Saturday 07.13.13

Integrity, generosity, and kindness.

Integrity, generosity, and kindness.

Lift up Moore
5 Rounds
20 Lateral Burpee Barbell jump Overs
13 Squat Cleans (135,95#)

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On May 20th, a half-mile wide tornado nearly wiped the town of Moore, OK off the map.  Two dozen people died, scores were injured, and the property damage to homes, schools and businesses was staggering.

Lift Up Moore, building upon the growing tradition of CrossFitters to support and assist those less fortunate, challenges athletes across the nation to compete in a WOD to help this devestated community recover from the recent tornado.
If you would like to donate you can do so here:



  1. Chrissy Lacerra

    As some of you may already know this about me my brother Keith is in the Air Force… Currently he is stationed in Japan, however, prior to Japan he lived in Moore, OK with his family. (they moved in September) This was such a tragic incident and I just wanted to say thank you to all those who donated as my brother still have friends who live there and were affected. I won’t be able to WOD Saturday, but if anyone is interested in doing this Sunday with me let me know :)

  2. Mike R.

    Lift up Moore: 25:27 Rx

  3. Great wod, great cause, great people to do it with.
    Lift up Moore: 28:44. 115#
    Great 0700 group this morning, many thanks for the coaching on mechanics and encouragement Max …both needed today.

  4. Lift Up Moore: 23:29 with 95#’s
    Thanks for making it a great class, Doole and Max!

  5. Sarah B

    Lift up Moore: 19:51 rx…great coaching today, as always!

  6. Big Mike

    Lift Up Moore: 26:00

    Can’t put Rx because there were probably too many starfish power cleans on the last two sets but I did have 135# on the bar. Went to my thankful place and tried to get the last three in set 5 as perfect as I could. Great to be back….thankful to be back.

  7. Katrina

    Lift up Moore

    24:39 Rx.

    Very tough wod..

  8. Lift up Moore: 24:44 65#

  9. Dan C.

    19:26 Rx

  10. Greg D

    Lift Up Moore: 24:36


  11. Laura c

    Lift up Moore: 23:21 65#
    Glad I chose to go light bc that was a grind! Seeing the 8 am made the decision easier:)!

    Nice work!

  12. Melinda

    Lift up Moore: 19:00Rx

    Great 9am class, great coaching, great cause = makes for excellent start to the weekend!

  13. Nicole D

    Lift up Moore: 21:10 60#

    So glad I came today. Great class and great WOD.

  14. Maureen B.

    21:35 (65#)

    • Laura c

      Weird again!’

      • Laura c

        Wait.. Not weird.. You beat me by 2 min.. I was thinking the 21 bc of my seconds!! So nice work!’

      • Maureen B.

        Close though! The burpees felt good, but thank god you told me to do 65#, my god those got hard fast.

  15. Fight gone bad style dock WOD:
    Double unders
    Toes to rings
    Air squats
    1 minute at each station, 1 minute rest, 3 rounds

    Then went paddle boarding

  16. Christian

    31:04 rx — my PT finally okay’d me to squat clean and such and Chad’s recent work on me has been HUGE! Fun one to come back to!!

    Thanks everyone for sticking with me til the end !!

  17. Andy L

    25:05 started Rx and 8 reps in dropped to 115# – tough wod!

    Great 7am class max!

  18. Colleen (OC)

    3 rounds for time:
    500m row
    10 lat pulls (62#)
    10 snatches (50#)


    5×5 back squats @ 70#

    50 push ups

    Nice morning all by myself in Todd’s work gym! Missed that barbell!

  19. Lil Tony


  20. Craig B.

    18:31 rx

    • Melinda

      Nice work…was trying to keep pace with you during the WOD (didn’t quite keep up but was a good push)!

  21. 24:48 (75#)

  22. 18:48

  23. 23:02 RX

  24. 14:54 rx

  25. 7×3 BS @ 340
    5×5 FS @ 250
    20RM DL @ 315 only got 10
    Moore – 17:33rx
    Rowing intervals

  26. Heather V.

    18:40 Rx

  27. 29:46 Rx

  28. 29:49 RX
    Almost pukie twice

    Squat cleans felt gooooood

  29. “moore”
    18:36 Rx

    20 RM dead: 185#

    8×1:00/1:00r rowing intervals (:20 500 pace/:20 2k pace/:20 5k pace)
    (268m, 261m, 262m, 262m, 266m, 264m, 265m, 268m = 2116m)
    i have never seen a 1:34 split on the screen, even for a second, before this. pretty cool kinda by accident moment!

  30. Eugene

    18:10 (45# db squat cleans)


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