Don't let these haunt your dreams...Freddy is over!

Don’t let these haunt your dreams…Freddy is over!

7 x 2 OTM @ 80% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
7 x 2 OTM @ 80% 1RM

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Kathy L.

Kathy L.

Attention — Judges Needed!

Hi Ben,
We are still in need of judges for our Nor’Easter Masters event at ReebokCF1 Sat June 29 and Sun June 30th.

One year of CF experience required, but they don’t need to be level one.  We will pay cash (prob $100 for Saturday and a little less for the shorter day on Sunday), they’ll get free food and a shirt.  The link to register is here:

Thanks for helping out however you can!