CFNE Master’s Competition

Masters2Strength Lies in Tenacity. CFNE Masters Competition.

Saturday October 26
9AM – 4PM


— Athlete Registration —

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Timeline for the Day:

7:30 AM – Registration

8:00 AM – Athlete Briefing

9:00 AM – Heats Begin

3:30 PM – Awards Ceremony



Six Graded Events


___”Triple Take”___

AMRAP 3: 10 Thrusters, 10 Pullups

Rest :30 Seconds

AMRAP 3: 10 Powercleans, 10 Burpees

Rest :30 Seconds

AMRAP 3: 10 Shoulder to Overhead, 10 Box Jumps

Barbell – 95/65    Box Jump – 20″

55+ Division – 65/45, Jumping Pullups, and Step-Ups allowed


Movement Standard Videos:

                                                    Thruster             Pullup           Jumping Pullup (55+)

                                                             Power Clean            Burpee

                                            Shoulder to Overhead            Box Jump



Max *unbroken* Bench Press Reps (115/65) – 1 Min Time Cap

Rest :30 Seconds

Max *unbroken* Hang Squat Cleans (115/65) – 1 Min Time Cap


Movement Standard Videos:

Bench Press            Hang Squat Clean


___”Playground” (Floater)___

Agility Course for Time



Monday 07.15.13

With self discipline anything is possible!

With self discipline anything is possible!

Black Mamba
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Box Jumps (30,24″)
25 Double Unders after each round

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Sea of Red!

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