Tuesday 07.09.13

Midfoot strike hits the ground directly below the hip. Well done 6:30 AM'ers!

Midfoot strike hits the ground directly below the hip. Well done 6:30 AM’ers!

Deadlift (225,155#)
OHS (135,95#)

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Welcome to the Dumbbell forest. Or as Axel Rose would say, "Welcome to the Jungle!"

Welcome to the Dumbbell forest. Or as Axel Rose would say, “Welcome to the Jungle!”

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  1. Cotter

    “Manhattan”: 11:09 (235 – easier to change out weight, 95)

  2. Jen W

    Manhattan: 13:25 (155/85)

  3. Tricia D

    Manhattan: 11:21 (80, 45)

    • Michelene

      Great time – I couldn’t keep up with you. You lost me out of the gate!

      • Tricia D

        That is bc you were doing more weight than me – great job! Thanks for pushing me, as always!

  4. Dan T

    Manhattan 13:42 185/95

  5. Michelene

    Manhattan: 12:15 (90/40) Great coaching (as always) Harry & Max!

  6. Manhattan: 10:30 (105/35)
    Could have gone a bit heavier on the DL…Focusing on form with the OHS. Felt really good! Thanks for the cue Rachel 😀 Time to bump up the weight – YES!

  7. Andy L

    Manhattan: 16:46 185/95

    Whoa. This really rocked me mentally and physically and I didn’t even see it coming, I even thought I went a little light… but for the first time in a wod I actually sat down to quit after my sets of 15. I’m very glad I got back up to finish after ~2 min rest. Lack of focus and hydration… really tough day. Thanks Harry for talking me trough my last 9 OHS.

  8. Eddie

    Manhattan: 18:02 (225/115×21,95×24)

    That was much harder than I thought it would be. I must have dropped the bar 7 times during the first round of OHS. Should have started with a lighter weight.

  9. Ali G

    Manhattan: 16:29 (155/75)

  10. Joe D


  11. The City That Never Sleeps – 10:44 (175 DLs/145 BackSquats). Harder than I thought, esp in light of deadlifting yesterday. Great WOD though.

    Jerry Fireman – you sir, are an inspiration. Killed it today. Great work.

  12. Doole

    13:10 rx.
    OTM x 20 mins
    Even: 3 pos cleans @ 115
    Odd: 3 MU

  13. Deb R

    Manhattan: 10:40 60/110 (round of 21 did 65/115) Loved this one!

  14. Laura c

    NYC: 10:09 105/65

    Did this wod last week at the box in LBI… Had to share bar and wait a lot so can’t compare time but increased DL by 15# and OHS by 10#. Prob could have gone heavier on both.

    Otm x 20
    3 position sq clean 55# (felt too light) odd
    3 MU transitions even

    HUGE shout out to Pete!! He found my missing grips! I feel whole again!! Thx!!

  15. michelle

    Manhattan: 11:06 135/80 still babying hamstring
    3 position clean 75-65# for half/ 1 mu otm for 20
    MU from bent arms, felt so good, haven’t done them in so long.
    Then tried from straight arms, rings from rafters, so close. Psyched to work on these.

  16. Manhattan: 16:47 (I think) @ 185/75

    Odd: 3 Pos Squat Clean @ 65 to focus on form
    Even: 3 pull-ups and 3 dips to sub for muscle-ups

  17. Brian L

    19:19 RX

  18. Alison

    Manhattan – 105, 55 12:51 I think.

  19. Eugene

    Manhattan – 15:29 Rx

  20. Andy R

    Manhattan 11:10 RX. Good class this morning.

  21. Manhattan

    7:41 Rx

  22. Melinda

    Manhattan: 9:15 Rx

  23. Session one:
    Max vert – 26″
    5RM DL – 405
    20RM thruster – 135

    • Hey, how’d you establish the vert? Did you slap wall, raise a ring like Ben suggested, or do we have one of those slappy things like at the NFL Combine? Just wondering…thinking about measuring if I can get in tonight.

    • 11:12rx

  24. Sara C

    Manhattan: 13:09, 125#/55#.

    Used two bars, so that’s not what slowed me down. I did have to stop to borrow Heather’s wrist wraps because this WOD is tough on the wrists and forearms. I think my DL was a bit too heavy and my OHS a bit too light. Would love to do this one again soon-ish with some adjustments.

  25. Manhattan: 7:39 (225#/115#)

  26. 1) manhattan: 12:41 Rx

    2) otm 20
    odd: 3 pos squat clean 65# (snatched round 1. oops!)
    even: 1 muscle-up attempt (got one on round 2. yesss. first time since 13.3!)

    hands; shot.

  27. Sara C

    For the evening class…Great advice from Heather today…try to get big sets of OHSs. Every time you drop and have to re-snatch and get set up, it’s like the mental battle starts again. Just try to hold on and get ‘er done until you feel like your arms feel like they are going to fall off (<–my words, not Heather's!).

  28. Missy

    90 DL
    35 OHS
    Should have gone heavier on both…but still a GREAT WOD!

  29. Big Bri

    “Manhattan” modified slightly – did 21-15-9 DL @ 225, and 15-12-9 OHS @ 135.

  30. Chris M.

    “Manhattan” – 11:58 (225/155)

  31. Conor N


    7:35 Rx

    Thought the the OHS was at 155 so did 12 reps at 155 for first set then switched. Thanks for the heads up Geoff and Max!

  32. Katrina

    Manhattan 15:35rx
    3pos clean 70#
    2 Jumping mu, and few rounds of transitions

  33. Ally B

    Manhattan-5:39Rx Good to be back with the classes :)

  34. Brooklyn – 9:36
    21-15-9 DL 225#
    21-15-9 FSQ 115#

  35. denise sullivan

    manhattan: 11:55
    115# dl’s
    45# ohs

    I was a big mess…but loved wod
    started w 35# weight on one side, 25# on other, had to strip and reload

    rusty bar was tough w/stripping weights in between sets (thanks kevin for the help)

    tip: never lift a heavier plate than you can carry…ha

  36. Sarah B

    Manhattan- 10:59 rx

  37. Katie C.

    Manhattan 8:08 (135 DL, 85 front squats)
    taking care of my shoulder, so opted for front squats instead of OHS

  38. Wendy P

    Manhattan – 8:07 105/35…. Definitely should have gone heavier on the OHS

    Great 5:30 class- thanks Kevin and Geoff!

  39. Nicole D

    Manhattan: 10:07 105#/55#

    Probably should have gone heavier for both. Time to invest in some wrist wraps.

  40. Corey

    Manhattan: 14:16

  41. Maureen B.

    Manhattan: 11:03 (125/65)

  42. Annmarie

    Manhattan 11:17 115#DL, 55#OHS

  43. Mike R.

    Manhattan: 12:21 (185#/95#)

  44. Manhattan: 10:58 (225/95)

    Vertical max jump (two flat feet, no stepin): 27 inches

    OTM 20: evens: 3 pos squat clean at 105 with 2 second delay at each pos; odds: three MU transitions and 2 press outs.

    Good to be back.

  45. Christian

    Manhattan – 15:12 (225/135 front squats)

    OHS not wod ready yet… Unless we’re talking PVC, but then there’s some loss in stimulus

    Paced my squats a little too much, but considering I’ve been avoiding going below parallel for the majority of the last month I’m happy with that.

  46. Manhattan: 9:35rx
    20 rep thruster test: failed on 13th rep at 95
    5 RM deadlift: 275
    3x1000m row- 3:52; 3:53; 3:57

  47. Bubba

    Manhattan: 9:25 Rx (OHS coming around – 15’s and 9’s unbroken, 11/10 on first rnd)

    OTMx20 odd 2 pos Squat Clean @115/ even 3 MU

  48. Rick-V

    The Happiness Advantage is so true. Be happy and good things will gravitate your way. Thanks Geoff and Kevin for the pointers with the OHS. still squating on my toes. got to unlearn that and focus shifting my butt back and wgt on heals. can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

  49. Heather V.

    Manhattan: 11:48 @ 85#

  50. Geoff L

    Manhattan – 9:03 Rx

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