Wednesday 07.10.13

Feet under the hips!

Feet under the hips!

Weightlifting Wednesday!

7 x 2 OT2M @ 85%

Clean & Jerk
7 x 2 OT2M @ 85%

Post weights to comments.

The gun show!

The gun show!

Understanding CrossFit short hand!
The above lingo stands for: 7 sets of 2 reps done on the 2 minute mark at 85% of your 1 rep. max

Green line – Shoulder position
Red line – Bar path


  1. Colleen (OC)

    10 rounds for time:
    10 walking lunges (with 5# weights, it’s all I have!)
    5 HSPUs

    12:04, with one abmat and a folded up towel.

    2 minute DU drill: 25! (PR by 10!) I got my eye on you Doole….

  2. Snatch
    7 x 2 OT2M @ 95#

    Clean & Jerk
    7 x 2 OT2M @ 115 1-3; 125 4; 135 5-7

    Thanks for the coaching on the mechanics Harry and Max.

  3. Snatch: 115…back to the basics here…no closer to landing in full squat
    CJ: 175…felt awesome.

  4. Andy L

    Snatch: 95
    C & J: 150

  5. Heather O

    Happy hump day everyone! Finally back from vaca but work is still crazy! :( hope to get back to my 5:30 am schedule soon! I miss you all.
    Was able to get in a 5k run and 50 air squats, 75 push-ups and 100 sit-ups before another early work day this am.
    I hope everyone has a great day! :)

  6. Big Mike

    At CF 5th Ave in NYC
    10 Rep Max Push Press: 105
    3 x 5 Push Press: 115
    “It Takes Two”
    100 KBS (70)
    200 Wall Balls
    300 Single Unders
    200 Lunges with 20# WB Overhead

    Finished under the 20 min time cap. My partner did not like wall balls so I got the brunt of them. Then literally got stuck in Times Square walking back to hotel when my quads locked up. Tourists ran up to me and started taking pictures with me because they thought I was a statue. Made $7.

  7. Braatz

    Snatch: 115# x 3, 125# x 4

    Clean & Jerk: 155#

    Re: the video of Milko Tokola… as Sally (from When Harry Met Sally) said, “I’ll have what he’s having”.

    • Braatz

      I just remembered that it wasn’t Sally who said that… it was the other woman in the diner. But you get the point. I hope.

      • That was actually the director’s mother – and it was ad lib.

    • Hahaha

  8. Fight gone bad @ cfgreat barrington. 212 rx. Miss cfne like CRAZY!

  9. Scott W

    7 x 2 OT2M @ 85# Definately needs work.

    Clean & Jerk
    7 x 2 OT2M @ 135#

  10. Snatch: 85#.
    Could not do C&J because shoulder was
    Aggravated. Didnt want to make it worse
    Snatch is getting better. Eager to do
    1rep max test next week. Form has come
    A long way…..
    Thanks for the tips, Rachel. Video was also

  11. michelle

    Snatch: 85#/ C&J 115#
    Holy crap, that was an awesome class! Thank you, Ben & Rachel!

  12. Sarah S.

    Snatch: 60#
    C&J: 90#

    I loved today’s workout – I think it was the timing. Plenty of time to get set and recover between reps.

    We talk all the time about how much we miss CFNE when away, even when crossfitting at other boxes. It is so true! We were away for almost 3 weeks earlier this summer and while I was fortunate to have a “box away from home” it is just NOT the same as Ben’s programming! Ben, thank you.

    Finally, I thought to myself after I left this morning that it is really nice to see Max coming into his own with coaching. We are fortunate to have the best staff there is (truly), and Max gave several key tips for the lifts to the class this morning: you only get one chance to be fast, and work on the snatch balance if you are not comfortable in the bottom of your squat with the bar overhead. There were others, but these are the ones that I needed to hear. Thanks Max!

    • Kristin R

      Agree – great tips today. And great job on those lifts, Sarah!

  13. Missed a few Weightlifting Wednesday sessions so…

    Snatch: 85#
    C&J: 115# x 3 / 125# x 4

    Thanks Rachel and Ben for the cues and corrections. Just about all of these felt really good today.

    Post WOD
    3 Rounds: 30sec Airdyne + 200m run

  14. Snatch: 45#, C&J: 95#

    Great, small 9:30 class. Felt like both lifts improved so much today. Thanks Kevin, Harry, and Alex.

  15. Ashley R

    With my twin here at CFNE:

    Ashley: Snatch 65 twice then 70# for the rest / Clean and Jerk 85#
    Kirsten: Snatch 55# Clean and Jerk worked to 70#
    Great coaching guys!

  16. Alison

    Snatch 55
    Clean and Jerk 80

  17. Matty Noits

    Ran 7 miles at lunch time. Sorry to miss the 5:30pm crowd tonight.

  18. Melinda

    Snatch: 100#
    C&J: 120#(3) 125#(4)

    + PU work

  19. Snatch
    7 x 2 OT2M: 125# x 2, 135# x 5

    Clean & Jerk
    7 x 2 OT2M: 165# x 1, 185# x 6

  20. Matty Noits

    If anyone is interested in Rock Climbing tonight, the bose crew will be at the central Rock gym in Watertown.

  21. Kristin R

    Snatch 7×2 OT2M: 45#
    C&J 7×2 OT2M: 75#

  22. Jonathan

    Snatch: 115#
    C&J: 155# (tweaked wrist so only did 4 rounds)

  23. Chad M

    Snatch @145 first 2 minutes felt a little sketchy, then it just clicked and I felt dialed in.
    C&J failed first 2 reps at 195, dropped to 185 and every rep felt like I was fighting the bar. Got through it though.

  24. Hotel WOD:

    100 DU
    100 air squats
    50 dumbbell swings 30#
    40 sit-ups
    25 strict PU
    1 mi treadmill

  25. Snatch 5 X 45#, 2 X 55#
    Clean and jerk 7 X 70#

    really helpful to watch the video and, the constant cues,
    I want to echo what others have said, after visiting other Boxes, I am very, very grateful for the instruction we have here!

  26. Greg D

    Snatch: 100#

    Clean & Jerk: 140#

  27. Snatch: 130#
    C&J: 145×1, 155×4, 165×2

  28. Snatch: 90#
    C&J: 135#

    Oof. C&Js were a struggle. Good tips on how to fix my split jerk from Montoya. Looking forward to implementing.

    • After:

      1 minute DU test: 31
      Standing verticle jump: 18.5″

      • I feel like my vertical (oops – typo above) is low, but if I continue to improve my BFP, it should improve.

  29. Sarah B

    Snatch: 100#
    C&J: 135#

  30. Nicole D

    Snatch: 65#
    C&J: 85#

  31. Christian

    Power snatch: 125#
    Power clean, no jerk: 185#… As soon as I finished the last set I thought I should’ve either done 5 reps in the given two minutes or two reps at 205#-215#, but my technique is coming along so I’m happy about that

    Cash out:

    100 DB Bench Press (40# ea. arm)
    100 Wall Balls (20#/10′)
    100 GHDSU

  32. Maureen B.

    75/100 missed a few snatches and one C&J

  33. Lil Tony

    Snatch: 4×135 3×145
    C&J: 4×155 3×165

  34. Georgia

    Snatch 65# C&J 80#

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