Monday 07.01.13

Hips back, elbows up!

Hips back, elbows up!

5 Rounds for Time
250 m. Row
10 Power Clean (135,95#)

Post time to comments.

Post caption to comments.

Post caption to comments.

The beginning of the month is a great time to evaluate past goals and set new ones. Here is a quick goal setting tip to try: Once you decide what your new goal is, tie an emotion to it and rephrase the goal as if you have already attained it.

Goal: I want to be able to do 10 unbroken double unders.

Rephrased: I am so happy now that I can do 10 unbroken double unders.

Post your affirmation somewhere you will see it often and read it daily. Good places are the fridge, bathroom mirror, car, at work, etc. Give it a try and see what happens!


  1. Katrina

    What’s the weight on the PC?

  2. Katrina

    Thanks, I was guessing that too.

  3. Caption: Dolphin Dive!

    • Rob C

      Ok lean forward and keep your head down…. But dude make sure there is a pool there!

  4. Caption: With this stance it’s “ok to massage your bro’s traps” :)

  5. 8:40 Rx

  6. Scott W

    12:29 115#.

  7. Andy M

    12:01 (115#)

  8. Michelene

    11:41 (65#)

  9. ‘cos this is thrillllerrrrrrrrrr,

  10. Mike McD

    3 Position Snatch: 175#, 185# failed 3rd rep from shins
    OHS: (BW)177# * 14
    wod: 9:12 Rx

  11. Craig B.

    10:00 rx

  12. Heather V.

    9:55 Rx
    Thx for the push Kate!

  13. corey

    we did this before right? anyone remember what it was called? i want to look up my time and weight.

  14. 8:21rx

  15. Joe D

    5 Rounds for Time-10:55
    250 m. Row
    10 Power Clean 115#

  16. Ali G

    13:05 RX

  17. Hey! Everyone be nice with the comments.

  18. Tricia D

    11:26 (65#)

    So glad to be back and nice wod’ing with the 9:30am class for a change! Great coaching Kevin & Rache

  19. Kristin R

    Fireball (?): 11:40 (60#)

  20. Jen P

    12:35- 70#

  21. Maureen B.

    Caption: “Yeah yeah I’ll show you proper power clean form in a minute, let’s work on the best form for a T-rex impression. RAWR.”

  22. Big Bri

    9:20 Rx’d

  23. First time post on here, up in Maine.
    15:02 135#

  24. Fireball: 10:44 @ 95# Great to be back.

  25. denise sullivan

    fb: 12:00 70#
    so much fun this AM andrea, great coach and so strong!

  26. Katrina

    10:02 rx

  27. Annmarie

    12:07 85#

  28. Melinda

    10:00 RX

    + 15rep OHS @ 105#
    + 2000m, 1000m, 500m row

  29. Deb R

    Fireball: 11:32 85#

  30. Curt V.

    14:33 Rx

  31. Kathy

    12:20 rx
    1 mile run
    Watching Max today was amazing!

  32. Conor N.

    7:58 Rx

  33. Andy L

    Travel wod AMPRAP 20
    5 pushups
    10 situps
    15 squats
    finished 21 rounds

    • Did this a week or two ago while traveling…you’re going to feel those squats tomorrow :)

  34. Fireball 11:55 85#

    Anyone training for triathlon? I’d love a training buddy!

    • LEARD

      AK, have you signed up for a race yet? I’m on the fence as of now. I’ve been programming for a friend of mine and it has me thinking… Let me know t l ea r d 5 4 at yahoo

  35. Andrew E

    4×6 back squat @ 115# across
    Fireball – 9:23 65#
    I pretty much reverse-curled the first round of power cleans. Needless to say, that was a mistake.
    Great job noon-ers!

  36. Pre WOD Lifting
    5×5 BSQ – 225
    5×5 Bench – 230
    2×5 DL – 315

    Fireball – 10:30 Rx

    Sunday – ran 5k (24ish)

  37. Brian L

    11:11 rx

  38. Maria Helene

    12:28 (40#) – my third crossfit workout..i like it, but takes i bit of time to get used to :) i have only been doing running before..
    My husband and I are following CFNE all the way from northern norway :)
    Thank you for your inspiration!

  39. Colleen (C4!)

    This is the first nameless WOD I’ve seen posted. No offense Montoya, but MDV would NEVER do that! Ah, a moment of silence for MDV….

    Nameless WOD: 10:19 Rx

  40. Jen W

    Dang, wanted to do Fireball (much more fun than what I did today).
    Visiting The Athlete Lab in MN:

    10 rep heavy squat: 145#

    Mary: 4+20; lots of mods (65# strict press for HSPUs, pole-assisted pistols)

    Tore the heck out of my hands today (5 separate tears). Ouchie.

  41. 5 rounds: 11 minutes on the nose. Wish I paced
    Myself better on first and second row.
    Realized after WOD that the seconds lost on
    Row if I went a bit slower would have been
    Less in the long-run then getting off rower
    And spending more time catching breath
    In between cleans and putting bar down.
    Let go of bar more than I should have.
    Thanks Colleen for the extra support and tips!
    Glad to be back after a week off

  42. Fireball – 8:57 Rx

  43. 11:27 (55#)

  44. Krystle

    13:48 or something like that… Ruck fowing!

  45. 3 position snatch: pockets, knees, shin, bar doesn’t touch: 45, 75, 95, 115, 135 (precious 1RM, so that’s a plus)…still landing standing up like an asshole, so that’s not

    4×6 back squat: 225, 255 x 3

    Snatch balance and snatch practice at 75#

    Fireball: 11:40 Rx (all singles…should’ve gone harder)

    50 double unders

    Oh yeah, from Derby City Crossfit in Louisville, KY…three different people asked me if I was “really from Crossfit New England”…well done, Ben.

  46. laura c


    I’m on the jersey shore so went to my friends box (crossfit-a-game). Not enough barbells so had to share with 4 ppl (and I went light…. Didn’t want to be a masshole and tell them it was too light.. Which it was). 55# OHS (all unbroken and good depth) 105# on DL (too light). Time was about 7 min but had to wait for bar at least 2 of those minutes. Most ppl took 12 min… I miss CFNE.

    Raining and gross here which leads to a lot of eating!! Oh well…. It’s vacation!

  47. Jared s.

    FB: 9:32 rx

  48. Matty Noits

    Fireball RX – 14:12

  49. @Crossfit Nauset
    5 rounds
    400 m row
    10 ring push ups
    1 rope climb

    -only one rower so I “got” to run (It’s good for me)


  50. Andy R

    Fireball. 9:15 RX.

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