Thursday 07.11.13

Mobility time or nap time?

Mobility time or nap time?

10 Burpees
25 Double Unders

Post score to comments.

CFNE is...

CFNE is…

Bring a friend!!!
It’s our once monthly bring a friend day! Normally it’s going to be the first Thursday of the month but this month it got postponed a week. Feel free to bring in a buddy and have them see the gym and try out a workout!


  1. to stand next to a friend while they stand straight strong and true is wonderful. To stand next to a friend when the weight is shifting back and forth and bearing down is more.
    It is good to have friends forged from strength and comradery. Thank you CFNE !

  2. Cotter

    “Bubbles”: 6 + 1 (12 DUs)

  3. Chad M

    Bubbles. 9+7 Life is just so much easier when DUs click. BIG wrist circles, I got it, thank you coaches.

  4. Big Mike

    Again at CF 5th Avenue (this may take a while)
    Warm Up (not for time)
    4 Rounds
    10 HSPU’S
    10 T2B
    10 Ring Dips
    10 Hollow Rocks
    Then “Cant Stop,Won’t Stop”
    AMRAP 9
    5 power snatches (155/105)
    10 Hand release push ups
    Rest 3 minutes
    AMRAP 9
    5 power cleans (155/105)
    10 pull ups
    Rest 3 minutes
    AMRAP 3
    Air squats

    You know you are in trouble when you have to scale the warmup. I read this last night and thought “a lot of volume and a lot of heavy”. Yup……no one in the first two classes went Rx.
    I only did two rounds of the warmup and subbed handstand holds.
    AMRAP 9 round 1: 6 & 13 (95#)
    AMRAP 9 round 2: 4 & 5 (145#)
    AMRAP 3: 81. (a special thanks after yesterday’s 100 wall balls and 100 lunges)

    • Big Mike

      Oh and I forgot to mention they changed the rest to 90 seconds lest we lose out on a chance to improve our fitness

  5. Mike R.

    Bubbles: 6+10 Rx

  6. Braatz

    Bubbles: 8+10 Rx

    c/o: 5×8 deadlifts (205#)

    Today reminds us of this ol’ cliche: It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

  7. Heather V.

    Bubbles: 10+10 Rx

  8. Kate S

    Bubbles: 12+11 Rx

    • Heather V.

      Nice job! Pls don’t post after me again. ;)

      • Hahaha.. My sincerest apologies .. Won’t let it happen again :P

      • Sarah S.

        I was going to post earlier this morning, but then I realized I was going to be directly under you two. Needless to say, I waited. Great job ladies!

  9. Craig B.

    Bubbles: 12+10 rx

  10. Greg D

    Bubbles: 8+7 Rx

  11. Michelene

    Bubbles: 7+10 (12 DUs)

  12. Bubbles: 7 rounds(18 DU)

  13. Chris M.

    Bubbles – 10 + 5 Rx

  14. Katrina

    Subbed 200m run for Du trying to gett better at running

    5rnd +10 burpees +75m (appr.)

    Snatch 3 postion 55, 60, 65%
    60,65, 70#

    BS 6×4 @ 145

  15. Bubbles: 10+3 Rx

  16. Bubbles: 9 + 30 RX

  17. Hey CFNE! I have 2 Gold tickets that I am hoping to sell. $200.00 for one or $375.00 for the pair. If you have any interest please email me at

    Looking forward to cheering on the CFNE team at the games!

  18. Bubbles: 10+11 RX
    1 mile run

  19. Bubbles: 7 rounds rx
    Tried to blame it on the elevation here in Lake Winni but I got shot down.

    The best thing in the world is jumping in the lake immediately after a WOD.

  20. Micheal Jackson’s Monkey – 12+1 rx
    {3 pos snatch 105,115,125 x 3} x 3
    6×4 Bsq @ 245

  21. Sarah S.

    Bubbles: 5+20 Rx. Despite the low number, pleased to be able to do the DUs Rx. Obviously need to work on doing them better!

  22. Brian L


  23. Laura c

    Bubbles: 7 + 10. 12 du attempts
    Thanks Ben for the pep talk prior about doing DU attempts and knowing you are giving up the physical stimulus for the neurological one (which it did!!). I have not been doing any DU lately and I got a lot fewer rounds but did get a bunch of DU. need to work on them… Just don’t like em….

    Holy sweatfest! Bad to leave sweat angels at an md appt… Not quite as cute as at cfne!

  24. Bubbles: 5+12 (DU attempts) I’m committed to getting DUs, that’s it.

    Back Squat 6×4 across

  25. Bubbles: 7+16 Rx (essentially 50 jumps per rnd tho since I still do du/su/du)

  26. Maureen B.

    Bubbles: 7+14 (12 DU Attempts) Need to work on my DU’s like whoa. Nice EPOC speech Montoya!

    9 +2 Rx
    quiet at the 9:30 class today!

  28. Scott A

    Bubbles 9+4 Rx’d

  29. Jonathan

    Bubbles: 8+25 Rx

  30. Jenn S

    9+4, started with double unders and switched to single unders in round 1. It’s gonna be a while before I get back to those!

    Thanks, Rockettwoman! Abby said she had a fantastic morning :)

  31. Ally B

    Bubbles 11+4

  32. Geoff L

    Bubs – 13 + 25 Rx

  33. Big Bri

    “Bubbles” – 10 + 5 Rx’d

  34. 3 position snatch waves x 3 @ 115/125/135
    OTM x 7 @ 175
    6×4 BS @ 335
    Handstand shoulder touches – worked on shifting weight
    Bubbles – 11+9rx

  35. Krystle

    Bubbles 10 +15 (DU)

  36. michelle

    Bubbles: 8 + 8
    MU work w Kevin- so helpful!

  37. Nicole D

    Bubbles: 6 + 17 Rx

    First set of DU unbroken, then fell apart a bit. Need to work on consistency.

  38. Bubbles Rx
    6+7 double unders

  39. Dan C.

    10 + 34 RX!!!

  40. Bubbles: 7 Rx

    Bunches of nasty snatches.

    Got frustrated and left. Good stuff.

  41. Bubbles- 8 rnds 12 DUs …..first WOD ever doing REAL DUs and not just attempts. Sooooo they’re not pretty but they get the job done.

    Also wanted to give a lil shout out to weight lifting wed. My snatch has gone from legacy was that to not too shabby. Consistency, good coaching and sometimes some foul language pay off.

    Ali, Geoff, Kevin….loved the EPOC talk today and the happiness project earlier this week. Really really great stuff.
    Thank you.

    • That should say my snatch went from laughable to not too shabby.

  42. Bubbles: 11+5 rx

    3 pos Snatch Complexes 95 105 115

    6x4x265 Squats – barely made it

  43. Colin c

    Bubbles. 13rnds+4burps

  44. Rebecca

    Bubbles: 9 + 3 Rx

  45. Bubbles: 8rnds + 4burps (each round subbed 50 SUs for 25 DUs)
    (at home)

  46. “Bubbles”
    12 + 2 Rx

    6×4 BSq 185# across

  47. Bubbles: 5 + 10 Rx

  48. Joe O.

    Hello from Italy (Stationed here with Air Force. I always follow your site just to see what’s up and sometimes do your WODs. This is the firsts am posting. Couldn’t get to a gym today so this wa perfect!

    9 rounds + 10 burpees

    Failed on final DU attempt.

    Thanks CFNE!


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