Sunday 7.7.13



7×1 OTM @ 90%

Clean & Jerk
7×1 OTM @ 90%

Coach Ali leads the way.

Coach Ali leads the way.


  1. laura c

    snatch: 65×2, 70 x 5
    need to work on keeping legs closer together in landing.. Happy with weight as that was my goal a year ago and now doing it in a wod! WOO HOO

    C& J: 90 x 1, 95 x 6
    so happy with this b/c I actually squat cleaned 95# which is a big PR – and my 1 RM is 100# but know that is not my max anymore so need to redo that! YEAH!

    Great class in the dark, Doole and glad I did not faint – thanks for the tips about that!

    SOOOO nice to be back at CFNE! Wod’ing elsewhere with limited bars and no push to do your max is just not the same! I felt like I was HOME this am:)!!!

  2. snatch: 75×2, 80×3, 85x 2

    Clean and jerk: 115×3, 120×4

    Great class, Doole. Really helped to hear your coaching on when to breath and exhale on the lifts.

  3. Cotter

    Snatch: 95#. These need work . .
    C&J: 205#

  4. Mike R.

    Snatch: 125# – failed a couple of these, lacked a little quickness getting under the bar this morning
    C&J: 165#

  5. Big Bri

    Snatch – 160#
    Clean & Jerk – 205#

  6. Snatch: 50#
    C&J: 100# – 1RM is/was 100# so I’m pleased with this.

  7. Doole

    Great work this morning guys!! U were “lights out”. Get it? See what I did there?

    You were so POWERful!!!

    The energy in the classes was ELECTRIC

    u guys BLEW A FUSE lifting heavy weight

    I can keep going. Just Like the hamster in the back room that runs in the wheel that makes the electricity for Cfne. Appearantly he went on a bender last night and we had hung over hamster this morning. Poor guy. Tequilla and hamsters =oil and water

  8. Eddie

    Snatch: 95#
    Clean and Jerk: 135#

    everything felt pretty “easy” today, even though I still have issues with split jerks. Curious to see what new 1RMs will be.

  9. rick-v

    following MDV’s advice and continuing to focus on getting my overhead Squat (knees push out) (lock out arms behind head) form correct (mostly). Did 5 OH squats on the min for 7 minutes with 15# bar. Then did 100# C&J focusing on form and speed. still not consistent form on clean from above knee. warm-up run of 400M was good today. was able to keep up with my son.

  10. denise sullivan

    snatch: worked up to 62# (snatched last rep at 65#, failed squat)

    c&j: worked up to 80# (not pr but 8# heavier than tues)

    squat clean extra credit: 97# (2# pr)

  11. Sarah B

    Snatch: 105#
    Clean/jerk: 135#

    • Snatch 3×85, 4×95# not my best form, torqued my wrist on one of these.
      C&J 115, 125, 5×135#
      THANK YOU Doole for the awesome warmup to get us to the starting line well warmed up. It made all the difference! (These are actually my maxes.) I <3 your classes!

  12. Patrick

    15 min bike

    Press: 3×5 @ 105

    5 rft
    10 press @ 65
    10 strict pull ups
    10 dumbbell power snatch 40#

  13. Modified Hey Diddle “Daigle”

    4 RFT
    200 m run
    25 air squats

    6:47 (3 rds)

    Only got three rounds at track in before stormchaser Malik sounded the lightning alarm and we had to take cover.

  14. Rob C

    Man this WOD kills me. Still working on snatch form, 65# of ugly.
    C&J 5×115#, then 2×135# PR!

  15. Matty Noits

    40 mile bike ride with my buddy Paul

  16. First day doing this WOD. I’ve been dying to get in on these since they started!

    Focused on form and self-cuing
    35# snatch – actually ended in a squat instead of power position with this movement for the first time. Must be the wall squats I’ve been working on – YES progress!
    65# C&J – def could have gone at least 75# and still been fine, but decided to stay at the 65# to practice the motor pattern.

    SOO good to be at the gym today. Great class Doole!

    Amanda also gave me exactly the cue I needed for my pushups! Halfway to my goal this month with just one cue! BOO YA! Thanks girl!

  17. Ken K

    Just back and missed class.
    Rode very hard 20 miles with hill repeats and sprints.
    I was in Georgia for past few days. The heat in Boston beats that.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      Ken, yes to your question about Sandy. She asked if your friend in common is Eric… discuss.

      • Yep. Eric Wunderlich. We swam together in highschool. He went on to Michigan and me to Tennessee. He swam in Olympics and held a world record,, and now owns a crossfit box. He mentioned an ex teammate of his belongs to CFNE. Guess that is Sandy? Cool! Small world.


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