Saturday 6.22.13



The Filthy Fifty

For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (35, 25)
50 Walking Lunge steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press (45, 35)
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots (20, 14)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Post Score to Comments.
Getting ready to stretch those yams.

Getting ready to stretch those yams.



  2. Kim P.

    I left my FAVORITE grey and yellow CFNE sweatshirt at the gym. Please let me know if you see it anywhere. :'(

  3. What’s a good sub for back extensions? I’m working out of my garage currently.

    • Christian

      before I became a member at CFNE I had this same problem – I did good mornings

    • Christian is correct. You can do the goodmorning with a PVC or empty BB.

      • Thanks guys! I really appreciate it that you are so welcoming. I am currently training for law enforcement academy. I start in August.

        So my first filthy fifty at 38:19. I swear those burpees took a good chunk of the time, anyways my DUs were so smooth, probably the most connected together in a Wod.

        subbed good mornings, push press at 45#, flipped box for jumping pullups at 20 inch, airsquats for wall ball shots

  4. Tricia D

    OC one of your last classes for a bit and it’s your fav! I was going to rest today bc the 10k is tomorrow, but I can’t miss this.

  5. Liz P.

    5/22! Are you wishing it were a month earlier?

  6. Andrew E

    FILTHY 50!!! Also, the Nor’easter Masters Event is looking for JUDGES next weekend and they are paying cash money. L1 not required, just one year of CF experience. The event is sponsored by TJ’s Gym and is being held at Reebok One in Canton. Email to get in on the action!

  7. FF: 30:50 Rx (3:12 PR from 4.23.13)

    Chasing sub-30. Bucking Furpees!

    Good to be back.

  8. FF: 32:43. My knees to elbows are a work in progress. First time doing this one with double unders!

  9. Annmarie

    Filthy 50: 31:59 w/mods high knees, 10WB, 100 singles

  10. Andy L

    FF: 31:24 SU’s x 2 (2:24PR)

    Creeping on sub 30 and need to get this done Rx next time with DU’s!

  11. Colleen (OC)

    Dirty 30: 26:47, Rx. First time I’ve ever Rx’d all the movements!

    Typically I do the Filthy 50, and use a 10# wall ball and do single unders. But I did everything Rx today! Next time, I’m going up to 35 reps. Thanks Doole, for reminding me to keep my hands in on my DUs. I’d still be there if it wasn’t for that advice!

    • Colleen (OC)

      OH NO! I didn’t Rx everything! I just realized I only did the 20″ box! Not on purpose, I can jump on a 24″ box no problem! RAH!

    • That’s awesome, OC. Awesome!!

    • Tricia D

      Great job on the du’s and WB’s!!!!!!

    • Wait – 20″ box isn’t Rx? That’s what was on the board … I’m confused.

      • I knew something was different than before with the box jump. I did it as in the board with 20″ but I used 24″ in the past.

  12. Colleen (c4!)

    filthy Fifty 24:02 Rx w/ S,D,S,DUs

  13. FF 36:42
    100su’s instead of dus
    Thanks for the push on the burpees max..was feeling it.

  14. Tricia D

    FF: 30:39 (10# to 9ft, knees closer to elbows than last time, 2xsu)

    19 second PR from April.
    For some reason when I checked this morning I thought I was faster last time so that was a pleasant surprise.

    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Ashley R

    Filthy Fifty: 28:39 I thought RX but I realized I did the 20″ box by mistake and hit the black line for WB instead of Blue..bummer. Oh well- as Max said- def. got the stimulus!! Spent a lot of time on the Knees to Elbows making sure I hit.

  16. Katie c

    26:31 (knees to tri but rest as prescribed)
    HARD wod but felt great! Beat my last recorded time i could find (3/27/12) by 1:47. Plus I used a 14# WB today and a 10# WB back on 3/27/12. I even checked board again to make sure I didn’t leave out a movement. Happy!

  17. Greg D

    Filthy Fifty: 24:29 Rx (27:35 w/ singles on 3/26/12)

    There was definitely a couple minutes to fight for in this one. Didn’t have it today.

  18. Braatz

    Filthy Fifty: 33:05 Rx

    Apologies to Greg Glassman for that performance.

  19. Morgan k

    If anyone is missing their metal camelbak water bottle, I accidentally grabbed it today. (I have the same one) I’m out if town this week but ill bring it back next Monday and all washed :) sorry!

  20. FF: 33:12. Not quite Rx (box jumps and k2es were suspect)

    • And if the 20″ box isn’t Rx for women, then that was off too.

  21. FF: 32:34 (totally bombed this one – 27:40 on 4/23) 20″ box, 10# WB, everything else RX.

  22. Lynne Mc

    Dirty 30 22:38 with 20 inch box and 20 DU attempts

  23. Maureen B.

    FF: 30:21 Knees to triceps some of the time/SU/10# WB…. 12 sec PR from last time, better than nothin

  24. FF: 34:20 wall balls to 9′, knee raises everything else as Rx on the board. This wod kicked my butt and still finished 1:29 earlier but that has to do with doing bj on a 20″. Either way I had a great workout amd so happy to wod with all cfners. Nothing like being at home :-)

  25. bench 5×5 @ 155
    butterfly pull ups – 3×20 (broken) but still pysched about this. butterfly C2b next

    Filthy 50 – 20:32. Sub 15 on the WB. 4:40 on the burpeeeeessss. holy hell.

  26. FF: 34:10 12 WB. Rocking the double unders.

  27. Laura c

    FF:31;41. I PR my worst time ever 8# wb singles

    I knew going into it it was gonna be ugly. Bad head space. Dragging body. But DEF succeeded with the stimulus and didn’t give up! And loved being at cfne so who cares about the time:)!

  28. Filthy Fifty: 29:50 Rx

    PR in various ways (previous scaling, previous 30 min time cap). Probably about a 4 minute PR.

    Felt sluggish, especially burpees

  29. 17:20rx

  30. Christian

    Filthy Fifty – 35:27

    Lateral hurdle hops FOR jumping pull ups
    K2E laying on floor holding onto horns of KB over my head

    This kicked my ass after 7 days off.

    I need to be better at:

    Eating before wods on weekends (last time I’d eaten was 5pm yesterday)
    Hydrating in the morning (last time I had a drink of anything was around 6pm yesterday)

    This slacking on my part has really blown me up on longer workouts recently. I can escape it on shorter metcons but this, Murph, etc have destroyed me early in the game as I get super dizzy, probably from dehydration.

    • Christian

      Oh right, I mentioned all that because once I hit wall balls I was actually laying down on the floor for rest, got a little light headed and my legs cramped up to a point where I had to no rep myself for missing depth… This is abnormal for me, so I assume it’s the week off + no food + no water

      Ugh I gotta be better with that.

      And thanks for the mods, Harry!

    • Colleen (OC)

      That is funny, because I got lightheaded during the wall balls too!

  31. Brian L

    Filthy Fifty- 24:37rx (9 min pr from January)

  32. Thanks! Good luck tomorrow!

  33. Eugene

    Filthy Fifty – 25:03 rx

  34. Dan C.

    19:49 Rx

  35. FF: 23:08 RX (3 min+ PR)

  36. Dave C.

    26:49 Rx

  37. Modification – break for knees
    5 sets
    5 bench (185,185,205,205,185)
    10 DL 185

    5 sets
    50 sit ups
    10 Strict Press 95#

  38. The Filthy 50. 26:52 30 k2e then 20 sit-ups resting elbow tendonitis

  39. Thomas F

    Filthy Fifty: 28:07 2xSU

    Just lost it completely on the burpees!


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