Saturday 06.29.13


One of the best ways to be happy is to share happiness.

One of the best ways to be happy is to share happiness.

Book Ends
1k Row
100 Sit Ups

Rest 10 Minutes

100 Air Squats
1K Row

Good catch position: shins vertical and the body has a slight forward lean to approximately 1 o'clock!

Good catch position: shins vertical and the body has a slight forward lean to approximately 1 o’clock!


  1. This picture is so Max! Love it!

  2. Willie Mo, Archie, and Coop (all 11 yrs.) look forward to class tomorrow!

  3. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re at CFNE…also I was eating Chipotle…double happiness!

  4. Friday night fun at the Y…and I’m still sweating whiskey

    3RM front squat: 275 (got 2 reps at 295 and dropped the third; I don’t think that’s allowed. People came running in…score one for the concrete weights)

    10RM front squat: 185 (totally screwed this up. Ass was fried, went too heavy then too light…whatevs, I ended up squatting about 100 times)

    21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of SDLHP and push press both at 75#: 10:12…whoa, can’t believe how hard that was on the grip. I’m smoked.

    100 sit-ups not for time

    1K row not for time

    Off the Kentucky…see ya’ll. You will be missed.

    • Today was rough. I checked my pockets this morning, and we had a pretty hefty tab in the Cabana!
      I blame Chief for the Dark and Stormys.

      • Guilty as charged Sir !!

        Hey I found a pretty cool Glasses Case where we were sitting in by the bar. It is kinda goldish, greenish soft and bumpy. I will leave it at the front desk.

  5. Best of luck to all our Masters competing in Canton on Saturday and Sunday.
    I know Mike G, Rap, and Rick are all competing. Anyone else from CFNE?

    I’m headed down after tomorrow’s WOD to root them on. Let’s get a crew and help them bring home some hardware!

  6. Braatz

    Book Ends: 26:23

    Good news, bad news kind of day.

    I’ll start with the bad news, for me anyway: sit-ups.

    The good news is that Max continues to drop hints about his forthcoming docu-blog, “CrossFit Cat Chronicles”.

  7. Mike R.

    Book Ends: 24:05 (finished the first half of the wod at 7:30)

  8. Michelene

    Book Ends: 24:52

    • Sarah S

      Nice! I heard a rumor you were a collegiate rower?! You’ve been holding out on us! I need some tips please :-)

    • Heather V.

      Awesome!!!! U did amazing today! Super impressed that u didn’t stop on the sit-ups!

  9. Cotter

    “Book Ends”: 10:40/6:34

  10. Book Ends:
    subbes 50 pull ups/ 50 push ups for airsquats

  11. Sarah S

    Book ends: 25:27.

  12. Book Ends-28:29 RX

  13. Melinda

    Book Ends (at home): 23:28 (6:28 / 7:00)

  14. Heather V.

    Book Ends: 25:22 I think… Sure about the 25, unsure on the seconds.

  15. Bookends: 25:34

  16. Book ends: 22:52. (6:51 6;01)

    6 x 8 HSPU otm

    6x 10 unbroken. 30″ box jumps otm

  17. Book Ends: 8:20/6:35

  18. Maureen B.

    Book Ends: 7:15/7:16

  19. Patrick

    Press: 3×5 @ 100

    OTM 30 min
    Odd: 2 hspu (strict)
    Even: 6 TTB

  20. Book Ends: 25:17 (7:42/7:35) Believe it or not, the second row felt “better.”

  21. Hi,
    I am Marcus Wilson’s friend and follow the CFNE Wods from the South Shore.
    Book ends:
    24:17 at home.
    (Wish I could work out at CFNE…)

  22. “bookends”
    7:56 (3:43 on the 1st row)
    6:16 (4:00 on the 2nd row) <- quad burner
    total time: not sure… can't remember what time heat 2 started the second half.

  23. Rasheed

    Book Ends – 27:53
    Substituted run for row (recovering from shoulder tweak).


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