Tuesday 07.02.13

Shoulder distraction. Great mobility exercise whether we're going over head or getting on the pullup rig.

Shoulder distraction. Great mobility exercise if we’re going over head, getting on the pullup rig, getting inverted…
or all three!

7 C2B Pull Ups
10 1-Arm DB Squat Snatch (35,25#)

Congrat's to all our Master's competitors this past weekend! Mike Gorgio - 3rd Place, Eric Rapisarda - 3rd place, Jerry Fireman - 1st place!

Congrat’s to all our Master’s competitors this past weekend,
Rick Wanstall, Mike Gorgio – 3rd Place, Eric Rapisarda – 3rd place, Jerry Fireman – 1st place!


  1. Does anyone know what time the class or classes will be offered July 4th?

  2. Geoff L

    One class at 8 AM

    • Matty Noits

      Thanks Geoff, The Neutra’s will most likely be there…AMERICA!!!!

  3. michelle

    Way to go Jerry, Mike, & Eric!!!! Great work, guys!!!

  4. Craig B.

    Congratulations to the 6:30 am crew who kicked ass this weekend… Great job Jerry, Rick, and Mike G. and Rap from the 8:30 did ok too!!! Very cool seeing all of them lay it all on the line. Nice work men!!

    • Congratulations to all who participated!!!!!
      Nice job!!

    • John G


    • Rick W.

      Thank you Craig and thanks for coming out this weekend too. It really meant a lot to see you, Eric, JC, Ben & Heather,Dan, Scott and Allison (hope i didn’t miss anyone) there rooting us on!

    • I’d like to also say thanks to those who gave up part of their weekend to cheer. The real Doug Bell was there, Paul was judging and Andrew volunteered. I think we are still forgetting a few. The cutest was Rick’s daughter Emma taking pictures of her dad with a camera that was nearly as big as her.

    • Ali G

      All I can say is that CFNE crushed this competition and I was completely inspired by all of our athletes – incredible and so much fun to watch. I need to keep working to keep up with Mike G!

  5. Also, big shout out to Rick who did an amazing job as well!

  6. Krystle


    • Krystle

      I feel like EC on a running day

    • Maureen B.


    • Laura c

      I can’t Believe I’m gonna miss this…. Did 5×5 cleans… Up to 80#. Had way more in tank but was already 20# heavier then the rest of the girls so stayed there… I miss cfne!!

  7. Andy M

    AMRAP 20: 8+2 Rx

    Congrats to all the Masters!

  8. Sammy B

    AMRAP 20: 9 rounds + 13 (2 abmats, banded kipping, 20#)

    Phew. DB snatches very hard. Depth questionable … required more flexibility than I posess right now. Shoulders feeling it.

  9. Nice job masters. They competed against some very talented individuals. Loved to see it.

  10. Heather O

    Congrats to all of the Masters competitors!! :) You guys are awesome!

  11. Michelene

    AMRAP 20: 8 rounds (2 abmats, reg PUs & 15#)
    Congrats to the masters – great job!!

  12. Big Mike

    AMRAP 20: 6 & 17 (Pike Push Ups)…
    and the first round of DBSCS were snatches with squats. Once I lubed up I got a little bit of depth.
    If the Dumb bell squat clean thruster had a slightly better looking sister-she would be the dumb bell squat clean snatch.

    Good news was that I got all of the C2B’s unbroken today…little wins.

  13. Heather V.

    AMRAP 20: 8 + 2 at 20#
    Did this at Reebok One a few weeks ago… I am pretty sure today I was slower, C2B’s were sloowwwwwwww. Good news, did every round of HSPU’s unbroken.

    • Andy M.

      Like any goat you seem to eventually crush them as in the HSPU’s. Nice job!

  14. Rick W.

    AMRAP 20: 7 Rounds plus 10 reps – RX (Power snatch then squat)

    OTM 14, ODD – 5 Ring Dips, Even – 3 OHS 65# 5sec hold at rock bottom.

  15. Dan C.

    10+14 (45# DB)

  16. Rachel E

    Modified AMRAP 20:
    5 20# WB front squats
    7 24″ box jumps
    10 20# WB squat cleans

    12 rounds + 13

    Way to represent, Masters competitors! Congrats!

  17. Chad M

    So my first WOD in almost 2 weeks will have HSPUs in it…I guess I’m in.

    • Chad M

      Oh and Masters Competitors, when I grow up I wanna be just like you.

  18. Colleen (OC)

    Suicidal Turk:
    AMRAP 10:
    Suicides (@ 20, 40, 60, and 80 feet)
    2 Turkish Get Ups (1 each arm)

    6 rounds plus the running. Was halfway done with the first TGU when time was up, so I didn’t count that. My 35# KB is too heavy, so Todd used that, and I used a gallon milk jug filled up with water. HA! That’s about 8.5#. Lighter than I normally go but I couldn’t find anything heavier.

    2 minute drill (x2 with 1 minute in between): 12 and 9. Next time, two minute rest in between instead of 1 minute.

    • Colleen (OC)

      I also forgot to mention on 6/28 (since I was out of town)- it was my 3 year anniversary at CFNE! Thanks for kicking my butt everyday and motivating me to better myself in ways I never thought were possible!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Rah, Todd just corrected me. 5 rounds plus the suicides.

  19. Tricia D

    AMRAP 20: 7 + 2 (box hspu 1 abmat, skinny blue pu, 15#)

    Great class Ben & Harry – thank you for the help with skill building on the db squat snatch – def a very difficult movement, but glad to go slower and focus on TRYING to do it right with each rep.

    P.S. You know your a crossfitting family when…your 2 and a half year old says “how was the workout?” to you after.

    • Heather O

      Oh my gosh that is the cutest thing ever! She is so precious! :-) Great job today girl with those skinny banded pullups! I am hoping to get back on a regular schedule again next week and see you then. Happy almost 4th! xo

  20. Doole

    Congrats Rappopotamus, Mike G, Rick and Jerry! Great job guys!

    WOD – 9+11 w/45# DB. Left shoulder was exposed in this WOD. Need some dedicated MOB work there
    2min double under challenge – 161 pr – 97 straight PR!
    Bent over rows 5×5 @ 145

  21. rich t

    AMRAP 20 – 5+5 (25# DB, 1 abmat + 10# plate)

    feeling the 180 miles of biking from this weekend.

    • Andy M.

      Only 180 miles? I’m guessing it was all up hill to boot! Way to go.

  22. Congrats to all the master competitors!!

    AMRAP 20: 8+6 reps, push-ups , C2Bs, 15#)

  23. michelle

    Jackie: 11:17 rx off pr
    5 min amrap w
    kb: 3+7

  24. Ali G

    7 RX

  25. Melinda

    AMRAP 20: 8+4 at-home version (sub push ups for C2B, rest Rx)

    Yay for kipping HSPU…finally!

  26. 5+4 RX.

    all HSPU unbroken!

  27. Colleen (C4!)

    AMRAP 20: 8 + 10 Rx I really loved this WOD! My two nasty goats were there; it is was great to get better at both HSKPUs and C2B as the WOD went on. Loved it! I got my HSKPUs back after “losing” them on a WOD last week. Woot, woot!

  28. Annmarie

    AMRAP 20: 15#DB snatches, 1-mat, 1-35. 1-10 for hspu, pull ups rx

  29. Amrap 20:
    9+8 (power snatch/front squat)

    Post WOD:
    OTM 20 –
    Odd – 5 T2B
    Even – 10 WB

    I got some fantastic advice from Heather today. After the Amrap 20, I asked HB “what do you do when you have more work to do, but you don’t want to do it?” She looked at the clock as it was about to hit the top of the minute, and said “you start in 3-2-1 GO!” That was all I needed. It took all the “thinking” out of it. It’s amazing how much easier it gets when you harness the mental side of things…and it wasn’t so bad after she gave me the push.

    Thanks Heather.

  30. Chad M

    AMRAP20. 10+8 Rx

    • Andy M.

      Seems you haven’t lost the HSPU’s Chad.

      • Chad M

        Thanks Andy, That’s what happens when you have beasts all around you. It used to be a short list of beasts and now it seems they’re multiplying faster then ever.

  31. Jared S

    AMRAP 20: 10 + 10 Scale 2 (Power snatch/front squat) Shoulder mobility is embarrassing. I feel shame.

  32. Jim B

    Amrap 20: 8 + 6 Rx

  33. AMRAP 20: 6 + 3 Rx except 45# snatches instead of 35#

    OTM x 12: 3 ring dips full range and 2 95# OHS with 5 second pause at bottom, alternating

    Midline is the root of all evil. Like a wet noodle on the HSPUs and the OHSs. On the upside linked C2B for the first time…was able to do 4 and 3 throughout.

  34. Bubba

    Amrap 20: 12rnds+8. (46# dumbbell)

    12 otm. Odd. 5 ohs 95# pausing at bottom Even 10 ring dips

    2 minute DU drill 127 sucked.

    • Big Bri

      WTF are you kidding me!

      • Bubba

        Thanks Bri! Things went well for me! Pieced together a 46 lb dumbbell that kept coming loose. Really got into the squat snatches everything else unbroken. Should have done deposits on the HSPUs

  35. Krystle

    AMRAP 20: 7+10 (20#) should have done 25# those weren’t so bad… Rest RX

  36. Jen W

    @ The Athlete Lab (MN):

    8 rounds not for time:
    3 each leg: heavy reverse lunges in the front rack (105#)
    3each arm: kb thrusters (16 kg = 35#)
    10 GHD hip extensions

    100m sled pull (1@70# added, 2@50# added)

    This was interesting. Those lunges got tough quickly. The hip extensions were the kind where you lower to parallel without breaking at the hip; that lasted two round before I went to regular back extensions – hammies were fried. And the sled pull just sucked. 100m is a long way. Maybe could have gone heavier on the thrusters.

  37. L.J. DiCarlo

    AMRAP 20: 10 + 5 Rx

  38. Ken K

    AMRAP 20

    • Ken K

      Learned kipping HSPU! Thanks to Max and Harry for the tips, and Heather for support.
      Awesome workout. kicked my a**.

  39. Big Bri

    AMRAP 20 – 11 + 2 Rx’d.

    Congrats Jerry, Mike, Rap and Rick! Awesome work.

  40. Corey

    Fun workout

  41. Christian

    8+12 (box HSPUs, snatch then front squat with right shoulder)

    First time doing rx HSPUs pre wod (not WOD ready yet), first time doing chest to bar, and first time single arm snatching since September!!

  42. 8 + 12 with hspu on the paralettes .. C2Bs have come a long way since regionals but I still haven’t figured out how not to tear my hands :(

  43. Mike R.

    6+17 Rx

    DB squat snatches were brutal. Thanks for all the tips, Geoff. Huge help.

  44. Dan T

    6 + 2 35# snatched db lowered to shoulder then squat, hspu’s w/ 1 abmat

    Great working with 730pm crew

  45. Geoff L

    7 rds 45# + deficit paralette HSPU

  46. Maureen B.

    5 + 17 (20#, regular PU’s, 2 abmat HSPU) woof

  47. Erkin

    6 rds + 8 (25#, green band C2B, box HSPUs)

  48. 5 hspu knees off 30 inch box
    7 c2b with green band
    10 1- arm squat snatch with 25# DB

    10 rounds+4 c2b/green band

  49. Jen P

    9rnds ( maybe 10) + 8 (15#) green band C2B

  50. At the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY chaperoning the Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project student session.

    Today’s WOD “5hr drive”: 60:00 3v3 volleyball/ 2v2 basketball with my students. WOOF!

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