Thursday 07.18.13



Jalapeno Business
100 Wall Ball (20,14#)
200 Double Unders
50 Wall Ball
100 Double Unders

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Coach Doole

Coach Doole

Coaches Corner with Coach Doole
The height of the social season at CFNE is marked by a ride on the party bus to the CFNE summer social at the Kinsale in Boston.  The bus gets weird.  Last year there was a talking pumpkin and an orangutan that served us tequila shooters.  True story. If you can, take the ride in, you won’t regret it. I highly recommend getting together with fellow CFNE’rs on the regular.  Get together for dinner, catch a movie or even better take a trip together!  Just like working out with athletes more advanced in their training than you improves your performance, road tripping and vacationing with fellow CrossFitter’s push “relaxation” to the next level.

One of the best trips I ever took was with friends I met through CFNE.  When I first started at CFNE I didn’t talk to ANYONE.  A little secret about me – I’m shy.  Super shy, actually. I used to do the WOD’s and that was it.  Zero socializing.  Then after about 9 months at CFNE, I got a post on my Facebook wall that read  “Doole, we’re going to Vegas.  You’re coming” – Daigle.

A few weeks later we were on a 6am flight bound for Vegas for a long weekend.  No one really knew me yet, and I didn’t know them either so we got to know each other on the plane ride out there and WOW what a ride!  The rest of the trip went the same way. Three days of laughs and smiles.  Three straight days of laughs and smiles except when we asked the Vegas police if we could pose for a photo doing handstands against their truck the next morning. They were not laughing or smiling. Also there is this one photo taken of Ali and I on the last morning of the trip.  I am not smiling at ALL:

Doole and Ali

Doole and Ali

There is no off season in CrossFit (and you wouldn’t want one) but the social season is as close as it gets.  Take advantage upcoming activities planned for the months of August and September to meet new people and create new and lasting bonds with your fellow athletes. Of course, you don’t have to wait for these organized activities, unless you are shy, like me.  If you can, take a trip with CrossFitters and take plenty of pictures like these –

Daigle, Ali, Jule, Doole, & Mel

Daigle, Ali, Jule, Doole, & Mel

This isn’t a vacation photo or anything, I just thought it was funny.  Ever notice that Hamel’s mannerisms resemble John Wayne??

John Wayne & Dave Hamel

John Wayne & Dave Hamel

Those are a couple of my favorite photo’s.  They instantly put a smile on my face.  What are your favorite photos?  Please share!!  Got captions for the pics? Post below (PG-13 please)

Oh and since we are sharing photos, here is a link to a slide show that I created back in 2011 for the NYE party at the Fosters.  Unfortunately the video was never viewed due to some technical difficulties.  I just discovered it on my Mac and I was able to remedy the issue with some googling/editing. There are some really great photos in there.  If you have the time, check it out:


  1. Justin E

    16:30 rx

  2. Kristin B.

    12:43 with a light ball and singles

  3. DNF: 324 Rx. Getting better at double unders!

  4. Christian

    Jalapeño Business – 19:59 rx

    Never finished a WOD between the call of “1” and “time” before. Felt freakin awesome to sneak under the cap, and I let out a big F yeah — sorry for that, 6:30!!

    That wod was so fun. Got tangled up in my DUs too much, but did much better on WBs than I expected!

    • Cheryl

      Finishing before the call of 1 deserved a F yeah. If you weren’t going to yell it I would have yelled it for you. Awesome job… and FUN WORK!

      • Christian

        Thank you, thank you!! Glad you convinced me to start regularly working Wall Balls. I’m starting to like them… Sick, I know!

  5. 14:30 (12#, SU)

    100WB in 6:23

  6. Cheryl

    Jalapeno Business – 17:04 10# ball to target and SU

    Wall balls may always be a challenge for me, but all the work I’ve done practicing is definitely paying off. I still have a lot of room for improvement but am happy to see progress.

    BTW, has anyone else noticed the wall balls say “fun work” on them? Well played wall ball makers…well played.

    • Christian

      Fun Work, Cheryl. Awesome job!! You’ve made INSANE WB progress in the last few weeks. It’s been fun to watch!!

  7. Rebecca

    Jalapeno Business: 19:40 (6# WB to purple line and DUs Rx).

  8. JB- 17:00
    #10 to blue line. 50DU attempts didn’t get one. Switched to 200 singles.


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