Friday 06.28.13


Rachel is coming on full time and also taking over the kids program!

Rachel is coming on full time and also taking over the kids program!

5k Run

Post time to comments.

Remember PLP – Posture, Lean, Pull


  1. Yay Rachel!

  2. Rachel kicks ass! Straight up! Love that 630 gets her all week…

  3. Yay!

  4. Bob I will call you today

  5. 21:33

  6. Braatz

    5K run: 25:14

  7. Andy M

    830: 20:23 Rx

  8. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! :)
    5K run here in Dallas: 28:49. Not sure if PR or not bc though I did to the CFNE 5K length of 3.3 it was not the CFNE course that I last did in 29:00. But regardless ill take it. :) Also did 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups. Yesterday I got in a 5 miler, some dumbbell snatches, thrusters and push presses and 50 sit-ups and push-ups.
    Have a great day and weekend everyone. Look forward to getting back at it next week. :)

  9. Big Mie

    3 RM front squat: 225 (10# pr)
    10 RM front squat: 195 (7 reps)
    5K row: 19:25

    Big Mike: Where is Andrew?
    Real Doug Bell: There is no way he is coming, but I have a lot of unanswered questions, I’m not done with him.
    Big Mike: Ahh yes, the kiss…… We won’t be done with him for a while

    • Alison

      Huh? Do tell (or kiss and tell????) the story…

      • Dave N

        Too many Ciroc and Sodas last night…could not make 5:30am

        Great time…all excpet witnessing “The Kiss” ruined my night

      • Big Mike

        Hard to put it in words…..oh what the hell…

        Their eyes met, there was a connection. One of those once in a lifetime moments. Soul mates. They both felt it and they both knew it. This one time, this place, this one chance. It didn’t take words, just instinct, the kind of instinct that sends salmon swimming against the flow of mighty rivers. They moved closer until they could smell each others breath….Budweiser, some drink the girls drink mixing together to further fuel the passion that would soon come. They got closer, whiskers touched first (damn I knew I should have shaved he thought)….then the lips…just a momentary contact but it was enough…it was electric.
        Then Rachel dropped her drink as she realized her Playgirl Forum letter was about to come true…Hi, my name is Rachel and I never thought I would be writing this story……….

        Well-that’s how I saw it anyway.

        • Alison


          BTW — did you take a creative writing class from EL James?

        • Rachel E

          Hahahaha this is amazing. As was that slow-mo movie kiss…. so romantic

    • I have a couple of thoughts:

      1) I woke up this morning and immediately started laughing at the idea that I thought, even for a second, that I would make it to the gym this morning…I’m still a little drunk as I type this.

      2) I totally, and I mean totally, forgot about Casey kissing me…not shocking that now we all get to share in the story. Community love.

      3) It’s been quite a while since I kissed a dude. At least he was gentle.

      4) Rachel dropping her drink at the sight was the best part

      5) If my eyes were closed and I was standing still, that makes it all ok. It could have been anyone.

      • OMG I’m so sad I missed this.

      • Big Mike

        If #1 had not happened-#2 probably would not have either.
        For god sakes it was squats… of the FEW movements you can make me feel like a little boy with and you didn’t make it in. For the record-I came in purely driven by the fear of retribution if I had slept in on my day off.
        You want to play-you gotta pay, young Padawan.
        Lesson learned. The 5:30 is calling you. Fitness awaits.

        • Trust me…I’m pretty devastated I missed it, particularly since I’m on vacation starting tomorrow. No CFNE for a while. Sadness is setting in.

        • Big Bri

          I need to get out more often.

  10. Heather V.

    5K: 25:09
    not sure this is a PR, as last time, I did the longer version in 25:30. guess it makes a difference when Big Mike is chasing/passing you. Only 5 runners in the 5:30am this morning.

    • Alison

      It’s hard to tell how fast/slow you are going without a rabbit (or a gps/pace watch).

    • I hear the MDV send off went late . . that may be why.

    • Kate S

      i’m going to say it was 25:00 – that tying of the shoe should be excluded

  11. Stephan

    5K 27:25
    2:02 PR from 5/31 5K and 4:00 off 5/2 5K

  12. Andrew E

    It was awesome meeting so many CFNE people last night; MDV will be missed but welcome to being fully-aboard, Rachel! And good luck to anyone competing at the Masters comp in Canton this weekend.

  13. 5K: 23:08

  14. Congrats Rachel!!

    20 rep BSq – 225. getting near my max here I think. That was tuff
    5K – 22:32. Thanks for the push Craig!!
    4 x 750 row

    good luck Master competitors this weekend!!

  15. Katrina

    BS 135# 20 reps

    Power Drill: 41:38 RX/PR. I was beating myself up over the time, but then went back and saw it took me 51min last time and 50min the time before with scaling. So today shaving 10mins off….pretty happy now.

  16. Conor N.


  17. Krystle

    35# weighted pull-up 5# PR from Monday!

  18. michelle

    5k row: 23:38. Seeing video on form was really helpful – tks, Ben!

  19. 5k-36:09

  20. Greetings All,

    Latest intelligence suggests that MDV will not be coaching tonight’s 5:30. Thought it was gonna be his last rodeo.
    So with that today is going to be a much needed rest day.

    I also witnessed the KISS. A most beautiful moment indeed !!

    • Christian

      Ah, what?? I couldn’t make it last night, but thought we’d get one more class with MDV!

  21. Big Bri

    5K run – 24:20

  22. Susan Stein

    Row 5K: 23:17

    • Susan Stein

      Forgot to say bye to Matty. I’m going on vacation so I won’t be back in for a couple of weeks. Best of luck to you Matty and thanks for all the great coaching. I’ll miss you!

    • michelle

      Nice Row, SS!

  23. 5k Run: 23:30

  24. 5k: 24:44 (pr)
    HSPU practice

    Great Run today James!

  25. Liz P.

    5k at noon with blazing sun. Managed the first mile and a half without stopping to walk! Thanks to all who encouraged me. 39.36. Did 37 minutes last time, but it was not quite so humid.

  26. Craig B.

    5k: 22:49

  27. 20 rep back squat. 225. Could go heavier but spitting distance to old numbers

    Max reps C2B: 28. Psyched

    5k run: 23:16. Ok but paced first half too much. Second half was 30 seconds faster

  28. 5K 24:56 with the none’s (why did I not remember that is the hottest part of the day?) Need to work on my pose pulls, thanks for the video break down after too.

  29. Melinda

    Power Drill: 30:00-31:00 1abmatHSPU, rest Rx.

    Had a clock reset in middle, so time is someplace between. Wall balls are no joke in this one!

    20 rep BSq 145#

    Thank you Jonathan for doing PD with me today!

    • Jonathan

      You kicked ass…lapped me on the second round. I’m just happy to have survived it this time!

      Power Drill: About 4 minutes slower than Melinda (Rx).

  30. Conor N


    SDHP (75)
    Push press (75)

    5:47 thanks for the coaching on this one James.

    3RM front squat 285 (failed third rep at 305, pretty bummed almost had it! Next time, i’ll get it!)
    10RM front squat 245

  31. Matty Noits

    5k run. 23:41
    (7:37 min/mile)

  32. In the AM: Power Drill – 36:40 RX
    In the PM: 5k – 25:00

    BS 20 rep – 135#

  33. 20 rep BS – 280

    SDHP (75)
    Push press (75)

    :30 max cal air dyne + 200m run x 3

  34. Amanda S.

    5k: 27:36 (21 second PR)

  35. I went to the track, set out to do it. One mile in and my daughter starts screaming she needs to do #2.
    1 mile: 10:08
    It’s hard getting my mile times back here in Colorado. I have not broken the 10 minute mark yet.

    40 minutes of yoga

  36. Christian

    24:09 – I think I paced my first two miles too much. I was moving so much better that last mile + 200m

  37. 25:36… About 2 min off my PR from a month ago. Grateful for making it to the 5:30pm today. LOVE the new CFNE gear! Just in time for the 4th!

  38. Dave Mc

    5k Run: 25:04

  39. Rachel E

    Longer version 25:40 (:10 PR)


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