Monday 6.24.13

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Max Reps or Max Weighted Single

Bench Press
1-rep max

Pick Your Poison
500m Row for time or Max Cals AirDyne in 2 mins

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  1. Ashley R

    I’m not sure what exactly Molly is doing in that picture but I like the color coordination!

    Ah- pull ups and running..I think I will cherry pick this WOD and come INSTEAD of basketball tomorrow :)

  2. rick-v

    caption “I am invincible!!”

  3. If you need inspiration for the 600 m run, try this – watch the whole thing.

  4. Scott M

    It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A.

  5. Rise barbell, rrriiissseee!

  6. MDV loves you thiiiiiiis much.

  7. Wait – did the WOD change from the original post?

    • Like wasn’t it max pull ups, 50 burpees for time, and a 600m run? Now it’s pull ups, bench press, & row .,.

  8. Braatz

    1RM weighted pull-up: 61#

    1RM bench press: 200# (PR)

    500M row: 1:37

  9. Cotter

    Max Pull Ups: 20
    Bench: 225 (failed 245, 235)
    Row: 1:35.2

  10. Pull-ups: 20 second hold
    Bench: 105
    Row: 1:48.2

  11. Mike R.

    1RM Weighted Pull-Up: 58#
    1RM Bench: 185# (10# PR)
    500m Row: 1:36.7

  12. Pull-ups: 22
    Bench: 265 (20# PR)
    Airdyne: 58 cals (HOLY JESUS)

    AMRAP 12: 500m row, 15 hand release push-ups, 15 DLs at 185: 2 rounds plus 275m row…was toasted.

    3 x max rep toes to bar no kip: 6, 6, 7

    Nap time.

    • Nice Airdyne!

    • Also: hay-uge bench pr!! Solid day all around for you!

    • I also wanted to say that watching folks do the Airdyne is prolly the most fun I’ve had at CFNE. The Devil’s Tricycle, ummmm, yup.

    • dennis

      that was an awesome airdyne effort!

    • Eugene

      btw, that is a crazy airdyne time! next time, let me know so I can watch. or at least watch the aftermath…nice job!

      • I’d love to let you watch…but you’ll be waiting for a while. I’m pretty traumatized.

  13. Heather V.

    1RM Weighted Pull-Up: 35#
    1RM Bench: 125#
    2 min aerodyne: 42 cal

  14. Andy L

    Max Pull ups – 21
    1RM Bench: 180 (10# PR)
    500m: 1:40.9 (blerg)

  15. Max pull ups: 4 kipping (clearly needs work)

    Bench: 123# (8# pr)

    Airdyne: 45 cals (Holy Mary MOTHER OF GOD)

  16. Max Pull-Ups: 30
    1RM Bench: 215# failed 225#
    500m Row: 1:40.1 — great coaching here Harry on both the start technique as well as the encouragement

    Great working w/ the two Michaels and Dennis at the bench this morning.

  17. Heather O

    Happy Monday everyone! :)
    Final chip time from BAA 10K yesterday: 55:36. :) Super happy with this time as I was an approx 8:50 mile min and an almost 30 sec PR from running it on my own. :) So that is now a 5K, half marathon and a 10K complete in the past 4 months. Now taking a racing break but hoping to sign up for something else in the fall. If anyone knows of any good ones or is interested let me know?
    Had to be in the office early today so got in some stretching and mobility and 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups.
    Looking forward to getting back to the 5:30 in the am. :)
    Have a great day everyone!

    • Greg D

      Garage Games at CFNE take place in the Fall. Be there, it’s awesome!

      • Greg D

        BTW, your training takes place every morning at 5:30 AM with the Mayhem.

        • Heather O

          Haha thanks Greg. As long as its not one of the first two weekends in October I am in. :-)

    • Tricia D

      GREAT job on Sunday, Heather!! So fast and it was SO HOT! Great work.

  18. Big Mike

    Max Pull Ups: 21
    1RM Bench: 210
    500M Row: 1:28.7 (3.1 sec PR)

    Pull Ups: first time since Sep ’11 when I got ZERO
    Bench: Not a PR but heaviest since Oct ’11
    Row: Still a long way to the leader board…..

  19. pull up: 40#
    bench: 130#
    air dyne: 42 (i WILL make this thing my bitch.)

  20. Jet Fuel with 105# in 24 something….
    went pretty slow. Coming off a 4 day bout with the flu.
    Thought it was best to take it slow, make sure form was good(which it was not reallly) and make sure I did not set myself back.
    Felt decent.
    Off for another week away—but this time on vacation:-)

  21. Greg D

    Max Pull Ups: 41

    1RM Bench Press: 195# (10# PR) – for some reason (mental?) I was stuck at a 185# 1RM for my entire tenure at CFNE until today. Glad to get over this hurdle.

    500M Row: 1:36.0

  22. Colleen (OC)

    Pullups: 15# (2# PR)
    Bench: 95# (tied PR, grrrr…)
    500m Row: 2:05.4 (PR by 2.7 seconds)

    Seriously, the wheels fell OFF with 100m to go on the row. GREAT tips from Harry on how to get the wheel going when you first start the row. Was on pace for a 1:58 but I was totally out of gas by the end.

    I’m gonna miss you guys.

    • And we’ll miss you!

    • Krystle

      Wait… where are you going?

    • Colleen (OC)

      Todd is getting furloughed (no work, no pay 1 day a week for 11 weeks). It suuuuuucks.

    • Heather O

      I will miss you girl! But I am going to try to plan a happy hour soon for sure. :-) xoxo

    • Colleen (OC)

      Oh I also PR’d my max strict pullups (without weight) at 4.

    • Tricia D

      Great job and we will miss you! I’ll be seeing you and your bourbon around :).

  23. Mike McD

    Weighted pull up: 140#
    Max pull ups: 60
    Bench: 275#

  24. Craig B.

    15 rep ohs: 14 @130
    Wpu: 72.5#
    Bp: 225#
    Max pu: 60

  25. Pullups: 18 (stopped to avoid tearing)
    Bench Press: 170# (last 1RM was 145, but I’ve done 150 3RM)
    Air Dyne: 48 cal (kept a good pace until about 22 seconds in, then realized I was only 22 seconds in and fell apart. Andrew, amazing)

  26. Eugene

    OHS – 15 rep at 135#
    Pullups – 29 (not a PR, goal is 40 by end of August)
    Bench – 175#
    Airdyne – 44 calories (wtf)

  27. Alison

    Weighted pullups – 15# not a pr unless you count the extra 4.5 on my own body
    Bend – 95 PR (Finally, had been stuck at 90 for a long time)
    Airdyne – no comment. But I’m coming back for more.

  28. Weighted pullup 70#
    Bench Press 175#
    Row 1:42.3

  29. Stephan

    Max Pull Ups: 12 – 2013 goal of 10 consecutive pull ups met.
    Bench: 165#, hamstring cramped on 185# attempt
    Row: 1:34.0

  30. Ashley R

    Max pull ups: 22 (one shy of my PR!)
    Bench Press: 100# failed at 105#
    500 Meter Row: 1:52..ouch! Never did this one..went all out like Ben said and felt it!

    1 mile cash out with my running partner Kathy :)

    • Heather V.

      Nice Row! How is Bob?

      • Ashley R

        Bob is going to see Sean Rockett today..saw GP and they think the bicep may be torn. :( I was surprised to see him home early this morning!

        • Laura c

          Oh no!! Another one!’

        • Braatz

          Aw man, that’s too bad. I was in his pull-up group this morning, and could tell he knew something was not right. Send him our best.

        • Heather V.

          On no Ashley. Pls tell him we were asking about him. Fingers crossed that it isn’t anything serious. Arghh.

          • Ashley R

            Thanks guys..for Bob to actually go see a Dr. I know something must hurt!

          • laura c

            tell him to chug a beer…I heard it helps..

    • Colleen (OC)

      Oh that’s terrible!

  31. 15 rep OHS @ 135
    Max Pull up reps – 40 – 11 rep Pr
    1RM bench 200# – 5 # pr
    AirDyne 55 Cals 6 Cal Pr
    5K row – 20:30. My ass took a pounding on this. PR’d everything but the row. Great day!

  32. michelle

    Loved today- games for grown -ups
    Weighted pu: 28#
    Bench: 105#
    Air dyne: 37 cal

  33. 1RM Weighted Pull-Up: 7.5#, 5# PR
    1RM Bench: 110#, 5# PR (failed at 115#)
    2 min aerodyne: 38 cal

  34. John G

    Weighted pull up – 70#
    Bench – n/a shoulder
    500 m row – 1:34 pr 4 sec

  35. Laura c

    Did 3 sets max pull ups prior to class so I bit different (and evil goodness)
    Goal was to do strict (very strict) the goto Kip when fail

    1st round: 7 strict pull ups right into 12 kipping
    2 and 3rd rounds :2 strict and 8 kipping (I think)

    My arms were TOAST after that!

    Bench; 105# (5# pr). May have had more in me and ran out of time

    Row : 2:06.7 (6 sec pr). Completely fell apart last 100 meters.

  36. Sara C

    Pull-ups: 3 strict — most I have done as a set. Underhand grip helped a lot! Then, 1 with a 5# weight. Hey, look, I can do a “weighted” PU!

    Bench: 100# — 5# PR. Love to hit the 100# mark.

    500M Row: 1:55.6. 0.4 second PR…I’ll take it.

  37. Annmarie

    Max pull ups – 4
    Max bench – 90
    Row – 1:58.6

  38. Max Pull ups: 26
    Bench: 110# ( 5# pr)
    Air Dyne: 35 calories

  39. Weighted PU: 18#, ran out of time (failed at 26#); Bench: 90#; Row: 1:58.0

  40. Max pull ups: 27 (1 rep pr)
    Bench: 87# (2# pr)
    Row: 2:05.2 (0.7 pr)

  41. Sean, how can I get a Filthy Fifty shirt, size medium?

  42. Big Bri

    Weighted pull-up – got 115, but did not lock out so I am no-repping myself. Will try this again on a non-Airdyne day.

    Bench – 215, ran out of time.

    Airdyne – 56 calories

    Max strict pull-ups – 17

  43. Krystle

    Weighted pull up: 30# 10# PR
    Bench 115# 5 # PR

    Didn’t do the last thing had to jet!

  44. Braxton

    Bench: 205# for 2, failed on 225# next time!
    500m Row: 1:32.4

  45. dennis

    1RM Weighted Pullup – 58, missed 60
    1RM Bench – 145, missed 155
    Airdyne – 45…

  46. Patrick

    Weighted pull-up- 88#, 18# pr
    Bench press – 225#, 10# pr.
    Air dyne- 48. First intense cardio in 3 months. was embarrassingly close to throwing up afterwards. Note to self, Achilles rupture good for bench press and pull ups, bad for cardio….

    • i STILL want to throw up. or pass out. or just flat out die. airDIEn. they should rename it.

  47. Jonathan

    Weighted Pull up: 87#
    Bench Press: 195#
    500m Row: 1:42.4 (bonked on the last 100m)

  48. Colleen (C4!)

    Weighted pull up: 35#
    Possum hold: 1:00 NO chin on bar.
    (First time on both of these. But my gut says it would be harder to have your chin on the bar, it would relax you.)
    Bench: 125# my same max from awhile ago. :(
    500m row: 1:52.7 not a PR.
    I deeply fear the Devil’s Tricycle. I’m putting it right out there so one of you Naughty Nooners can shame me into getting on and riding it straight to hell…. and back again.

  49. Max pull ups: 17, first time doing this
    Bench: 175# PR
    500m row: 1:39.5, came out strong and hit a wall…

  50. Melinda

    Strict PU: 3×7
    Bench: 125# (5# PR)
    500m Row: 1:46

    +15 rep OHS @ 100#
    + 4 x 750m row
    + DU practice

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