It's time to set some new PR's!!

It’s time to set some new PR’s!!

Max Out Wednesday!

1 Rep Max Snatch

1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk

Post weights to comments.

Optical illusion!

Optical illusion!

Quick tips on maxing out

Enter the tunnel – When you step up to that bar everything else in the room should fade away. Your only focus is just you and the weight you are about to lift.

Keep it simple – Give yourself 1 or 2 simple cues to focus on before you lift. There is not enough time during the lift to run through every aspect of the movement. If you do, it will usually slow down the lift.

Visualize between attempts – Practice external and internal visualization. One where you are watching a video of yourself from an outside perspective, the other where you see everything through your own eyes.

Confidence – You can not fear the weight. Any hesitation can cause a missed lift. You have to approach the bar without a doubt in your mind. If you have a hard time with that just think of all the practice and work you have put in leading up to this moment.

Don’t put the weight on a pedestal – Yes, it might be a weight you have never lifted before, but if you let that consume your mind you run the risk of giving the weight an impossible aura. Anything is possible, and a year from now this new PR is going to be easy to hit. Plus, if you are doing your visualization correctly then you have probably seen yourself make the lift dozens if not hundreds of times before attempting it.