Sunday 6.23.13



7 x 2 OTM @ 80% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
7 x 2 OTM @ 80% 1RM

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  1. Snatch: 105
    CJ: 155


  2. Snatch: 85#

    C&J: 125#

    Same weights as Wednesday but felt better / more in control. It’s nice to have this kind of time to work on form / technique.

    • Christian

      I agree. Love having two shots per week to work with the same weight.

  3. Christian

    Power Snatch: 65#
    Power Clean (no jerk): 195#

  4. Big Bri

    Snatch – 140#
    Clean & Jerk – 180#

  5. Tricia D

    BAA 10k :59:26

    First 10k. A little slower than I’d like, but HOT out there this morning so I’ll take it.

  6. Snatch: 85#
    Clean and Jerk: 125#

  7. Big Mike

    BAA 10K: 50:35 (3:28 PR)
    Tried to do this CFNE style but they would not let me run with a barbell. Then tried to grab two Kenyans (scaling) but they were a little sweaty (and quite honestly a little pissed off).
    So-had to scale down and just run the stupid thing. Was shooting for sub 50 and had a 24:43 5K split but settled in behind guy that was prancersizing and it took me a while to realize that I was BEHIND him and thus my running must be just as bad. Good thing it was only 10K…11 would have put me at bloody nipples…..

  8. 100# squat snatch
    115# squat clean and jerks. I have never tested my 1rm squat clean, only power clean and jerk at 165# awhile ago, so this was a guess.

    question, if we aren’t able to perform 2 on the minute, do we stop or continue the next minute? I am wondering for future reference since I had two rounds where I only got one clean/jerk..

    great job everyone!


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