Wednesday 07.17.13

It's time to set some new PR's!!

It’s time to set some new PR’s!!

Max Out Wednesday!

1 Rep Max Snatch

1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

Post weights to comments.

Optical illusion!

Optical illusion!

Quick tips on maxing out

Enter the tunnel – When you step up to that bar everything else in the room should fade away. Your only focus is just you and the weight you are about to lift.

Keep it simple – Give yourself 1 or 2 simple cues to focus on before you lift. There is not enough time during the lift to run through every aspect of the movement. If you do, it will usually slow down the lift.

Visualize between attempts – Practice external and internal visualization. One where you are watching a video of yourself from an outside perspective, the other where you see everything through your own eyes.

Confidence – You can not fear the weight. Any hesitation can cause a missed lift. You have to approach the bar without a doubt in your mind. If you have a hard time with that just think of all the practice and work you have put in leading up to this moment.

Don’t put the weight on a pedestal – Yes, it might be a weight you have never lifted before, but if you let that consume your mind you run the risk of giving the weight an impossible aura. Anything is possible, and a year from now this new PR is going to be easy to hit. Plus, if you are doing your visualization correctly then you have probably seen yourself make the lift dozens if not hundreds of times before attempting it.


  1. Snatch, power: 165# (30# PR)
    Clean, squaaat & Jerk: 240# (15# PR)

    Then I somehow became a Filthy Ho…Ronda can be very persuasive.

  2. Cotter

    Snatch: 145# (failed 155#)
    C&J: 215# (failed 225#)

  3. 1 RM Snatch 135# — failed at 145#
    1 RM Clean & Jerk 155# — failed at 175#

    Great working w/ Cotter and Eddie at the platform. Thanks for the coaching Harry.

  4. Mike R.

    1RM Snatch: 135# (tied PR, but felt much better about form this time around) – failed at 145# twice
    1RM C&J: 185# (10# PR) – got the clean at 190# (PR for clean) but failed the jerk

  5. Andy M.

    1RM Snatch: 110# (5# PR)
    1RM C&J: 145# (failed at 160#, PR is 155#)
    Some big PR’s happening at the 5:30am today, great stuff.

    Boomerang: 10:49

  6. Braatz

    Snatch: 145# (10# PR) – failed at 155#

    Clean & Jerk: 195# (10# PR)


  7. Snatch: 110# (5# PR)

    C&J: 160# (5# PR)

  8. Needed to stay underhead today…shoulder

    1RM Clean: 195# (10# PR)

  9. Like that a lot Eddie. Glass half full approach right there.

    It’s not that I can’t go overhead… it’s that I GET TO go underhead. Boom.

    • I like to end my “boom” with “shakalaka”…if you’re looking to shake things up a bit.

  10. Greg D

    1 Rep Max Snatch: 135# (10# PR from 04/28/13)

    1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk: 165# (10# PR from 04/28/13)

  11. Andy L

    Snatch: 125# (10# PR) – 135f…been wanting this since the open! Next time need to remember to go in 5# steps.

    Clean & Jerk: 175# (10#PR) – 185f, 180f

    Overall really great to get after these 1RM after all the OTM work.

  12. Snatch: 85#–this did not go as well as I had expected. Lots of shoulder discomfort and tightness that seemed to impact my technique and energy. Decided to stop at 85–but that was my 90%–so I know I got more in me!

    Clean and Jerk: 135#–this went MUCH better. Still tough on shoulder, but, I was able to PR 10#’s. Excellent coaching tips from Ben–really helped and directly impacted my improvement today!

    Great working with you, Sarah!! Lots of energy and PR’s in the 8:30 today:-)

  13. Brian L

    snatch- 195 (10# pr)
    C&J-225 (10# pr)

  14. hey guys –

    i don’t know if the bergerons gold tickets are gone yet, but i also have a three day gold pass up for grabs as well as a separate ticket for just friday at the games. if you or anyone else you know may be interested, please let me know! xmegfox [at]!

    good luck with the maxes today. go get it!! : )

    • Hi there—I am interested in a Friday ticket. I just told Harry this–as he said he knew someone—not sure if that someone is you. I will email you now

  15. Sarah S.

    Snatch: 75# (tied PR, but better form today), failed 80#
    C&J: 110# (5# PR)

    I “get” that when you correct your form, the weight will feel lighter even though you are increasing the weight, it never ceases to amaze me when you actually FEEL it. Thank you Ben!

    Great working with you today Sam! Awesome job.

  16. Ashley R

    Snatch: 75# failed at 80# (stuck here!)
    C& J: 115# PR. (5#)

    Great PR’s from my lifting partners Jlll and Lynne!

    • Well, hello there—sorry to miss you. Must have passed each other this morning on the back-to-back class.

  17. Wendy P

    Snatch: 60# – (10# PR)… failed at 65#
    C&J: 95# (5# PR)… did not try 100- hopefully next time

    little by little…

    -loved having my daughter as my partner – great job Lauren.

    Also, really enjoyed when Terrie started her own dance party after her C&J- 20# PR – she always makes me smile. :)

    Thanks Kev and Harry

  18. Rick W.

    Snatch 130#
    C&J 175# (10# PR)

  19. Laura C

    Snatch: 75# tied PR for snatch but I have never squatted it so I guess that’s a pr?
    Clean and jerk: 105# PR. for both together about a 20# pr BUT individually a 5# clean PR and 7.5# jerk (that was from the rack). This is a bit more then my bodyweight.

    I failed 3 times at 110#. I just could not get it. I’m thrilled with that bc I now know my MAX! I will get it!!

    VIP of the day was Teri DiCarlo. Huge PR.. Best celebration… Including pole dancing.. LOVE HER! Stronger then she thinks she is!

    • Melinda

      Great job Laura! Strong!

      and yes, Teri takes the prize today somehow gracefully transitioning from the jerk to victory dance with such style and energy..haha

    • great job, Laura! WISH I was there to see the Terri dance—damn! Way to lift more than your body weight!!!

    • Terri DiCarlo

      Awwwwww….. Thanks Laura !!! You did such a great job ! I had some much fun with you and Deb R !!!

      Lets pole dance on Wednesday again!!! Can I get a Whoop Whoop!!


  20. Snatch: 75# (10# PR)
    Clean & Jerk: 105 (10# PR)

    Great job today Laura and Terri!

  21. Haaaate that I’m missing this, but loving all the PRs!

    Dockside Annie: 8:22, 15 seconds off of PR but happy because I’ve been laid up w neck tweak since Sunday ugh. Just happy to move.

    2 minute double under drill: 82. I WILL break 100 before this week is over

  22. Snatch: 75# (15# PR); C&J: 110# (10# PR). Failed at 115#.

    Fun working with Ash and Lynne today, and thanks for the great coaching Kevin and Harry.

  23. Krystle

    Not squatting sooo
    80# power snatch (5# PR)
    110# power c&j (5# PR)

    Fun lifting with Sara C!

  24. 105 (5#PR) / 135 (not a PR)
    I felt the need to punish myself for not having enough mental toughness and failing 145 after many attempts, so I rode Beezlebub’s Bicycle for the first time today! 1min/22 calories. I’ve been avoiding that contraption like a cat avoids a bath.

    Anyone running the Weston 5-miler tomorrow night? Look for the Neutra Family at the kids and adult run!

  25. 65# … I did 1 rep at 75# in the open, but landed on the floor, so I don’t know if that really counted. This is the heaviest weight I have done without injuring myself ;-D / 100# (15#PR) feeling a LOT better about my movement and form.

    Great coaching in the 8:30am – TONS of PR’s!

    GO CFNE!

  26. Sara C

    Snatch: 70#. 5# less than the 75# that I did during the Open.

    C&J: 110#. Matched my PR on the clean (set not too long ago) + 10# PR on the jerk.

  27. Jonathan

    Snatch: 135#
    C&J: 185#

    10# pr’s on both!

  28. 1 Rep Max Snatch: 145# (10# PR), 155# Power Snatch
    1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk: 215# (10# PR)

    Nice job today, Jonathan! Glad we got to workout together.

    Kevin, Heather & Alex, thanks for all the tips today. I feel like things are starting to come together. Conor, thanks for pushing me to hit that PR with the C&J!

  29. 1 Rep Max Snatch: 115# (10# PR)
    1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk: 175# (10# PR)

  30. Heather V.

    Snatch: 105# PR, FINALLY got past 100#’s. yes!

    C&J: 125#, did get 135#, but didn’t stick the landing, so can’t really count it, then tried for a PR of 140#, no go today. Next time!

  31. Sarah B

    Snatch: 125# (20#pr)
    C&J: 155# (15#pr)
    Lifted with the best, most supportive group today! Thanks Geoff and Kevin…awesome coaches

  32. 1 rep Snatch: 145 10#PR
    1 rep C&J: 190 20#PR
    thanks for the tips Geoff

  33. 1 rep max snatch 65# (10# pr) failed at 70#
    1 rep max C&J 85# failed at 95#. Overshot on the 95# because of time. Next time will shoot for 90#

  34. Nicole D

    Snatch: 85# (20# PR)
    C&J: 110# (15# PR)

    Felt great today! Awesome working with Cheryl. Thanks for the tips Geoff and Ali. Frickin knees just don’t want to stay out. Something I’ll keep working on.

  35. Christian

    Power Snatch – 145# (5 reps here, best since surgery, but no PR)
    Power C&J – 195# (tied best since I’ve been back) failed jerk at 205# 5 times

    Back extensions 5×10
    Knee to elbows laying down holding KB over head 3×20

    Squat therapy/hip mobility in preparation for tomorrow

    • Christian

      3 reps at 145# – damn phone

    • Big progress. Way to stay at it. It wasn’t that long ago you that you wouldn’t push an weight above your head. Shoulder is coming along.

  36. Cheryl

    Snatch – 80 (5# PR)
    Clean and Jerk – 110 (5# PR)

    Amaaazing energy in the room tonight! PRs to my left and right all night long.

    • SO wish I could have been there to celebrate with you! You are my IDOL! We are lifting when I get back – I’ll miss ya girl!

  37. Steve D

    Snatch – 145# (30lb PR)
    C&J – 195# (tied PR)

    I had never done squats snatch or cleans for a PR weight. Felt great!

    Huge thanks to Geoff, Ali and Doole for all the encouragement.

    Love this place!!! :-)

  38. New pts at snatch 115 lbs up 10 lb Nd clean and jerk pr 150 lbs up 15 lbs. psyched

  39. Jared S

    Richardson , TX Marriott Murph : 29:00 rx
    1 mile treadmill 100 pu’s, 200 push ups 300 air squats, 1 mile treadmill

  40. Snatch 85# 5# pr
    Clean and jerk 125# 10# pr

    So great seeing 5:30 and 6:30 killing it.

  41. Maureen B.

    Snatch: 80# (5# PR)
    C&J: 110 (5# PR)

  42. dylan r

    Snatch: 150# (15#PR)
    C&J: 185# (10#PR)

  43. yoga, snatch and clean work then black mamba with green band 18:15


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