Tuesday 6.25.13

Something to look forward to.

Something to look forward to.

30 Burpee
30 Pullup
30 Thruster (95,65)
30 Double Under
30 KBS (53,35)
30 Wall Ball (20,14)
30 Box Jump (24,20)

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  1. Braxton


  2. Eugene

    If the 5:30 am had won, we would have chosen 10 minutes max Airdyne for time. Yes, I still consider myself an early Mayhemer.

    • Heather V.


    • You’ll always be a mayhemer, dude! And it’s easy to win the comp when your coach is the judge. Just sayin’. We all know Mayhem wins in a throwdown.

    • Alison

      Once a Mayhemer always a Mayhemer.

    • Colleen (OC)

      You know Eugene, you COULD just set your alarm earlier… we miss you!

    • Rachel E

      Thank god you maniacs didn’t win. I would die.

    • Fake Doug Bell

      People keep asking me to do the 2 minute drill. Doug Bell only scales up…10 minute minimum for me.

  3. Darn. That actually looks fun. But I need a rest day.

  4. 8:30 Dream Team

    But you didn’t! Just sayin’…

    • Big Mike

      Can’t lose what you don’t have. Tough to get fitter when you are already the fittest. But hey, the 10:30 could have won.

  5. New post 321GoMD
    Patellofemoral Syndrome- big words for pain in front of knee

  6. Braatz

    0830: 18:45 Rx

    The 0530 crushed 830, despite someone trying to sneak those Fran-weight thrusters in there.

  7. brooke s

    20:59 – ouch

  8. 0830: 22:29 Rx…feeling banged up and should probably take a rest day. But since I’m a dummy, see ya tomorrow!!

    5×3 snatch grip deads: worked up to 225

    10 minute OTM attempts at trying to get Saint, Doug and Big Mike to do the Airdyne: much like my muscle up attempts, I failed every time. Shocking how scared people are of that thing.

  9. OK, so this one didn’t go so well….

    17:00 not Rx, more like heavily modified Scale 2-point-something

    30 Thrusters @ 55#
    30 pushups + 30 air squats in place of burps
    20 cals on the Devil’s Ride in place of pull ups
    60 SUs (and 3 DUs)
    25 KBS @ 53#
    30 WBs @ 14# (got some full squats in there, thanks Kev)
    25 box jumps @ 20″
    30 reg SUs

    lots of work to do…

  10. Alison

    830 – 18:32 WB to 9′, rest Rx

  11. Mike R.

    830: 19:15 Rx

  12. rich t

    830 – 26:04 (60 su)

    3rd work out in 24hours. molasses.

    mushi atsui desu ne.

  13. Andy L

    830: 21:25 (SUx2) Oof.

  14. Big Mike

    830: 18:53 (did 90 single unders)

    Happy I got off the pull up bar quickly but those thrusters definitely sucked. They are the workout, once past these the rest is just a grind to the finish. Bailed early on the DU’s as I would have been there for ten minutes. Still the biggest and most frustrating goat.

  15. L.J. DiCarlo

    830: 16:26 Rx

  16. Rachel E

    830ish: 12:40, modified all over the place to avoid shoulder work (45 air squats for burpees, 20 cal airdyne for pullups, 20# WB squats, 26# Russian KB swings, 55#/75# FS for thrusters). Thanks for giving me stuff to do, Harry!

  17. Sarah S.

    830 – 18:59 RX. Started with KBS. So nice to be able to do an RX workout that involves double unders!

  18. Greg D

    830: 16:42 Rx

    Photo finish with Saint this morning.

  19. Rick W.

    8:30 17:02 Rx. Congrats 8:30

    C&J work – Thank you Doole and James for the tips, so helpful, you guys are awesome.

  20. Sammy B

    C4 looking buff!!

    830: 17:15 subbed ( see below )

    Embarrassing number of subs, but in the spirit of possibly helping others and keeping my barn wods honest, here goes…banded pull-ups, 50# thrusters, 60 singles, WBs to 9′, step ups on 20″, 15 ghds, 15 abmat sit-ups.

    Great WoD – if you like Filthy 50 (which I don’t) you’ll LOVE this one.

  21. 8:30 17:34 (43# thruster – did not get myself set up before hand and spent over a minute deciding which barbell to use mid workout SMART – this might be why 6:30pm is better for my brain…)

    3×10 wall squat therapy

    Crashed the 6:30am this morning to make it to my 9am staff meeting for the Last Day of School!!! Grades are entered, cleaning off the desk and welcoming in the summer with a second evening of a grad class 😀 WAHOOOOOOO!

  22. Maureen B.

    830: 18:15 (55# thrusters, 12# wb)I feel slow in the morning

  23. 8:20 (20 reps of each movement) 15:59

  24. Eugene

    8:30 – 15:44 Rx

  25. 8:30 – around 19 minutes, lots of subs-45# thrusters, 8# WB, airdyne for DUs, step-ups on bjs (last 2 subs due to broken toe, first two just due to me). Love chipper wods.

    • denise sullivan

      you’re funny! loved working out w you and jenny yesterday….you’re like twins!

  26. laura c

    830: 19:52 55# thursters, 15 DU, 14# WB but to the 9/9.5 mark…. THIS WAS HUGE FOR ME!
    I have not picked up the 14# ball since opens b/c just scared of it – did it today and got it up pretty good and made my goal the 9′ target and was always between 9-9.5 and linked them! YEAH ME!

    Took this one slow but pushed myself for sure – love finishing last,,,,NOT!

    WTG 8:30 – I apolgize for the idea of using 8 and 30 in the WOD:)! See, I fessed up to you all! It was FUN!

  27. Ashley R

    First of all- awesome picture of Colleen (C4)

    8:30 WOD: 19:04 RX (Laura if you finished last then I was second to last!)
    Thanks for the yummy oranges Michelle!

    Hugs Trina…

    • Laura c

      You have 2 special letters after your time.. RX! Wtg! Nice work girl!

    • denise sullivan

      i am impressed! grat rx!

      • Ashley R

        Ha..thanks.. I hung out doing thrusters for quite awhile. That weights gets me every time!

  28. 15:40 Rx

  29. Yeah C4. Getting after it.

  30. 8:30 15:06 Rx

  31. 8:30: 17:40 Rx

  32. Annmarie

    8:30WOD 19:51 15 pull ups, 55# thrusters, 10#WB, 15DU

  33. 14:26 for the “8:30″ – very cool WOD 8:30 amr’s! Kept seeing this blur go by me later found out it was Harut -way to kill it dude. def not recovered from past couple training days this was a struggle the whole way. Time to bump up the blocks I think.

    Tabata Hand stand holds and HS walks in place + core w/ Sir Neebles the III

    • I think you mean Prison Yard Neeb

      • Yo! Im prison Mike. I think when we start coaching Saturdays together, prison mike will need to make an appearance or two.

    • Thanks Doole! But if your vision is blurry, you might want to consider contacts.

  34. 830: 14:09RX

    Anyone want to golf before MDV Party. Dont care time or place just feel like playing. Let me know. Email me at Christopher_Neeb@ML.com.

    • katrina

      Hmmmm….maybe if you don’t mind golfing with a girl. I am suppose to be running a 5k that night but I might bail and go golfing and party…

  35. 830: 21:31 55# thrusters, 10#WB, the rest RX. PU really slowed me down…please no PU or TTB for a while my hands need to heal and mamma needs to wash her hair properly!

    • Maureen B.

      Wear latex gloves in the shower, you look like a weirdo, but you can actually shampoo your hair without wanting to scream.

  36. 830 WOD 15:16 Rx What a great workout 8:30ers! Congratulations on winning!
    Today was my first WOD eva doing REAL double unders and my little going away present to Coach MdV… with your coaching, even the most untrainable student can eventually get “there.” Thanks for all your past efforts.

  37. 830: 17:20 (felt slow today)

    Post WOD: 20 OTM
    Odd: 6 HSPU
    Even: 10 K2E progression to T2B

  38. Susan Stein

    830: 17:34 with 15 pull ups (didn’t use a band so I halved the number, trying not to go back), 55# thrusters, 60 single unders, 10# wall ball

    Great job today 9:30.

    Love to you Trina & Thorp xoxo

  39. Andy R

    830: 14:50 RX

  40. denise sullivan

    8:30: 17:42 (40# thrusters, 10# wb, 30kb)

  41. Jared S

    The heat in the gym brought to mind the following clip, at least the first 10 seconds of it:

    8:30: 12:30 rx

  42. Liz P.

    I am so proud that I finished this workout in the heat. Did lots of scaling, but did 30. Did 26 lb. kb, combo blackband and jump ups, 15lb thrusters, step ups on boxes and 8 lb wallball. It took me half an hour, but my mantra is I WILL FINISH!

  43. Susan Celli (Subie)

    That was brutal – 22:00 – not RX

  44. Cassie (CrossFit Vindicate)

    21:30 RX – Dizzy

  45. 8:30 12:54 rx

    5×3 Snatch grip deads 225 245(ouch) 225 225 225

    Bullet Proof Shoulders

    3x max strict T2B 10 11 12

  46. Colleen (C4!)

    I sometimes feel funny about driving 45 minutes round trip to warm up then work out for 18 minutes. I’ve been over it for a while, obviously there have been some positive results! This article talks about the benefits of short-duration/high-intensity workouts:

  47. Krystle

    This workout is missing hspu. That is all.

    • Heather V.

      Maybe just 8 to start put the WOD for 8:30

    • Laura c

      I TRIED! I really really did! And ring dips too… Maybe you and I should make a little persons wod??

  48. 830-18:09-45# Thrusters, Jumping PUs, 60 Single Jumps, and Step Ups

  49. Matty Noits

    830. Scaled parts – finished in 11:40
    30 Burpee RX
    30 Pullup (10 pull-ups)
    30 Thruster (95,65) (15 front squats @ 95#)
    30 Double Under (60 su)
    30 KBS (53,35). (35#)
    30 Wall Ball (20,14) (14#)
    30 Box Jump (24,20) RX
    30 GHDSU RX

  50. Sara C

    Photographed the 930 doing 830. Woah. Then did a 2k row that turned into a 1k + 500m + 250m + 250m because it was too damn hot to keep rowing and wa wa wa wa.

    • Laura c

      I think you should have photographed the 830 doing the 830… Forget dropping kids off:)! Xo

      • Sara C

        It was her last day of school…shoulda dropped her off early to “soak it all in”!


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