Friday 07.05.13


A 5k is an easy day!

A 5k is an easy day!

5K Run

Post time to comments.

We were wondering where all those barbells went.

We were wondering where all those barbells went.

Everyone knows what they don’t want to come out of the Hopper, but the physical tasks you dislike are the ones that will improve your fitness the most. When they come up those are the workouts you should do above any others. Find your weaknesses then attack them until they are no longer weaknesses!



  1. Jen W

    5k Friday?

  2. Michelene

    Easy day for Heather V, looking way too happy!!

  3. Kristin R

    5k – 30:25. Apparently i run better solo* because that’s a 4:10 PR vs May 2 (which I think was still the longer route, for what it’s worth).

    * not exactly solo – but Mike G was so far ahead I couldn’t see him, and Heather V declined to do a 5k every day this weekend. Shocking. Thanks for the encouragement, Harry!)

  4. Wendy P

    5k…. 29:48 ( about a minute slower then the end of May)….tried to beat the heat and crashed the 6:30am. Nice small class :)

  5. Laura c

    Jersey run: ran to put name in at non paleo breakfast place and then ran 28 min… Kinda counts.

  6. Kate S


  7. Colleen (c4!)

    26:11 (8:22mm)
    June 5k 8:14mm
    May 5k 8:18mm

  8. 20RM BS @ 285


    Not sure of time did 7s twice

    5k later today

  9. Katrina

    Amrap 6
    5 Thruster 105#
    10 burpees

    10secwork/20sec rest/20sec work/10sec rest
    C2b 3 2 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2
    Du 19 20 19 14 20 24 13 13 21 11

  10. dennis

    ran the Needham 5k yesterday, did Helen today, 14:40

  11. Heather V.

    Ran Needham 5k yesterday. Saw Dennis at the finish line. He was ofcourse rested and relaxed by the time I got there! Did the 8:30 WOD today, subbed T2B for GHD’s… Wanted to work on T2B.

  12. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all had a great 4th. :)
    Jamestown, NY fun: 2 rounds for time of 25 push-ups, 25 sit-ups, 25 burpees and 25 air squats: 9:37. Then a 5K around the local cemetery where Lucille Ball is buried! Sounds creepy but all the locals walk/run here I’m told and it’s beautiful, but hilly. Got it done in 29 flat. No PR but ill take it with the hills mixed in.
    Got 9 miles done yesterday too before the very bad 4th of July cookout! Such yummy food. :)
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  13. 5K at the 8:30 class. Nice small class. I overslept and rolled out of bed at 8:15—I was on autopilot–mumbling to myself “gotta run the 5K…running is my goat…gotta get after it…”
    next thing I knew I was in warm-up lines and doing mobility. Can’t quit now. BUT, I will tell you, I so wanted to quit many times. It was hot and I had trouble breathing. I just wanted to finish at the half way point. All I could hope for was that I didn’t quit or walk.
    So, 3.1 miles later, I saw my time—disappointing that it was 1:07 slower than last time, but, pleased that I finished strong. 28:51. Thanks Harry and class for the support at the end!

  14. Joe D

    10K-1:27:43-Did on 7/3/13

    Have a great weekend everybody!!!

  15. Big Bri

    5K – 23:57

    Not a PR, but I’ll take it in this heat. Strategy was to draft off Jared the whole way, which worked until about the last half-mile, whereupon he smoked me.

  16. 5k – 39:36, about 10 seconds slower than in May, but my feet didn’t go numb this time and it was 87F … A bit dehydrated towards the end with some chills, but nothing some vita coco couldn’t cure!

    There were only a handful of us running at 9:30 today. Great job Jenn and Joe!

  17. Sarah S

    5k: 25:19. Not a PR, but pleased to get through it in this HEAT. Also nice to jump in to the 8:30, thanks for coaching Harry!

  18. Jenn S

    Next time, remember sunblock. Yikes it was hot!!
    Definitely not a PR, but I’m happy with sub 30 considering I haven’t ran any significant distance in 7 months. Getting back step by step and rep by rep.

  19. Ken K

    Gym in NE Georgia mountains:
    AMRAP 20 – 6+10
    5 thrusters (105#)
    20 situps
    21 KB (53#)
    40 single unders

  20. Cotter

    5K: 30:54

  21. Harry

    Props to everyone for getting after it today. Not an easy task in this heat. This one truly goes beyond the whiteboard – what you gained today can’t be put into a number. Inspired by your efforts.

    • Sarah S

      Thanks Harry! It totally helped to hear your words of inspiration.

      • Kathy

        Your words, “if you can train in this heat, you can train in anything” was exactly what I needed to hear today! Brutal, but worth it! Wasn’t sure I was ever going to stop sweating…

    • Curt V.


      I couldn’t make it to Natick today and wasn’t planning to run until I read your note. I went to the Lexington track and ran a 5k. 35:30.

      Thanks for the inspiration Harry!


  22. Rasheed

    5k 28:22
    1:03 faster than last time.

  23. Scaled 5k – met con definitely decreased while out. Ran at the track today (92*).

    3.2k @ 24:00
    2400 run
    800 walk

  24. 3.5-4ish on Lake Ontario in the rain…34ish minutes. Then I dove in the Lake, cause ya know, I could.

  25. 5k – 26:20 – not sure why I picked 12pm class to run.

    Post WOD:
    Bench 5RM – worked up to 255. Failed on 5th rep.
    Bench 1RM – 275

    DL 5RM – worked up to 325

    Cleans 5RM – worked up to 195

  26. Bubba

    Double today

    AMRAP 6 5×155 SQCL thruster/10 BU: 4 rnds even
    OTMx10 10s C2B 20s rest 20s DU 10s C2B 5-7/DU 25-35

    5K 22:49 (it was HOT)

  27. 5k 23:43
    Solo CFNE run at 8:30pm. Was really going for a PR today, but I’ll take it after a 1.5 mi swim this morning in Mirror Lake (Lake Placid) and the 5.5hr drive back with 6 of my students. :-D
    6/28/13 CFNE 5k 25:36 – rough one, felt weak the whole time – it was a triumph just to make it to CFNE this night
    6/3/13 CFNE 5k 22:51 (:30 PR!) – on a MUCH hillier course! Thank you ALI for the fantastic programming!
    5/5/13 Moody Street 5k (Waltham) 23:21 BOO YA! Even felt like crap the last two miles…literally…ate WAYYY too much for bfast. (1:39 improvement from previous PR of 24:48 (2003) Chilmark Road Race 5k very rolling course…my junior year of high school!

    • I LOVE being able to look back at my WOD log. So cool to see the journey.

  28. brittney

    In my hometown, my first visit to a different box- CrossFit 423 in Bristol, TN. Small gym, only 30 members and only been open a few months. Am always amazed when people so far away from CFNE know of it when I mention where I go. Small class of 5 was nice, but I missed CFNE!
    6 Rounds:
    10 Power Cleans (55#)
    15 Double Unders (or for me,attempts…)
    45 second L sit on rings (moved to planks after round 1)

  29. I did snatch and clean work. My left hip/glute is still bothering me. Once warmed up I ran a mile. 9:42, finally getting.under 10 here in the mountains.

  30. Colleen (OC)

    100 drunken pushups: Impressed family in Fort Wayne, Indiana by randomly dropping and doing sets of 10 or 20 pushups. It’s not much, but pretty good considering what we ate and drank all day!


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