Wednesday 07.03.13

Weightlifting Wednesday!!

Weightlifting Wednesday!!

7 x 1 OTM @ 90%

Clean & Jerk
7×1 OTM @ 90%

Modified class schedule on Thursday July 4th. We are still having a class at 8:00am!! The class will be lead by the one and only MDV!!


  1. denise sullivan

    that is the coolest thing ever! love the musaac

  2. Megan B

    I love that video so much.

  3. WOW – that is AMAZING!

    • P.S. I’m SOOOO bummed I won’t be at CFNE for the 4th. And while I can’t be there with you all, I’m grateful I get to be here in Lake Placid.

  4. Andrew E

    Those are some awesome “scarecrow” elbows!

  5. Big Mike

    Snatch: 115#
    C&J: 175# (failed 1 jerk)

    And before anyone says anything, I was going to blate to my 7:00 Zumba class so I really only had 1:20.

    • Heather V.

      Pronunciation: \ˈkwi-tər\
      one that quits ; especially : one that gives up too easily : defeatist

    • 1:24 to be exact…42 cals in 1:24…it shall now be known as the Big Mike 1:24 Air Dyne Challenege. Can anyone beat 42 cals? I think not!

    • Big Mike

      I hit my threshold, looked down and I was 30 seconds in. This is not a test of fitness because once you do it once, you will never do it again.

  6. Colleen (OC)

    Double Unders


    Really frustrated in the first two rounds but the DUs progressively got better. No 2 minute drill today since I did DUs for the WOD.

    Happy 4th everyone- we are off to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the weekend! (Oh boy!)

  7. Andy M

    Snatch: 95#
    C&J: 140#

  8. Heather V.

    Snatch: 1 @ 85#, 6 @ 90#
    C&J: 1 @ 115#, 6 @ 120#
    Jerks have improved so much! Super pumped today!

  9. Katrina

    Snatches. 105×7
    C&j 120×7

    Jerks felt great today. Anyone wanting to improve on a skill, it is highly advised to use the coaches. I took a private with Doole this weekend and he gave me some amazing tips for my jerks. Today it felt super light with no press out. Very helpful.

    I also hired Ashley with a nutrition plan. Today is day one for my zone and modified paleo plan. She listened to my needs and goals and was quick with coming up with a plan. Just by looking at it and having everything right there for me is helpful. Now it is up to me to work the plan.

    A huge thank you to both, and use the coaches….they are so helpful and knowledgable.

  10. Dan C.


    New snatch pr after

  11. Rick W.

    Snatch 120#
    C&J 165#
    5X5 Deadlift 245#

  12. Michelene

    Snatch: 45#
    C&J: 70#
    Having a really off day. Todays weights were actually less than what I did just 2 weeks ago! Ugh:(

  13. Brian L.

    Snatch- rounds 1-6 175, round 7 185 (pr)

    C&J- 205

  14. Casey T

    Dropped in a CrossFit Great Salt Lake. Really cool box!
    1 rep max snatch 155# (20# PR!!!) failed twice on 160 but could get it.
    1 snatch 90% Max

    3 RFT
    5 HSPU
    10 Snatches 95#
    15 KBS 70#
    20 WB #20


  15. Rachel E

    No overhead for me so ran the scenic (read: LONG) 5k course: 25:40 (PR)

    6:30am lookin’ stroooong!

  16. Ali G

    Snatch: 5@ 75#, 2@80#
    C+J: 125#

  17. Sammy B

    Snatch: 70, 75#
    Cl and J: 95#

    Very happy with form. This Wed / Sun program seems to be kicking in.

  18. Ken K

    snatch: 130
    C&J: 155

  19. Colleen (c4!)

    Snatch 3@2×75, 4@2×85, hovering around 80-85% until I can pop the hip and get under the bar better. C&J 105, 115, 5@125# I wasn’t warmed up enough to be 125 across.
    Loved that video, informational, inspirational!

  20. LEARD

    Snatch 135# 10# PR (practice helps…who knew)
    Clean and Jerk 205#

  21. Doole

    10rep PP 135
    sn 150 x 2 155 x1 165 x4 – had to climb coz I was not warmed up missed 2 in the first two sets
    C+J 205 x 3 then dropped to 195 after two missed jerks. SS on the patio.

  22. Wendy P

    Snatch: 40#
    C&J: 55#

    Went light: Still not feeling 100%, jet lagged, and emotionally drained. Needed my CFNE fix- glad I went.

  23. Annmarie

    Snatch: 45
    C&J: 77

  24. Melinda

    Snatch: 3@100#, 4@105#
    C&J: 1@ 120#, 2@ 125#, 4@ 135#

    10 RPP@ 105#
    + 6x300m row

    Thank you Rachel for tips today, helpful – elbows up/in!

  25. Sarah S.

    Snatch: 65# – lots of room for improvement here

    C&J: 3-90#,4-95#.

    Bummed to be missing MDV tomorrow! Hopefully we’ll get some more guest appearances…

  26. 190/240

  27. Jared S

    Snatch: 115# taking my time with this one and shoulder mobility/form
    Jerk: climbed to 195# roughly 40# PR from 4 weeks ago when I couldn’t get past 155 if a split jerk was involved

    Row: 5×500 (1:46-1:47)

  28. Andy L

    travel wod
    kb (45#)
    ~24in box jump


  29. Jonathan

    Snatch: 5 @ 115#, 2 @ 125#
    C&J: 4 @ 135#, 4 @ 155#

  30. Sara C

    S: 60#x6, 65#x1
    C&J: 85#x6, 90#x2 (nooners did an extra rep because we’re cool like that)

  31. Kristin R

    Snatch: 40#
    C&J: 75#

    Still working on snatch form but clean and jerks felt good!

  32. Mike R.

    Snatch: 125#
    C&J: 165#

  33. Conor N

    Wasn’t feeling too hot so I had to miss out on my noon class. Felt better after work and hit it then! Really glad I did!

    Snatch: 205
    Clean and Jerk: 260

  34. Corey

    Snatch: 95×2, 100×5
    C&J: 105

    So frustrating how bad my cleans are after doing all those snatches.

  35. Geoff L


  36. 115/155

  37. Snatch: 125 (still not there on the squat but today was a huge step forward)
    CJ: 195 (cleans are ok; jerks are wet noodle pathetic)

    2 minute drill: 113 (at least 20+ rep PR)

    100 sit-ups not for time

    Bye bye Derby City CrossFit!

    Off to Canada…CrossFit doubtful :)

  38. Christian

    530pm – 7×1

    Snatch – 125# (iffy form, but hit every lift)
    Clean & Jerk – 175# (missed a few jerks, kind of iffy form)

    I was a little smoked from yesterday and my form was off so I also do the 630.

    630pm – 7×2 OTM

    Snatch – 85# (better, still having trouble catching with my butt back and not on my toes)
    Clean and Jerk – 155# (both parts of this movement felt awesome)

    Geoff, thanks a lot for all the cues in both classes – I’ll eventually feel comfortable sending my butt back and not being all toes with these lifts.

  39. Lil Tony

    Snatch: 145
    C&J: 175

  40. First day back from six-week restriction – SO. DAMN. GLAD!

    Did both movements with 60%:
    Snatch: 35#
    C&J: 2×35#, 5×55#

    Was so deliriously happy that I cashed out with a mile run. Not for time. Just because I could. :)

    Thanks, Geoff, for reminding me about the elbows. I was worried I would forget everything.

    Also, thanks Amie and Christian for the shout-out and encouragement. :)

  41. Jen P

    70/ 85

  42. Maureen B.



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