Thursday 06.27.13

Make sure to record your workouts!

Make sure to record your workouts!

Power Drill
5 Rounds
10 Power Cleans (135,95#)
15 Burpees
20 KBS (53,35#)
25 Wall Balls (20,14#)
3 Minute Rest between rounds

Post time to comments.

Curt V. Looking serious!

Curt V. Looking serious!

Sending off MDV!

Clear your schedules on Thursday night…ok now that you’ve done that let me tell you why you just called in your emergency babysitter or that last favor from your mother in law.

It’s MDV’s going away party! You know him and love him so let’s send him off in style! Come eat some delicious food and sip some of the finest seltzer around!

Bokx 109 – Located in the Hotel Indigo

Address: 399 Grove St, Newton, MA 02462
Phone:(617) 454-3399

Thursday 6pm til whenever!


  1. Sara C

    Just to confirm…or maybe to point this out to others…the party is at Bokx 109 in Newton, NOT Skybokx 109 in Natick. Is that right? Those names are so similar, I’m thinking some might show up a the wrong locale.

    • Thanks, Sara!

      Here’s the address..

      Bokx 109 – Located in the Hotel Indigo

      Address: 399 Grove St, Newton, MA 02462
      Phone:(617) 454-3399

      • Geoff L

        It’s both actually

        • Sara C

          Geoff and his singlet will be in Natick. The rest of us with our flip flops, tanks, and Oakleys will be in Newton. Choose your own poison.

      • Dennis

        MDV, I’m sorry I’m missing the event, thanks for all the great coaching!

    • Andrew E

      A valid point, madame. You probably just saved many an hour of embarrassment; NEWTON it is.

      Also, the dress code is tank-tops and flip-flops…for serious.

  2. I’m so sorry to miss this sizzlin’ soirée. Enjoy yourselves! Best wishes MDV!

  3. I am a little soiree now that u mention

  4. I wish I could go to MDV’s going away party :-(

    On another note, who is doing the Master’s comp. in Canton this weekend?
    Anyone wants my spot?

  5. Cotter

    “Power Drill”: 44:51 (inverted pushups on box). Absolutely crushed me . . . .

  6. Greg D

    Power Drill: 39:50 (115#)

    I left my black and white Rouge wrist wraps somewhere in the gym. If someone could put them at the front desk it would be much appreciated.

  7. Krystle

    Hey ladies-

    Maureen & I signed up for a ladies only competition August 17th at CrossFit Relentless in West Hartford, CT RX and scaled divisions.

    There’s a few spots left if anyone is interested

  8. Andy M

    Power Drill: 42:45 (115# PC). Forgot how much of a grind this WOD is.

  9. Heather V.

    Power Drill: 34:26 Rx
    Almost a 2 min PR. I might need a nap later.

  10. My favorite CFNE WOD. Such a challenge. So bummed I wont be there tonight to coach the 7:30! Get after it guys! Positive mental talk the WHOLE time. Crush the negative voices and stay focused on the work your doing and don’t think ahead to future sets. GO get it guys!!

  11. Power Drill: 39:26 (Push ups, 85#) First time doing this WOD…W.O.W.
    Great job Jonathan! Way to push through!

    Post WOD Shoulder PT

  12. Sarah S.

    Power Drill: 38:32 (I think – it is something close to that) with 75# and one ab mat and one 10# plate on the hspu. This was almost 2 minutes slower than February, but I used the 14# today and the 12# last time, otherwise same scaling. Like everyone said, this is a total grind and good “mental toughness” practice to keep going and get through it.

  13. Rick W.

    Worked on WODs for the Nor’Easters Master event. It’s great to have such awesome coaches that offer help and advise. Thank you Ben, Derek, James and Harry!

    • Rick, Good luck, my team from Orthopedics New England will be covering the Nor’easter stop by the medical tent

  14. Stephan

    Better name for this WOD would be WTF!
    46:05 w/ box PU, 95 PC, rest was Rx

  15. Ashley R

    Power Drill:

    37:58 85# rest RX. WOW..tough one..feels great now tho :)

  16. Power Drill-33:44
    Scale #2-5 Rounds

  17. denise sullivan

    pd: 39:30, push ups, 70# clean, 30# kb, 10# wb
    wod name is perfect

  18. 36:54 Rx, that is a tough one

  19. Big Mike

    Hand Drill; 20:52. Only had time for 3 rounds as I GET to fly to NY for a meeting. Have not yet trained new masters that you can’t schedule meetings that interfere with good WODs.
    HSPU’s were pretty lame as usual

  20. Michelene

    On “vacation” in central Illinois (visiting the in laws), went to CrossFit Peoria this morning:

    Jerking for max load: 4-3-2-1-1-1 95# (15# PR)
    5 RFT: 11:13
    10 shoulder to overhead (60#)
    10 pull-ups

    Coach Nathan & the 8:30 crew were as nice as you would expect from a box in the Midwest!!

  21. Catching up on Post from yesterday

    8×2 OT2M Snatch 140
    8×2 OT2M C&J 190 both these got dicy at end so good weight for now

    Followed up with 1 minute on/1 minute off x6 row 302m 300m 298 297 294 296 tried to hold 1:40 pace

    Things are coming along rest day today – but I love power drill!

  22. oh baby 38:20 i think mind is still foggy
    1 abmat, 95#

  23. michelle

    40:02 rx way off pr. Thanks for letting me crash 9:30rs-what a great group. I was a train wreck this am but I am pretty sure I got out all of my 1D sins out of every pore this morning.

  24. Crossfit CSA in Dublin, CA: good class
    5 sets building to 1 rep max front squat: 135, could have done better
    1 rep max back squat: 215 PR
    OT 2 min for 6 rounds, weighted lunges, 12 reps (6per leg): 65# felt good (hamstrings ok).

    Getting on a plane for 6 hrs tomorrow, butt will be hurting!!! Oh boy.

  25. Andy R

    Power Drill – 31:55 RX.

  26. Krystle

    Never ending WOD: 40:04 (65# PC, 30#KB, 10-12# WB)

  27. Colleen (c4!)

    Power drill. 41:42 rx. Holy mother of gawd, lots of redos on HSPUs and WBs. On 2/5/13 this was 33:22 for me with 2 abmats. Looking forward to doing this again…. in six months!

  28. Power Drill – 34:04 Rx (2:11 PR)

    Such a tough workout!

  29. Laura c

    PD: should be PTSD. All I kept thinking was “this never ends”… And HB words of encouragement “I would never do this.. I did yoga in my living room today”:)! Loved that!

    Oh, it took me a long ass 42:06 (I think). 65#, 10# mostly to 9.5′ (thx mdv for calling me on it… You were right), rest RX

    Smw.. You rock! And man did you give me a laugh:)!

    • Suzanne H.

      You did AWESOME today. Way to gut it out! I was truly impressed!

  30. Susan Stein

    Power Drill: 37:38 (2 abmats for the HSPU, 60# cleans, 10# wall ball)

    Well that was fun, not. 5 minutes slower than last time, but this time used 5# more for the cleans and Kettle bell swings were RX, last time was only to eye level.

  31. Power Drill: 38:40 w/2 abmats, 45#, 8# wbs
    Good wod for working on mental toughness.

  32. Power Drill: 38:43 85#, 2 plates and 1 abmat HSPU, 10#WB (suspect to blue line).

    I’m toast! I think Mamma’s too old for this type of workout!

  33. power drill 48:0something 65#pc and 3 abmats and 12#wb. thanks for the cheering at the end guys. i kept thinking thank god there are no thrusters in this wod.

    • Suzanne H.

      You are a force to be reckoned with! Watching you power through the last set of Kettle Bells was impressive! WAY TO GO!

    • Laura c

      48 min ON THE DOT!! You truly are amazing, my friend! Xo

  34. Power Drill: 38:45 Rx
    Holy sh*t hard. Glad i got to do that one.
    Loved the energy in the nooner class today.

  35. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Power Drill: 40:00. 85#, box push ups and only 8# ball.

    • Laura c

      Don’t ever say ONLY! That’s 8# more then most of the world threw to a target 125 today! And 85# PC are amazing! Nice work today.

  36. Conor N

    Power Drill:

    28:31 Rx

  37. Power Drill: 36:17 Subbed 10 pushups for hspu – rest rx.

    First workout that I honestly wanted to quit after the first round. During 3 minute “rest” I realized that having to explain myself to Ben and/or Harry would be worse (since I had no explanation) so I kept going.

    • Ashley R

      That is funny Kathy..I was thinking how I would have been fine with just 4 rounds :) Feels so good to get through the 5 though- something tells me Ben knew that!

      • laura c

        I second it – I wanted to quit – I was literally in tears with fatigue at the end….holy hell. But we did it and we are FITTER NOW!

      • I legitimately had to leave after 4 rounds today to take Pete to an orientation.(and I was warned that I could NOT BE LATE)This was a really tough one for me today and I was glad to leave after 4 BUT, I think that I would have felt more accomplished if I could have done 5! There is nothing like the feeling of getting through a really tough workout!(even if you want to cry during it)

    • denise sullivan

      that’s hilarious…not to mention explaining it to the rest of the 8:30ers…ha

  38. Instead of making up yesterday’s clean and jerk work. I figured out my 1RM for squat clean and jerk. 160# big ol PR. :)

    Power Drill: 32:32 scaled
    5 hspu knees on 24 inch box, 10- 95# pc, kbs with 30# dumb bell, airsquats for wallballs

  39. Wendy P

    Power Drill: no power in this girl today…. Really, really wanted to quit but stuck it out! Lots of scaling…

    2 ab mat/ plate, 55#, 26kb, 10# wall ball, low 38:00 ( can’t remember exact time)…. Still feeling super weak :(

  40. Big Bri

    “Power Drill” – 32:55 Rx’d

    • You were soooo fast. Excellent work (and I’ll work on those WBs)!

  41. Power Drill: 36:11, box HSPUs (need to work on this A LOT, major goat)

    Man, mental goat rope. 2.5 rounds felt about right.

    I’m running the Warrior Dash in MN on Saturday on a ski hill (read: lots of steep up and down) so I’ll be running an easy 2.5 mi here at home tomorrow. (I don’t feel like running 3.1 miles on a steep up and down would loosen me up very well for running 3.1 miles with obstacles on steep ups and downs.)

    Have a happy Independence Day, all!

  42. Mike R.

    Power Drill: 40:50 Rx (On 2/5/13 I did it :34 faster but scaled with 1 abmat HSPU, 115# PC, 46# KB, 16# WB)

  43. Kristin B.

    Power Drill: 35:41 minutes of pain.

    HSPUs w/2 ab mats, 95# PCs, 35# KBs, 10# WB

  44. Mary S

    Power Drill:
    33:15 75 lb power clean and rest rx

  45. Power Drill: 43:10 (box PUs, 75# PCs, 45# KBs, 12# and 10# WBs)

    Reading comments from previous classes today I thought I would stop at 30 minutes regardless of whatever round I would be in. But seeing fellow 7:30PMers doing it way after 30 min mark I had to keep going! And thanks Amie for cheering me up @ last round of WBs! Also great tip from Max to place another WB under my butt :-)

  46. Power Drill RX 33:45

  47. Power Drill: 36:40 RX

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