Ali

There is no off season in CrossFit (and you wouldn’t want one) but the social season is as close as it gets.  Take advantage upcoming activities planned for the months of August and September to meet new people and create new and lasting bonds with your fellow athletes. Of course, you don’t have to wait for these organized activities, unless you are shy, like me.  If you can, take a trip with CrossFitters and take plenty of pictures like these –

Daigle, Ali, Jule, Doole, & Mel

Daigle, Ali, Jule, Doole, & Mel

This isn’t a vacation photo or anything, I just thought it was funny.  Ever notice that Hamel’s mannerisms resemble John Wayne??

John Wayne & Dave Hamel

John Wayne & Dave Hamel

Those are a couple of my favorite photo’s.  They instantly put a smile on my face.  What are your favorite photos?  Please share!!  Got captions for the pics? Post below (PG-13 please)

Oh and since we are sharing photos, here is a link to a slide show that I created back in 2011 for the NYE party at the Fosters.  Unfortunately the video was never viewed due to some technical difficulties.  I just discovered it on my Mac and I was able to remedy the issue with some googling/editing. There are some really great photos in there.  If you have the time, check it out:


  1. Great write up Doole! Isn’t it strange how much John Wayne’s mannerisms resemble Dave Hamel’s (see what I did there).

  2. sarah wilson

    Doole, I like that you like to party. Some day I want to party with CFNE friends too. Maybe when I get back from Maine, I will make this dream a reality.
    Thanks for this post.

    • laura c

      YES!! ANd I want to be there to party with you! Miss your smiling face girl!

      • sarah wilson

        We’ll get a drink and you can tell me how Jalapeno Business felt. I’m having another right now just to calm my vicarious pre-WOD jitters. You are six feet tall tomorrow, ok? The target is right at your finger tips. SIX FEET. SIX FEET. SIX FEET.

        • Heather V.

          Kate was doing this hanging upside down thing today… I think it would totally make me taller… gonna try it.

  3. laura c

    is this an amrap or NOT?? I am going to have nightmares – I am so excited that we all GET TO do this!

  4. Nicole D

    Yaaaaa we booked the bus! Can’t wait to get weird. Great post Doole.

  5. Sara C

    I haven’t been anywhere with CFNE people. Only Paris and, in less than two weeks, Hawaii. I can’t even stand any of you! ;)

  6. Krystle

    Is this some sort of sick joke? Did someone combine my least favorite movements and name the wod after me… Heather I’m looking at you! You forgot 1000m row by the way.

  7. Way cool Mr. Doole !!

  8. Nice job John! Loved seeing some old friends!

  9. great job Doole, in that picture above Ali looks so content, you not so much.

  10. Nice job John!
    I guess I will have to do this wod away from home. It looks like a serious jalapeño business, muy picante(very spicy). Miss CFNE, working hard in getting back home so I can go back to CFNE and find myself back. Looking forward to see many of you in California!

  11. Maureen B.

    What’s a nosey pepper do? Best. Joke. Ever.

  12. Doole…..great tribute to your CFNEr friends…..but the car on fire!!!

  13. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone and loved your post Doole! :) It’s so great that CFNE puts together such fun events. I sadly won’t be able to make the social as both my bridal shower and Bach party are the next day but am hoping to be at the prom as a last harrah with you all and my fiancé before we get married the weekend after! :)
    2 mile run Pre-WOD
    JB: 17:31 with 12# wb and 200 single with double attempts in both sets. Then continued with 2 mins of double under attempts after. This one was spicy to the max however I got my first double under today!!! OMG I was so surprised the first time that I didn’t actually think it happened but then when I did it again I was siked! Thanks Harry for your help with these today. Now I need to ease my excitement when I get one and not stop each time to celebrate and keep it moving. ;)

    Have a great day everyone!

  14. Jalapeno bidness 17:50 Rx
    If anyone sees a lung on the floor, it is mine

  15. dylan r

    Great post Doole

  16. Heather V.

    Jalapeno Business: 15:37 Rx
    Extra credit jerks and deads… per comp site.

    Calling all Ladies!!!!
    A few of us ladies are doing the Title 9 Sprint Tri on Sept 8th. You can totally do this if you have never done a tri before, but always wanted to try it! We can do some practices together. Any takers? It does usually sell out, so you will need to sign up. Still nervous, but want to do it, email me and we can chat. Super fun. heathervitti at gmail

    • Rachel E

      I can’t do the tri but I’d love to bike with you ladies! Let me know if you want some company!

    • Thinking about it, would love to. Depends if I’ll be able to run by then.

  17. Rachel E

    Jalapeno Business: 14:23 (10# WB to 9′ mark, 1/4 squat only, then 50/25 cal rows for DUs)

    • Katrina

      love it…you neede up doing 50 cals not 40!!!

    • Impressive to keep fighting through the injuries…I’d be knee deep in self-pity and ice cream. Keep at it!

  18. rich t

    Jalapeno (all-up-in-your) Business – 17:45 (30/15 cal row for DUs)

    calves were suppa-tight. so, went for a row instead of jump rope.

  19. Rick W.

    Jalapeno – 315 Reps (amrap 12)
    2x Cleans / Split Jerks OTM X 10 @ 65%
    5*5 Deadlifts 265#

  20. Big Mike

    Jalapeno Business: DNF…
    First 100 wall balls in 4:06, 50 DU attempts and 100 singles, 50 wall balls in 2:30, then got to 35 DU attempts before the clock struck 20. Did 100 singles just to punish myself after the bell. No excuse for being this far in and not having these.
    Then got to office and elevator was out. Fifth floor. Not eating lunch today because I probably won’t get back up.

  21. Chris M.

    “Jalapeno Business” (AMRAP 12) – 404 Rx’d

  22. Jalapeno Business – 339 RX(amrap 12)

  23. Wait is this suppose to be an AMRAP 12? I’m trying to find something to throw at a wall up here and do a modified version but want to make sure I’m doing the right workout :-)

    • Chris M.

      CWOD has it posted as an AMRAP 12.
      CFNE has it posted for time.
      Pick your poison.

    • There seem to be a couple of versions running around. Unless something changes, I think the classes are doing the full rep scheme for time, but Ben posted the same workout but as an AMRAP 12 on the comp wod site. So, folks following that programming are doing the AMRAP…but if you were in class, it would be for time.

      At least I think…

    • Laura c

      On the “open” section of comp wod its a bit different and an am rap in class it was not an AMRAP. 20 min cut off. Are you ever coming home?

  24. Brian L


  25. 380 Amrap 12
    145 2 Cln,2 SJ OTM x 10 mins
    DL 5×5 315 across

  26. Hey, kids.

    1. Doole: I almost canNOT believe the story about who you were when you first started at CFNE. I think we need to know more about your pre-CFNE phase. Great write-up!

    2. In case any of you are trying to find my blog, I’m changing things up a bit. Most importantly, the address. It’s kind of grown out of the original Nooners-Only/Transformation Challenge site to this place where anything goes: the formula for happiness, implants or not, pet peeves, doing the right thing, the circumcision debate, my obsession with my husband, rectal flatulence, calling CFNE’ers out on cleaning it up and not being the smelly kid anymore.

    So, I’m renaming the blog and in an effort to spend as much of Ben’s money as I can, I bought a URL (SHOPPINNNNGGG!!!!): The old site, is currently running under, but will soon end up at

    I’d love for you guys to check it out because it’s really cool to be able to talk about this stuff at the box. I post every day, so there’s always new content (and, I love suggestions on material).

    Be ready for it, though. It gets naughty…as do the pictures of Ben.

    Hip hip, HOOORAAAAYYY.

    • Susan Stein

      So glad you didn’t end the blog. I went to the naughty nooners blog and was bummed when I got the error message. It was gonna be my first question to you when I saw you at the gym tomorrow. Looking forward to reading the newest entry!

    • rich t

      good to know if I am throwing off more than my share of odor and when a shirt needs be tossed. lets be honest with each other folks.

    • hahaha your website is blocked on my work computer. It says its a security risk! Amazing.

    • Shannon Dre

      Yay Heather! I am excited to keep up with your blog:)

    • Heather V.

      Ohhh I was wondering. I thought u got booted because of your risky pics.

    • Rebecca

      Heather… I love your blog and read it all the time. So happy you are continuing it! I will definitely be bookmarking the new page. Thanks!

    • great stuff Heather!!!!

    • laura c

      it wont work? Is it just me? Or is it that my husband rigged my computer for it to not work b/c I should be packing? But, seriously, it says that page is for sale??

      • i’m still working on the final one, but should work.

        or, your husband is uncomfortable with you seeing THAT much of ben’s leg.

        • Morgan k

          Omg I just spent like an hour reading your blog and I think I might have peed myself I was/still am laughing so hard! Ahhh just made my day

        • laura c

          LOL! Got it! And niIIICCCCEEEE leg! you are one lucky lady..

        • heather – this is just what I needed after another kind of mediocre day… inspirational post about being happy, check, fart post that made me laugh so hard I peed more than when I do double unders, check and then I got a shout out and am super honored, check. can’t wait to read your posts everyday now, going forward! you continue to amaze me with your kindness, cleverness and coolness (is that a word?)

    • Ashley R

      Good stuff Heather!

  27. Laura c

    JALEPENO: 16:33
    12# to 9 foot
    40 DU attempts then 160 singles
    100 singles (unbroken yeah)

    That was hard! I really tried to do all the DU attempts and I was just losing it (head spinning, dizzy). Deb r was my hero and caught my eye and said “goto singles”… She was right.

    The good news is I am slowly getting better at wb. Been a long journey and still have a way to go. Finished the 100 at 6:18(ish). I’m ok with that:)!

    Happy for rest days in VT! Have a good weekend.

  28. Great stuff Doole!

    JB: 13:24 10# WB, 20 DU’s then switched to singles…best decision of the day so far!

    Great job 9:30!

  29. Katrina

    Subbed pp for the WB and 50/25cal row for the du (lower leg issues blaahhh)
    AMRAP 12: 255 (of the 225)

    Subbed pC for SC+Jeks at 95

    DL 5×5 175

  30. Greg D

    Jalapeno Business: DNF 410 Rx

    I spent far too much time staring at the ball on the ground and kicking my rope during the 200 DU’s.

    Sometimes you got DU’s, sometimes you don’t.

  31. Allupinyo biznass: 14:50
    6# bouncy medicine ball (all we had) to an approximate 10# target, on a tree
    Single unders, couldn’t string more than 2 dubs together today. Must have used em all up yesterday
    Added bonus: chasing the ball 50ft after it took a nasty bounce off the tree… 3 times…

    Got some weird looks from some folks up here. To which I responded “hey you can get a good workout in anywhere”.

  32. Morgan k

    10:49 with 45lb thrusters. :)

  33. John S.

    Jalapeno Business-17:01 (10#, singles)

  34. Melinda

    Definitely going to catch up and do this one later, sorry to miss it!

    Good times in Buffalo on the track:
    800m-400-200-400-800 (rest time= time as each run takes)

    100 pu
    Tabata handstand holds x2

  35. Andy R

    Jalapeno Business- 20:42 RX – thanks Heather for the support at the end!

  36. JB–18:36 12#, 300 singles/150 singles
    I have to renew my determination to get double unders.I took a few months off due to frustration but it is time to.try.again!

  37. Jalapeno Business: 100 WBs Rx / 200 SU / 50 WB Rx / DU attempts up to the 20min cap.

    Deadlifts 5×5 at 205#

    I apologize to 9:30 (and perhaps Noon class) for my sweat angel that just wouldn’t die.

  38. Andy M

    Jalapeño Business: 19:05 Rx with the Nooners.

    Kevin thanks for keeping me on pace with the 50 wall balls, might not have finished if you didn’t.

    Heather, fun class and great “positive” talk afterwards.

    Still cooling down.

  39. Georgia

    Thanks for the shy kid pep-talk, Doole!

    Jalapeno Biz (brought my med ball and jump rope to work!)

    12# wall balls
    100/50 DU’s stringing up to 15 together now, but RX would’ve made me late for a meeting!

    post WOD-1 mi. run

  40. Maureen B.

    Sad I am not doing this workout, but I love what you wrote Doole! I didn’t know anyone when I started and now I’m living with a CFNEr and forsee trips being planned in the near future. Also, I hope the orangutan makes it on the bus this year, I heard he was a party animal. Get it? ha.

  41. Ally B

    Jalapeno Business-12:36 Rx

  42. Eugene

    Jalapeno Business – 18:24 Rx

    Kate tearing it up…again. Love it.

  43. Ashley R

    Speaking of puddles…having had 3 children and being over 40 I decided to skip the 300 double unders :) Sorry- TMI..walked the dog instead. See you all tomorrow though!

  44. Ashley R

    BTW- I did get to watch some of the video Doole..very special.

  45. 11:11rx

  46. 3/4 of the Jalapeño(100 WB and 200 DU): 20:44 DU were so slow. The results say everything of my current fitness level. It has been though in the last 4 months and even worse in the last 2 week, but I will get back to it!

  47. 18:10 Rx…thanks Max for getting me thru. As usual.

    Ran out of time. Have to do the rest tomorrow.

  48. Geoff L

    Jalapeño Biznass – 9:40 Rx

  49. Starting taper

    Heavy Power Clean – 3×185, 1×205, 1×215

    Heavy Deadlift – 5×275, 5×315, 5×345

    7 rnds 15 WB 40 DU: 10:26 (perfect WOD for me right now)

  50. Mild pepper- modified because knees are angry after yesterday’s lifts.-12:05
    100 wall balls (20# touch ground, no squat)
    200 singles
    50 wall balls
    100 singles


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