Sunday 07.14.13

Time to Squat!

Time to Squat!

Back Squat

Sled Pull
200 Meters

Post weights to comments.




  1. Sara C

    5×5: 105#
    Sled: 135#

    • Sara C

      Andrea…if you can forward my coach’s eye stuff to me (if that’s even possible!), I’d love it: scolket [at]


    • Tricia D

      I was telling Livi it was time to go out and get her chocolate for doing so good getting her pics taken and she says “should we bring Sara some?”. You know you have a way with children when they’re willing to give up their chocolate! Thanks again!!

      • Sara C

        OMG, LOVE her! And wow, tell Livi I will never turn down chocolates :)

  2. Mike R.

    5×5 BS: 4×185, 1×195
    Sled: 180

  3. Braatz

    Back squat 5×5: 185/195/205×3

    Sled: 175#

    First bar muscle ups. And don’t believe Sara… no cheating involved.

    • Sara C

      Braatz asked me to hold the bottoms of his feet under the pull-up rig. He said, “Just so you know, this is NOT considered cheating” and I thought he meant on our spouses, which seemed weird. It’s all becoming clear now…

  4. Big Mike

    Back Squat: 5×5 @ 205#
    Sled: 200

    Sore Quads: “Hey Hamstrings…welcome to our Hell”

    18 holes this afternoon…Cart is not optional

  5. Ashley R

    Back Squat: 85 x 1 then 115 x 4.
    Sled pull Bodyweight (135)

  6. Christian

    Made a mistake on the board –

    185/205/225 x 3 — felt great. So glad to be squatting again.
    Sled – 185#

    – 5 push jerks 135#
    – 10 push ups

    And some shoulder work on the cable crossovers.

    Fun Sunday morning!! Great class Doole!

  7. rick-v

    I did the WOD with my son Will this morning. Wow do I feel old. He did 5×235, 5×225,5×215, 5×205 and 5×185 plus all the rounds he did with me getting up to my 5 rep max. It is really great being a parent and having the opportunity and dialog to enjoy this together.

  8. 5×5 185,205,215,205,215
    Sld pull 185

  9. And then bike 30 miles

  10. Playing catch up from yesterday

    Morning: Lift up More: 19:29 Rx Curse you Dan Camp!

    Afternoon: Tosh Sprints (timed :45 1:30, 2:15 equal rest) – along Seaport Blvd – only hit 1 pedestrian

  11. Mass State Triathlon (Olympic Distance) 2:32:15 8min PR from last year! CF only this winter (started in Nov)…just got in the water twice last week and only rode once on my bike a 65mi hilly race in April. BOO YA! Can’t even imagine how much progress I’ll see adding in some CF Endurance sport specific WOD’s.

    Great Day!

  12. Big Bri

    Back squat 5 X 5 – 245/255/265/275/275. Apologies to my coaches, I had a hard time understanding the “across” instruction.

    Sled – 225#

  13. Biked 30 on Saturday and 30 Sunday in hills of Casco Maine.
    Not Mt. Ventoux, but fun none the less.

  14. 5×5 @120#

    Rigged a tire for sled pull
    195# for 60 meters, dropped weight to 150# for finish up 120 meters on slope in the road.

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