Friday 6.21.13

Murder's Row.

Murderer’s Row.

Jet Fuel
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Jerks (155,105)
2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 Pullups

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  1. rich t

    three years ago i have Jet Fuel logged as
    For Time:
    15 Snatches 95 lbs
    200 m Run
    15 Overhead Squats 95 lbs
    200 m Run
    15 Thrusters 95 lbs
    200 m Run
    Clean & Jerk 95 lbs
    200 m Run

    i actually prefer what is posted, cause i gotta bike Saturday and need to save the legs.

  2. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! :) Great job today 5:30! :)
    Pre-WOD 1.5 mile run with Tricia.
    Jet Fuel: 17:49 with 60# and green banded pull-ups. Woooffff! This one was a beast! But glad it was an arm day instead of leg day so I can save them for the BAA 10K this Sunday! :)
    Cash Out: Washing my hair. Thought about drying it for about 22 seconds then opted for a wet braid, holy shoulders.

    Have a great day and weekend everyone and big shout out to Michelene on her Rx pull-ups today and to Tricia on using the skinniest band the whole WOD! You girls are amazing and thank you for keeping me inspired to keep working on them! :) Way to go ladies!! :) xo

    • Tricia D

      Great work this am and good luck Sunday!!!

    • Michelene

      LOL on your cash out, yes, arms are a bit shaky this am – thanks for encouragment and kind words!!!

  3. Jet Fuel: 15:51 – (85#) pull ups were a little sketch but did get a nice rip on my palm.

    Welcome to our newbie!

  4. Big Mike

    Jet Fuel: 19:57 (140#)
    Absolutely wrecked my hands this morning. Blood blister under another blood blister. Climb On all over my keyboard already…keys are going to get stuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Kate S

      haha.. i have climb on all over my mouse in an attempt to prevent similar occurrences to my palms later this afternoon

  5. Andy L

    Jet Fuel: 20:24 (135#, 20#PR & about 2:00 slower)

    • Dude, your weight is getting hauuuuuuuge…you really been stepping it up. Keep it up, homie.

  6. Heather V.

    Jet Fuel: 17:52 Rx PR
    Jerks are getting soooo much better.

  7. “jet fuel”
    13:12 Rx

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Jet Fuel: 17:31, 65# (20# more than last time, back is feeling pretty good this week so I just went with it!) Not a time PR, but only about 1:30 slower with 20# extra. I’ll take it.

    Congrats Michelene on Rx pull ups! And welcome to the 5:30 am Rachel! (We’re going to have to get you a nickname since there are already so many Rachel’s!)

    • Tricia D

      Nice job with the 65#! I couldn’t hang with you, but I tried.

  9. Rick W.

    Jet Fuel: 24:13 145#

  10. Tricia D

    Jet Fuel: 20:13 (65 1-3, 60 4-10, skinny blue bd)

    That was tough both physically and mentally! Single pu’s for last two rounds, good grief. Thx Harry for the help with the jerks. Couldnt get the form with the 65, but felt better after dropped.

    Yeaahhhooooo Michelene! No band! You crossed a crossfit corner today!!!

    Rachel, welcome to the mayhem and great job today!

  11. Craig B.

    Jet fuel: 14:06 rx
    20 rep bs: 225#

  12. Curt V.


    Awesome shot of Rachel!


    • laura c

      ha! She is making such good life long friends at CFNE – but thank goodness todays shot no one can tell it is me … I will take it! I think Rachel and I should get makeovers!

      • Curt V.

        I’m confused. Is it Rachel or Laura in that picture? Looks like Rachel Diamond.

      • Colleen (OC)

        I think Laura is in the top photo, no?

        • laura c

          correct – i am in the top photo – rachel in the bottom. BUT I usually get photos that are in the same vein as Rachel’s! It is amazing that i hired Sara to do my family’s portraits! LOL!

  13. Sarah W

    Jet Fuel: 21:15 @ 90#. I was not burning it up, but I definitely got the stimulus.
    Have a great summer. I’ll be back to get my ass kicked in a couple of months.

    Michelene, gutsy pull ups today.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Wait what? You’re leaving? Actually Monday is my last day too- I’m gone until October :-( (Won’t those mayhemers miss us???)

      • Andy L

        This is terrible news you guys. You’ll SO be missed.

      • Sarah S

        Damn! Will finally be back on Monday. Sorry to miss you ladies – you both add so much to our class and I look forward to seeing you at the end of summer!

      • Colleen (OC)

        I’ll be there Saturday and Monday- Monday is my last day! I’ll still post here, so don’t think you’re getting rid of me too easily. I will also attend any and all social functions!

      • Tricia D

        what! it is not acceptable to be losing two dedicated mayhem’ers…on a positive note, i think we might have just found a reason for another happy hour

        • Heather O

          I second this motion for happy hour round dos! :-)

        • The motion passes!!

        • I’ll make it part of our warmup…

          And, our workout. And the cooldown.

          Enjoy the summer you two! We will be waiting your return. By then Sarah, I will have perfected 80’s aerobics. It’s about to get real.

    • laura c

      I saw your time and WEIGHT on the board and was like HOLY CRAP! Nice job you little strong THANG!

    • Michelene

      Thanks for the push, it was just what I needed and What??!! So sad both you and OC won’t be around for a few months:(

    • Braatz

      Don’t worry, I will eat brownies and drink bourbon for both of you. Have a great summer, don’t forget about us!

      • Braatz, bringing some serious A game lately!

      • Amy Brooks

        Anytime you need assistance, I’m an awesome teammate.

      • Alison

        We can have a welcome back party with brownies, bourbon and cauliflower.

      • Colleen (OC)

        ^^ I love this idea. And the idea of a happy hour. Or seven happy hours.

    • Heather O

      Great job today! Oh no so sad, we will miss you this summer. Enjoy it! :-)

    • Sarah Wilson

      I’m in for a Mayhem Happy Hour upon return. What time do you plan a happy hour for 5:30 am folks…2 pm?
      And all Mayhemers are welcome to visit. I’m just about two hours away from any major thoroughfare down several dirt roads that aren’t on GPS. And Stephen King is my next door neighbor. And we don’t have cable. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

      • Alison

        It sounds fabulous. Enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you upon your return.

      • Colleen (OC)

        Actually that DOES sound pretty awesome! We’ll be up next week!

    • Eugene

      Does the Whole Foods up there sell brownies too? Just kidding…kind of. Kick ass in that race and beat that guy, ok?

  14. Braatz

    Jet Fuel: 19:55 (135#)

  15. Jet Fuel: 14:15 (135#)

  16. Jet Fuel: 17:48 95#
    (20# heavier, 3 mins slower)

  17. Chad M

    I love Jet Fuel, I miss Jet Fuel, I miss CFNE. Can’t get in until next Tuesday…AAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • Christian

      I’ve been working crazy OT this week plus one B’s game attendance, and I’ve missed three of my favorite WODs. I’m feeling the same way. Freddy, Futuristic Lover, and Jet Fuel in the same week is amazing

  18. Annmarie

    Jet Fuel: 19:38 1st round at 80# Jerks then 75#, did pull ups until 16’s then hand ripped so did 44#KBS. Know I need to save my hands for the 30 pull ups on Tuesday!

  19. John S.

    Jet Fuel-16:33 70#, 1…10 PU

    Thanks, Harry!

  20. laura c

    Jet Fuel: 21:52 75# PU RX
    That.Was.Hard! I am glad I stuck with this weight which was a bit of a mental challange for me….My pullups which usually are pretty strong just fell apart and was going doubles by the end…. I love being the last to finish..NOT! But, I do feel I am finally understanding how to jerk – it is has only been 18 months or so…….

  21. michelle

    Jet fuel: 17:00. 85#.

  22. Brian L

    Jet Fuel – 15:21 rx

  23. Michelene

    Jet Fuel – 21:55 65# and 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-10-10-10 Rx f-ing pull-ups, woo hoo!!! Felt amazing to shed that band finally. Thanks for the push Sarah & Harry and all the encouragement from the mayhemers!!

  24. Ashley R

    Jet Fuel:
    17:28 80#
    1 mile pre WOD run, 1 mile post WOD run.

  25. Rachel E

    Did Monday’s WOD to give my shoulder a break BUT wanted to share a fun fact: if you leave protein in your shaker bottle and it smells like a corpse, wash it out, pour in about 3TBS of baking soda and hot water, shake it up, and leave it overnight. Smells like nothing the next morning! Yay!

    • “smells like a corpse” hahahah

      you’re like the martha stewart AND betty crocker of crossfit.

  26. Wendy P

    Jet fuel: a scaled version due to being sick all week…

    14:??something- 10 rounds -8 jerks and 8 pull ups per round… #40, switched to green band after round 2.

    Really weak but so happy to be back!!!

  27. Thomas F

    Jet Fuel: 15:36 Rx

    How great it is to be at CFNE! Nice to be back in town. Fun WOD, beat the crap out of my hands.

    • Sarah Wilson

      Great to see you, Thomas!

      • Thomas F

        Likewise – great to see you & the other friendly faces at CFNE! There are good crossfit boxes, but none the equal of CFNE!

  28. Sammy B

    Jet Fuel: 14:47 (75# & 1-10 pull-ups)

    Wanted to do all the pull-ups unbanded, but resorted to skinny band in later sets. Still really struggling since time off last summer.
    Good news was jerks felt good. Video on jerks posted 2/18/13 helped.

  29. Jet Fuel: 20:59 @ 115# and Rx pull-ups. 5+ min slower than last time but 30# heavier and Rx pull-ups so I’m happy.

    This is a soul-crushing workout but I love it.

  30. Susan Stein

    Jet Fuel: 15:57 (65#, 1/2 pull ups)

    Finally no band! Did half the number of pull ups for each round, but got them done. First time not using a band in a workout. Pretty psyched- hand tears and all!

  31. Patti Jeanne

    Jet Fuel
    18:53 85# and half the pull ups

  32. rich t

    Jet Fuel – 26:04 (135, 1-10 PU)

  33. Big Bri

    “Jet Fuel” – 15:55 Rx’d

  34. Jet Fuel: 12:58 135#

  35. Geoff L

    JF – 15:23 @ 185#

  36. Curt V.

    Jet Fuel: 23:08 (145, 1-10 PU)

  37. Maureen B.

    Jet Fuel: 18:02 (75#) Had to switch to KB swings for the 18 and 20 PU because my hands ripped :(

  38. Catching up…
    Jerry – 23:36
    Jet Fuel – 19:22 w 185

  39. Alison

    Jet Fuel – 19:59 75#. Was slow but deliberate and focused on jerk form. I liked this WOD more than I thought I would.

  40. Eugene

    Jet Fuel – 15:xx something at 135#

  41. Jonathan

    Jet Fuel: 18:34 (135#)

    • Curt V.


    • Curt V.

      Were there no more 5# weights to get you to 145#?

      • Jonathan

        I came so close to taking the 10’s off and going with 115#, but once again you shamed me into going for it! Glad you did…thanks for the boost in confidence!

  42. Jet Fuel 18:11 at 115#

  43. Braxton

    Jet Fuel 22:40 at 95# working on form! Had to switch to KB swings at the end because hands were wrecked :)

  44. Are the jerks off a rack?

  45. Melinda

    Jet Fuel: 17:30 Rx

  46. 24:08 at 85# with green band

    ripped hands on last 4 pullups :) didnt even notice
    I dreaded this but man it felt good! thanks CFNE

  47. Lynne Mc

    Jet Fuel 21:01 60#, last 2 rounds of pu were KB due to ripped hands (again!!)

  48. Jet Fuel: 20:10 (75# and 1…10 PU). First PU since May and first workout in 9 days. Felt good to be back and have PU again.

  49. Dan C.

    Jet Fuel: 16:34 @ 185


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