Monday 07.15.13

With self discipline anything is possible!

With self discipline anything is possible!

Black Mamba
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Box Jumps (30,24″)
25 Double Unders after each round

Post time to comments.

Sea of Red!

Sea of Red!

If you’d like to come support the Team at the CrossFit Games in California, then this could be your lucky day!

Email Heather, at if you’d like to purchase a three-day, all-access, “Gold” ticket (July 26, 27, 28).
Tickets are $180, and we only have a few. First come first serve, so act fast!



  1. Sea of Red!! Lets get ready people!!

  2. 9:48 rx

  3. rich t

    Black Mamba 22:08 (50 SU)

  4. Dave C.

    13:09 Rx

  5. Mike R

    Black Mamba: 22:19 Rx (wrote 22:49 on the board but forgot about the :30 delay)

  6. Black Mamba: 17:35 Rx

    Late for a meeting. Couldn’t wait to stop sweating before the shower. Now I have soaked through my pants and shirt. Like a lot. #professional

    • Snatch x 10: power sn + hang squat snatch

      Max deficit parallete HSPU: worked up to an 8 inch deficit

      Failed a dozen attempts at a bar muscle up. Felt awesome.

  7. Andy M.

    Black Mamba: 15:40 Rx

  8. Black Mamba 24:56

  9. Craig B.

    11:03 rx

  10. Greg D

    Black Mamba: 13:28 Rx

    I registered for the East Coast Championships we are hosting on September 14th & 15th. I would highly recommend this to any CFNE athletes that are interested in taking the car out of the garage for a test drive.

    Lot’s of friendly faces and a really fun weekend of competition.

  11. Big Mike

    Black Mamba: 18:32-I think….(12 DU attempts)
    C2B’s are finally in the tool kit. Got big sets all the way through and box jumps were steady. This was 15 minutes of double unders training.

  12. Brian Linton

    15:49 rx

  13. Andy L

    18:04 12DU attempts

    C2B are getting better but there were lots of just pull ups in there. In DU news, was able to string together 12 DUs this morning a couple times.

    • Michelene

      Awesome work on the DUs!

    • Nice dude!

    • Andy L

      Does anyone use the MyWod iPhone app for record keeping? Good, bad, indifferent?

      • I use this blog and one of those journals that serial killers keep handy.

      • Michelene

        I use a WOD app, (just called “WOD” I think). I’m not sure if it is the same thing, but I really like it.

      • I like “MyWOD”. CFNE programs a lot of wods that are not in books/journals. The App allows you to insert these wods, make notes about how you did and strategy for the next time they come up, create progress reports and it synchs across all your devices. It’s great for lifting, as it keeps 1, 5, 10, 20 rep max data for you. Also does simple calculations on % of rep maxes.

        I also like that its handy on my phone for when I travel.

        Lastly, it has timers and count downs that can be used while you crank your music.

        They add features all the time too.

        Big Fan.

      • rich t

        Beyond the Whiteboard. Graphs track performance.

  14. Rick W.

    Black Mamba 14:30 rx

  15. Braatz

    Black Mamba: 16:34 Rx

    The amount of sweat pouring out of me after this one rivals the amount of disdain I have for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. We’re on to you Montoya.

  16. Rachel E

    Garter Snake: 18:40 (2x situps for pullups, step ups on 20″ box, 10 cal row for DUs)

  17. Black Mamba: 20:11

  18. Michelene

    Black Mamba: 18:44 (reg PUs & 12 DUs alternating with SUs).

  19. Katrina

    Black Mambe 20:03RX
    5x ps, hss 75,75,85,85,95

  20. Sarah S.

    Black Mamba: 27:07. Not Rx because switched to pull ups in round 5 when my hand tore. Rather than focus on the slow time, I am focusing on the fact that I did 250 double unders this morning.

  21. Laura c

    Black mamba: 22;29 (or 21:29… I forget)… 12 DU , rest RX.
    Linked a few ctb and getting more comfortable with them. I am glad I’m doing the DU attempts and not just being “lazy” and doing singles but man I get winded doing single, double, single. Need to break that next.

    Almost lost my cookies on that one….. HYDRATE PEOPLE!

  22. Black Mamba: 14:25 with reg pull-ups, a 24″ box and DU attempts.

    This was preceded by an awesome clean & jerk and snatch technique session with Harry. Can’t wait to use what I learned to hit some big PRs on Wednesday!

  23. 12:34rx
    PS+HHS @ 145 x 5 across

    REally grateful to work out in the 6:30am crew. Not my day today. I knew I was in trouble when Mike G strated throwing around the double birds mid WOD. Awesome. Kept me going. Nice work guys, thanks for making me a better athlete!

    • Andy M.

      Doole, I accidentally got in the way of your rope one time when trying to squeeze by and misjudged and it killed your rhythm, felt awful and you were pissed. You were facing the back wall. It was me, very, very sorry man!

      • Sorry did I whip u? I didnt even notice I hit anyone. I hit the box and the rack a couple times in the back corner. Dont apoligize for anyting man, If I looked pissed it certainly wasnt at you.

      • Somebody hit my rope today, too…where’s my damn apology!? I was pissed. I always go unbroken on double unders. Haven’t missed a rep in months. I’ll be waiting for that apology…whoever you are!!!

        • Andy M.

          I’ll walk into you next time so you don’t feel left out.

  24. Black Mamba: 20:49, Rx (minus 4 C2Bs because of rip). Du/su/du sucks up a lot of time and wind to get through 25 dus.

  25. Black Mamba: 18:23 Rx
    Struggled with the du’s today. But really liked this one!
    Thanks Harry and Rachel for your help!

  26. Black Mamba-15:29

    Pull Ups-5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1,1
    Box Ups-10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
    50 Straight Jumps

  27. denise sullivan

    bm: 15:15 started RX c2b’s on round 6 (kicking myself for not going those from start)

    rest RX…loved this wod

  28. Big Bri

    “Black Mamba” – 15:33 Rx’d

  29. Black Mamba: 22:08 (I think, forgot about the 30 second delay); regular pull ups and 20 DU attempts

    The DU “attempts” were really that I counted most of the DUs I failed (the ones at the end of a string). They were frustrating because I got DUs early but can’t seem to get over the hump in stringing 25 together repeatedly.

    This was a bad WOD for me mentally. I need to remember to do my WOD and not worry about how far ahead of me other people are.

    • *I think I forgot about the 30 second delay when I wrote my time on the white board. Whatever is on the white board is correct, minus 30 seconds.

  30. Ryan R

    Black Mamba: 23:55 reg PU, 20″ box, did all DU’s! That was a tough one in this heat.

  31. That was my post…haaaaa!

  32. John S.

    Black Mamba: 15:54 (pu, 20″, double singles)

  33. Heather V.

    Black Mamba: 12:04 Rx

  34. Jonathan

    Black Mamba..ish: 13:44 (Handstand pushups instead of CTB)

  35. Black Mamba: 21:45 Rx

  36. Melinda

    Black Mamba: 14:40ish Rx

    Ouch on DU today. Silver lining was having Heather V. as a Nooner and actually getting every C2B.

    + 5 x Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch @ 90# across.

  37. Black Mamba: I am still trying to recover(6 hours later) This was a hard one!!
    23 something. Maybe today just was not my day…..
    all chest to bars, except when hands ripped on round 3–I did ring rows, bit went back to bar to do strict pull ups on last 2 sets.
    Box jumps, and did ALL 25 DOUBLE UNDERS which took me forever. Still can not link them together and have to do single-double-singe—etc…so, probably did much more jumping that needed.
    Lots of water drinking today. thanks for the post WOD nutrition talk, Ben. Great to be at the 8:30!

    • Laura c

      Nice! I do single, double, single too and have yet up do the RX number bc I get too intimidated so way to go!!

    • Sarah S

      Nice job Sam! I was way slower than you :-)

  38. Susan Stein

    Black Mamba: 17:47 (pull ups (see note below), 20″ box, 50 singles)

    Being away for 2 weeks healed all my callouses and other aches, but of course my hands ripped (too soft) after the 7 pull ups so I switched to 35# kettlebell swings. All said, great to be back!

  39. Conor N

    Snatch complex: 155-170-185-185-205
    Clean Complex: 185-215-230-245-250
    Gymnastic Benchmark: strict parallete HSPU-2 @ full depth on paralletes
    Black Mamba: 8:23 Rx

  40. Ally B

    Black Mamba-9:19 Rx

  41. Colleen (C4!)

    Black Mamba 18:51 Rx.
    Earned. every. one. of. those. single. C2Bs.

    Super happy to have finally got, and kept DUs.

    5 x power snatch + hang Squat snatch @ 60% 1RM. Needed to make sure the sprained wrist was working properly under load. Yes!

  42. Geoff L

    8:37 Rx

  43. Last workout was today! Black Mamba–14:58 rx

    Moving family to NC (Camp Lejeune) today and heading out shortly after. We enjoyed being home again here the past few yrs and look forward to returning.

    Really enjoyed the opportunity to train at CFNE—-truly a super facility with an outstanding atmosphere….the highest caliber of coaches….athletes…and community…every day in every class. Appreciated the chance to be in and a small part of it all.

    Have a great rest of the summer and go get ‘em in CA.

    • Laura c

      I wish I knew when I Saw you today… Best of Luck “teammate”… You better be packing that crossfit Zumba shirt and wear it with pride:)! Safe travels and good move!

      • Thx Laura—I still wear that shirt…mainly to Zumba…but the girls love it so it’s a keeper…

    • Susan Stein

      You’ll be missed. It’s been great getting to know you and I’ve enjoyed working out with you. Best of luck and safe travels!

      • Susan thx much! Enjoyed getting to work out and talk with you.

        M–thx…we did get after that one! No better face-off partner to push the pace!

        Coach Geoff–e’mail inbound

        Braatz—thx man…any Kill Bill quotes for this WOD?!?

        Jen, thx much—and hah, converted another one! Will have you and Lil Tony headed to the Marine recruiter any minute….

        Doc, thx much…always knew I’d need a motorboat to try and catch you in a row WOD….great working out w/ you

        Lynn–thx…had a great time over the past month WOD’ing with you and the kick-ass 930 Ladies

        Thx much Marissa! Great getting to know you and Brooke….best of luck in the new house!

        Harry—thx Marine! Will be in touch.

        Big Mike–thx much….enjoyed being in the same classes–knew every time it would be a challenge to keep up…

        Thx Matty—great getting to know you and Colleen…that is one strong CrossFit family!

        Thx Dan—looking fwd to following this site to see you keep just crushing it

        Lil T—thx man….awesome working out with you. You are too kind to call those battles….you stomped through most of them!

    • Melinda

      Oh, I didn’t know this!!

      Wishing you and your family the very best, and hope to see you at CFNE again soon. Special Freddy Krueger partner memories with you!

    • Geoff L

      Its been an Absolute pleasure getting to know you Paul. You are not only a terrific athlete but one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met. Your character and professionalism speaks for itself and you will always be someone I’ll look up too. You will surely be missed by many of us but we are all fortunate enough to have had you become part of the CFNE family.

      Keep kicking ass

    • Braatz

      Best of luck in NC, and thanks (as always) for your service!

    • Really?? Wasn’t aware and totally bummed. Have fun back at the home of the Marine Corps, and I hope to see you again sometime soon. Ooh-rah! (It’s so weird coming from an Army girl, I know.)

    • Good luck Paul. I have noticed your changes over time, very impressive. Sean

    • Lynne Mc

      All the very best Paul!

    • marissa

      my very best wishes to you and your family, paul. it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. thank you for everything you do – i will miss you!

    • You are an incredible person Paul, and you will be missed here at CFNE. Best of luck!!!

    • Big Mike

      Sneaking out! Great to have met you Paul and best of luck. Hope you make it back to CFNE! Thank you for your service and best wishes to you and your family.

    • Matty Noits


      Very glad to have met you and sweat with you. Best of luck and come back when you can.

      Matt Neutra

    • Dan C.

      Good luck in NC Paul. Wish you and your family all the best!

    • Lil Tony

      Best of luck Paul. We battled a lot of WODS together. It is an honor working out with you. Safe travels to you and your family.

    • Thx much all—what a great place to grow, as an athlete and as a person.

  44. Black Mamba: 18:16, pu’s, 24″ box, 12 Du attempts for 6 rounds then SUs. Was able to get single, single double rhythm going a bit. Steady progress.

  45. Eugene

    Black Mamba – 16:51 Rx (started 30 seconds in)

  46. 12:39 KBS for C2B

  47. Matty Noits

    Black Mamba – 16:34 RX

  48. Black mamba 17:58 -I think
    Green band pull-ups, 24″ box jump and rowed for calories (10) in pace of double unders. Brutal!

  49. Black Mamba: 10:51 rx double unders got sketchy post box jumps – need to rebound more 30″

    Snatch Complex: 95 115 135 145(F second pull) 145 (ugly) called it quits no pop post wod

  50. Nicole D

    Black Mamba: 17:36 small band PU, rest Rx

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