Tuesday 07.16.13

Chad making it look easy!

Chad making it look easy!

1 Mile Run
50 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Ali always working hard!

Ali always working hard!

CFNE Summer Social
-Friday Aug 2nd
-At The Kinsale in Boston
-Party Bus:
30 person cap. (20 Spots left)
Pick up @ CFNE 7pm
Leaving the Kinsale @ 1am (back to CFNE)
Sign up here: https://crossfit-new-england.theboxhq.com/events/cfne-2013-summer-social


CFNE Teen Competition
Sat Aug 10th
-2 Divisions, Ages: 12, 13, 14/ 15, 16, 17
-Restration is live on the CFNE site
Or here: https://crossfit-new-england.theboxhq.com/events/cfne-teen-competition-2013

We are also looking for volunteers to help out at the Competition. If you are interested in helping contact Rachel at rachel@crossfitnewengland.com


  1. Heyyyy. Who snapped that pic? So sneaky. Glad I wasnt caught checking out facebook in that pic 😉

    Cant wait for the Party Bus!! Sign up kids!

    • Sara C

      I did! It was a while ago, as you can see if you look at itty bitty Bode on the floor asleep in his bassinet!

  2. Dear Craig,

    It’s on



  3. Cotter

    “Boomerang”: 12:10

  4. 9:17 rx

  5. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone!! So happy to be back at it with the Mayhemers after vacation and 30th bday celebrations with lots of cake and cocktails last week!! 😉
    Pre-WOD: 2 mile run and 100 sit-ups
    Boomerang: 12:38 Rx! :) I think though I took TOO much of Harry’s advice and was too slow and steady on the burpees (but did go unbroken) so need to get through them faster next time for sure. I will blame it on my severe gluttony these past few weeks! Yikes.
    Have a great day everyone. :)

    • Tricia D

      Welcome back! Hope you had a great vaca. Great job today!

    • Michelene

      Great to have you back and happy birthday!!!

    • Alison

      Welcome back and happy birthday! You got your birthday burpees built into the WOD. : )

    • Heather O

      Thanks ladies! :-) I am so happy to be back with you pretties!! Makes for a much better day at the office when you start it at CFNE! 😉

  6. 11:56 Rx. Slowly but surely on this stuff

    15-20 light squat snatches

    “Lipson” test (400m body weight – 200# sled pull): 6:06

    Max broad jump: 93 inches

    Max and Harry, immensely helpful on the snatch. You never know what will be there tomorrow, but today was a click today. First time I’ve felt real progress in a while. Thanks!

  7. Andy L

    Boomerang 11:12

  8. Tricia D

    Boomerang 12:14 (sub 1600 meter row)

    Snoozed too many times this morning bc my sick kiddos were up pretty much all night, but nice to wod with the 630 am crew for a change! Great class, Rachel, and thanks for your help with the stretches.

    • Heather O

      Awesome job rowing this girl! I hope your precious babies feel better soon. :-) xoxo

  9. Boomerang- 10:30.
    PRd my mile 7:34.

    6:30AM nice to put some faces to names and also see some familiar faces doing double duty. Really impressive performance by AM athletes and coaches.

  10. Big Mike

    Boomerang: 10:23
    Called it with Kate playing the rabbit today. The burpees actually got easy toward the end…..said no one ever.

    Will it be awkward if I EPOC after my presentation tomorrow and lay on the floor and create a sweat angel?

  11. Mike R

    Boomerang: 9:33 (mile was 6:15ish, came unraveled a little on the last 20 or so burpees)
    Lipson test: 7:09 (BW 160#)

  12. rich t

    Boomerang: 12:46 ?
    (7:43 1 mile run)

  13. Michelene

    Boomerang: 10:57

  14. Rick W.

    Boomerang: 9:44 / 6:19 mile
    OTM * 10 – 3 Squat Snatches @85#

  15. Boomerang: 10:55 / 7:10 mile

  16. Craig B.

    8:54 rx

  17. Boomerang: 13:57 (9:07 mile)

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by my mile time. I also didn’t hate this workout as much as I thought I would; I kinda liked it, in fact. That may be because I mentally prepped myself to not worry about how much faster others were – something I should have done yesterday.

  18. 9:38
    Snatch 3 OTM x 10 mins @ 125 – spicey

  19. Boomerang: 10:30, airdyne (75 cals in 7:30) instead of run.

  20. Boomerang: 9:31

  21. Boomerang 12:29.
    Was pleased with my mile time of 7:38. That was
    A PR for me and I was even saving some in the
    Tank for my burpees! Burpees were slow
    But steady. Feet and calfs cramp up which causes
    Me to have to stop more often.
    Good cardio WOD and felt much better than

  22. “Boomerang” Arlington-style
    2mile run: 17:13
    50 Buprees: 3:55

    Not sure what I was thinking when I read the page and remembered this. Might have something with being up all night at the FD. Regardless, a little extra isn’t bad.

  23. Alison

    Catch up post

    Saturday – sprint tri. Finished and had fun.
    Sunday – 3 mile jog
    Monday – Black Mamba – 25:48 with 24″ step ups and kipping pullups. Lower calf really tight from tri (see what happens when you do a tri, but don’t train on the bike??!!)
    Tuesday – Boomerang – 11:16. Run was slow, still stiff. Cash out 19 pullups – Pr by 7. Woo hoo, totally psyched. Did 20, but not sure that the 20th counted. 2013 goal is 20, so that’s definitely attainable.

    • Heather O

      AMAZING Alison!! Congrats on your tri. I am glad you had such a great day for it. :-) And great job today too on the WOD and with the pullups. :-)

    • Tricia D

      Wow, Alison, contests on the tri! What an accomplishment! You def continue to be an inspiration!

    • Katie c

      You flew on those burpees…nice job! Congrats on the tri!!!!

    • Alison

      Thanks ladies!

  24. laura c

    Boomerang: 11:37 (8:12 mile – not sure i have ever timed this but I am slow but now have a benchmark and this was not at full pace but almost as fast as this little body can run at 91 degrees)

    3 x 10 OTM squat snatches 40# (was suppose to be 65% – not sure my 1RM anymore – this was light but felt good) – thanks harry for the extra help – we are so lucky to have the best coaches ever!!!!

    • Maureen B.

      You’ve. got. to. be. kidding. me. I had the same time haha, but faster mile, slower burpees. I didn’t even look at your time until now!

  25. Boomerang: 10:30 ( 6:50 mile)

    3X10 OTM squat snatches @ 65%

  26. Boomerang: 12:40 subbed 1600m row for the run

  27. Heather V.

    At home:
    Boomerang: 10:40 (7:07 mile)
    OTM Squat Snatch: 65#

  28. Melinda

    Boomerang: 10:07 (mile someplace between 7-7:05)

    Squat Snatch 3OTM x 10 mins @ 70#

    Fun 9:30 class!

  29. From the homestead at 6am:
    Power walk a mile, stretch well, run four miles (not for time), 50 Burpees in 3:55, wrist was not unhappy. Neither was I. Stay hydrated everyone :)

  30. Susan Stein

    Boomerang: 13:24. Not the fastest, but got it done.

    As always, lots of fun at the 9:30!

  31. Krystle

    Boomerang: 12:21

  32. Ryan R

    Boomerang: 12:43 ran 1x400m row 1000m

  33. Dammit…did it again. Stop using my sign in Ryan!!

  34. Sara C

    Wet Boomerang: 400m swim (approx. 9 minutes) plus 50 burpees (approx. 5 minutes).

    Best part? Jumping back in the pool right after the burpees. Scariest part? Right after jumping back in and realizing I hadn’t quite caught my breath yet. Whoops. Well, I’m still alive, so it’s all good.

  35. Katie c

    Boomerang 11:35
    (7:43 mile…my running times keep getting faster which makes me very happy! My next goal is to keep knocking down that run time)

  36. Jenny D

    Hot one out there… Serious respect to the noon class!

  37. Nooner class today. 11:05, 7:59 mile and burpees unbroken

  38. Ally B


  39. Laurie D

    Did this workout on the Cape with my dog in the early hours before the heat! Miss my 930 crew! See you soon ladies and gents!! Oh but the pond felt so good afterward :)

  40. Chad M

    I remember that day…that was during the warm up run.

    Boomerang. 11.52 A bit disheartening when you think you’re pushing a bit, trying to “turn it on” downhill and take bigger strides on the uphill, feel like you’re moving faster and then you finish your mile at, I think it was like 8.30ish. I’m not giving up on this running thing.

    • laura c

      I totally understand – you try to move your legs so fast but they just wont do it! But you truly feel so fast:)!!!!!!!

  41. Boomerang
    not my fastest mile…it was HOT!!

  42. 15:06 rx

    8:49 mile shed over a minute off of my mile since moving to colorado, finally adapting!!

  43. Conor N

    Boomerang: 8:28 Rx

  44. Kim P.

    Boomerang w 1 mile row 10:21

  45. Geoff L

    Boomerang – 8:14 Rx

  46. Eugene

    Boomerang – 9:35

  47. Sarah B

    Boomerang – 10:22 (6:53 mile)

  48. Ba-boom-erang 10:30

  49. Boomerang – 10:33 Rx (6:53 mile)

  50. Dan C.

    Boomerang: 9:03 Rx


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