Monday 07.08.13

Get after it!

Get after it!

Open Test
50 Wall Ball (20,14#)
50 Double Unders
40 Box Jumps (24,20#)
40 Toes to Bar
30 CTB Pull-Ups
30 Burpees
20 Cleans (145,100#)
20 Jerks (145,100#)
10 Snatches (145,100#)
10 Muscle Ups

Post score to comments.

Who loves Double Unders!

Who loves Double Unders!


  1. Missy

    Open Test
    260- not RX
    8# wb
    10 Pull ups- ripped hands, 20 KBS
    20 Cleans 55#
    sooo sweaty!

  2. Sarah B

    Open test: 273 rx

  3. Christian

    Open Test – 251

    GHD for T2B
    53# KBs for C2B

    Accidentally did 50 box jumps

    Blew up on the GHD, got off dizzy and that feeling stayed with me. I couldn’t go past 18:30 something – convinced this is all about my nutrition as this is the fifth time this has happened to me in the last three weeks (in longer workouts), but first time it completely stopped me in my tracks. Frustrating, but tomorrow will be better.

  4. Geoff L

    Open Test – 297 Rx

  5. Alison

    Open Test – 150 – kipping PU for C2B, cleans and jerks 80#, snatches 55#, toe assist GHD dips for muscle ups rest Rx. Did half of the rep scheme and stopped as this is a taper week for me.

  6. Maureen B.

    247 – 12#, SU, KPU, 80# – felt really slow/blah today

  7. Dan C.


  8. Open Test: 268 (kipping pull ups, 75#)
    Felt surprisingly good throughout. my hands were absoluely soaking through each round of chalk…Spent too much time in the chalk bucket. Need to figure our a different syst for my swetty palms so I can stay on the bar! I also could have gone 5-10# more on the bar, and look forward to seeing the improvement next go around 😀

    Sooooo good to be with my 6:30pm peeps tonight!!

  9. Erkin

    12# WB, 24″ jump ups/step downs, 2xSUs, knees to chest, green band C2Bs+PUs, 60# C

  10. Open Test: 252 (115#)

  11. Cheryl

    Open Test – 222 10# WB to target, happy I only had to chase the ball twice, bummed I didn’t make it to the cleans.

  12. Open test: 240 with blue band pull ups.

  13. Bubba

    Great getting back to CFNE and working out with Dan “The Beast” Camp!

    1) 3×1 Snatch 145 155 155, 2×2 snatch@135 snatches are moving lately

    2) Open Test 281 (1 snatch – five seconds from 2 snatches!)

    3) 8×3 Pause squats (3 slow seconds with Dan counting at bottom) 45 135 185 225 (ouch) 185 185 185 185 how long you sit at the bottom definitely makes a difference!

  14. 1) 3 x 1 heavy snatch 100#, 2×2 moderate snatch 85#

    2) “open test” 282 Rx… great FUN WOD to point out weaknesses and strength. wall balls unbroken in 1:42 but learned i need to work on staying on the barbell, C2B, and T2B… also, in my blindness missed the C2B and went straight into 5 reps of cleans, but thanks to maureen, (thanks!) realized i was supposed to do C2B first so went back to them. oops. : )

    3) 8×3 pause bsq (95, 115, 145, 165, 165, 165, 165, 175, 175)

  15. Open test: 245 reps
    airsquats for wb, 18 TTB/22 KTE, CTB with green band, 85# cleans

  16. Kevin G

    Open test:

    16# Wallball
    100 Single Unders (counted as 50)
    95# bar

    That was a bitch. But I loved it!

  17. Justin E

    Open Test: 261 rx

  18. Andy R

    Open Test: 268 rx. felt slow

  19. John Westbrook

    Open Test: 376 RX.

  20. Chad M.

    Open Test. (AKA my stupidity)
    I was good until the C2Bs, then I went to the barbell and got 23reps into my cleans (I know, stay with me) before I realized I skipped burpees, so I figured I’d finish my 30 cleans then do my burpees, which I did all 30 of. then I progressed to work on my 20 snatches which I only got 7 of before time expired. The best part…I was set up right next to the WOD write up on the white board, not a better spot for that on the floor. Like Harry said, at least I had a good workout.

  21. Rose Barron

    292 RX


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